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I feel that Jubilee has always had a desire to remain moralistic and 'good,' when it came to the use of her powers. Even when she was a mutant, her ability to detonate matter at an atomic level was never fully played out... as her conscience wouldn't allow her to take a human life. Instead, she found creative ways to blast away at the bad guys without hurting them.

Now that she is a vampire, the same can be said for her in regards to her abilities. She started off high on angst and temptation as a vampire, but with the proper guidance and treatment, finally decided that she still never wanted to take a human life. Instead, I believe she restricts herself to an animal blood diet, as well as transfusions of blood from Wolverine and/or X-23. However, it has been awhile since we have seen this on panel. I actually feel that the writers are trying to ignore much of her vampirism due to either laziness or else the fact that they adore her classic traits so much more.

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Those are my thoughts exactly! Both Jubilee and Cap got to work together when she and Wolverine teamed up with Captain America and Black Widow. It was a short team up that only lasted an issue or two... but it happened.

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A+X 12, which stands for Avengers and X-Men issue 12, will be released in September.

Each issue features two stories of team ups between heroes from their respective teams. The solicits state that Captain America has met his match in... JUBILEE?

:) I'm pretty excited about this. A few years ago, Captain America wrote bios on the mutant community. Here is what he said about Jubes:

What are your thoughts on this upcoming team-up issue? Any potential for Jubilee to get invited to join or train with the Avengers?

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Jubilee was a main character in that volume of New Warriors... which lasted about 20 issues. She was chosen from Night Thrasher to be the field leader of the team. The team consisted of mutants who lost their powers after M-Day, including Jubilee... they utilized tech gadgets, armor, and weapons to have super powers... similar to what Iron Man does. None of them were a part of SHIELD. As the field leader, Jubilee used the codename 'Wondra,' and had gadgets that allowed her to have super strength, durability, and the ability to fly with hover discs. Since then, she has become a mutant vampire, and is the main character in the new X-Men series that is coming out in April that features an all-female cast.

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Jubilee is actually still a vampire, according to Brian Wood. An editor at Marvel gave him a suggestion on how to write her... not as Vampire Jubilee, but Jubilee with a set of vampire-like powers. He wants her to still be the same Jubilee we know and love... and the vampire abilities are an addition to that, not a hindrance. He also said that Marvel mandated every main character in the book- so it is their idea to currently have her as the main character, as well as a vampire still.

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While Storm is the LEADER of this team of characters... Jubilee is the MAIN character. The storylines, if only at first, will revolver around her point of view. They also said that it won't be the 'Jubilee and friends,' book... but that each woman would have good amounts of focus.

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1- Jubilee

2- Kitty Pryde

3- Michonne

4- R2D2

5- Luke Skywalker

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That is a really good idea, that I hope Marvel takes advantage of.

There are actually several people at Marvel that want to use Jubilee... the current writer of 'X-Men,' who used to write Generation X, stated that he wanted to use Jubilee, but Marvel didn't let him. Victor Gischler, the guy who wrote 'X-Men,' when she turned into a vampire is in a similar situation. Also, Marjorie Liu has asked Marvel if she could use Jubilee in either 'Astonishing X-Men,' or else a solo ongoing series for Jubilee... Marvel replied to her that Jubilee is currently 'unavailable for use.'

I feel that it is total bs crap, unless there are other plans for Marvel to use Jubilee that we haven't heard about yet. For them to deny writers that want to use her is just wrong to them as well as the fans.

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As of X-Men volume 3, issue ………… #27, Jubilee has left the X-Men to train with The Forgiven.

The Forgiven is a group of D-List (at best,) Vampires, led by Raizo Koda. After defeating Lord Deathstrike single-handedly, Jubilee 'opted' to go with the vampire group as opposed to rejoining her fellow X-Men. Victor Gischler, the writer, has been criticized for putting too much focus on vampires in the X-Books (although, Marvel told him to turn Jubes into a vamp.) While it is true Jubilee is a vampire now, Gischler should not have put so much of an emphasis on that aspect of her. Instead, she should have just been another one of the X-Men, albeit a vampire, that helps out with the missions like everyone else. That being said, Marvel 'editorially mandated' her being placed out of the title.

What is next for Jubilee? Will she be in 'vampire limbo' for months or years to come... with only minor appearances and guest shots? Or, by the grace of all things good, will our favorite sass-talking badass x-gal be placed in the hands of a more competent writer/series?

I think that Jubilee would work wonders under Marjorie Liu in Astonishing X-Men. Also, she should be up for grabs in 'Wolverine and the X-Men." Unless, of course, Marvel refuses to let her come around the X-Men anymore for the time being. Should she get her old powers back? Stay a vampire? Become powerless again? Have a miniseries/solo/team-up title? Where would you like to see her show up and how?

I have a sudden urge to contact Marvel in regards to this. :)

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I think Jubilee would retain her super strength and speed... since as of issue #1, she doesn't have any of her vampire urges or vulnerabilities to sunlight... yet she was still able to leg press Rockslide and chase Pixie. 
I think there are a few possibilities with this series and Jubilee's future in general: 
1) Jubilee accepts being a vampire and stays on the X-Men as an ally... fighting against her dark nature. 
2) Jubilee continues to undergo treatments with Wolverine's blood... she becomes more peaceful and true to herself, while retaining the superpowers associated with being a vampirism. She stays on the X-Men.
3) Jubilee's treatment with Logan's blood causes a positive mutation in her... which she would not need anymore blood transfusions from Logan. This would allow her to keep her good vampire abilities and also have a healing factor that fights off her vulnerability to sunlight, etc. She stays on the X-Men. 
4) The treatment causes Jubilee to become human and back to being powerless... in the long run, it is better than feeling guilty of being a vampire. 
5) Jubilee dies or decides to have Logan or one of her loved ones end her misery as a vampire. 
6) The blood treatment somehow cures Jubilee and gives her back her old mutant powers. 
I would say that of all of the options, #s 2 and 3 are the most possible outcomes. #1 could happen, but we really don't need to have her as a brooding dark character who fights off the evil in every issue. I'd be fine with #s 4 and 6... but it doesn't seem like the direction Marvel wants her to go in. #5 has the smallest possibility, especially since issue #1 sold out at diamond and is on the second printing. Marvel realizes Jubilee is a very popular character.