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It's hard to compare the Marvel and Tolkien universes. Most of the mystical powers in Tolkien's works are subtle, or done off-scene.

Another point of consideration, Melkor/Morgoth was the 2nd most powerful being in existence, under Eru. And he was at the height of his power at the start of the song which created Arda.

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Going strictly by feats, I'm not sure there is enough to determine a clear-cut winner.

As alluded above, I'm not sure if either can hurt the other with fire. If not, it becomes a melee contest. Smaug's size, tail & teeth would give him a definite edge in combat.

Also, I believe Smaug would be mostly impervious to the Balrog's physical attacks, assuming he doesn't notice the small, vulnerable exposed patch on Smaug's belly not covered with jewels (the patch Bard from Dale noticed and capitalized on, killing Smaug with his arrow).

Without a lot of feats to go on, and not knowing if fiery ranged attacks would have any impact, we have to refer to the historical feats and impact in Tolkien's Arda by other Balrogs and Dragons.


  • Glaurang was the first dragon. While not able to fly, he did decimate the elven armies (after he reach maturity), and displayed a great tactical mind. He was ultimately killed by the 2nd greatest human warrior known to Middle-Earth, Túrin, with a stab to the exposed belly.
  • Ancalagon the Black, greatest of all dragons, almost single-handedly won the War of Wrath for Melkor. He forced all of the Valar to retreat after all of the Balrogs had been destroyed (well, minus the one who fled to Moria). He was ultimately killed by Eärendil, who possessed one of the 3 Silmarils.


  • Gothmog, arguably, was the greatest of all Balrogs and Melkor's top lieutenant (along with Sauron). He, along with several other Balrogs, mortally wounded Feanor (greatest of all Elves). Gothmog killed two of the Noldor kings. He was ultimately slain by Ecthelion.
  • Several Balrogs defeated Ungoliant when responding to Melkor's plea for help in his fight (or should I say flight) with/from her. While Melkor was at one point the most powerful being in existence in all of Arda (more powerful initially than all of the Valar put together, at least until Tulkas came into Arda), he was already greatly diminished by this point.

With this bit of context, I believe Ancalagon's feat of driving back all of the Valar in the War of Wrath exceeds all other feats by any Balrog.

Smaug was the greatest dragon of the Third Age, and the closest thing to Ancalagon Middle-Earth would ever see again. And he would be fighting against a Balrog who most likely fled the War of the Wrath.

Based on historical feats of dragons versus balrogs, assuming neither could hurt the other with ranged fire attacks, I give a very significant edge of Smaug over the Balrog in Moria, Durin's Bane.