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I honestly don't get how this reveal has so many ppl's panties inna bunch. To me it served as a good footnote to Tony's origin w/o actually changing too much of who he is or what his past was. Meanwhile, it adds a huge wrinkle going to have fun w/ in the future. Yes, the uncanny similarities btw Howard & Tony are a bit far-fetched but in the 616 far stranger coincidences have come & gone w/o much fanfare. I thought this issue was pretty darn good & look forward to the upcoming possibilities. Great review!

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Thank you for all your work here at Comic Vine!! I have valued your opinion for years & I hope your future is only brighter!

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Well, at this point, the X-Men do not work well as a team...however, Team Saga has no experience as a team whatsoever. I think Round 1 goes to Team Saga. They have the #s and weaponry and I think w/o Jean's telepathy, Cyclops is their biggest threat as Bobby is still too raw at this point and not a serious threat. Although, it seems at times that in Saga, powerful magic requires things such as secrets, emotions, etc.....but I think they get by w/ standard magic & the other weapons at hand. The Will & The Stalk might be able to take out Angel, Jean and Beast themselves while the magic users go at Bobby/Cyke. In round 2 though, it really depends on how good Jean All New X-Men she has been able to do some decent telepathy feats although it fatigues her. Izabel & Lying Cat are not big threats and may not even be able to be affected by TP.....for that matter, I don't know how the magicians would fare either in that regard....are they resistant? Do the helmets have properties to help block TP? I think Round 2 goes to Team Saga as well. They're just more...serious...than X-Men at this point. They will go for the kill w/o hesitation & they are good at doing so (esp Will & Stalk).....i say round 1 is 9/10 and round 2 is 7/10 depending on what Jean can do & how quick she will be able to do it.....good stuff though amigo! Love Saga and great to see some battle action with them involved! kudos.....i'd like to see The Will & The Stalk take on current Beast (enraged yet retaining intelligence) & Angel (from around early Uncanny X-Force days before his big changes).....who do ya think takes that one?

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you didn't get on board w/ Hickman's Fantastic Four (or FF) run? man, i was never a FF fan , but he totally killed it...i hope you have time one day to read it bc it was a master class in storytelling....

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this segment tickled my pickle enough for the rantin' & a ravin' to hopefully become a weekly item....kudos! (and furthermore, I actually agreed with all the rants/raves here as well....although I am not as concerned w/ Wade losing the inner-voices so much as I was concerned w/ him becoming an extremely competent mercenary again in his new series instead of a you might feel too....)

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glad to see an ongoing article like this, good stuff.......kudos

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I was looking though the 'Avengers Assemble" book at my lcs and saw that Thanos is the big bad for the arc. I thought he, Starlord & Nova were stuck in the Cancerverse after the Thanos Imperative story-line. So can anyone tell me how he (and Starlord for that matter) returned to this universe?? And I also see that it looks like Richard Rider won't be the Nova that we see in solicits for upcoming apparently everyone is back from that adventure except Richards?? If anybody can shed any light on any of that, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!!


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i know its a late post 4 this review, but i just read this book yesterday and had to make a remark about the was horrendous!! its seldom that i read a comic where i say out loud how terrible the art for the book is, and this book did just that. terrible, terrible panels on every page. i know it was watercolors & not traditional pencils & inks, but damn, they really screwed the pooch on this one. with an awesome series such as this...with an awesome writer such as Remender who's really hitting his stride with the book, i felt it an injustice to pair him w? an artist that was so clearly terrible...btw this & the issues of FF w/ art by Bobillo, Marvel has taken 2 good books w/ some of their best writers and paired them w/ the worst possible artists....booo i say....boooo!!!!! its quite remarkable that they have artists of such poor quality ion their stable.....*gets off soap box*

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you have done us all a great service by agreeing to do this site. i thank you for that and hope you enjoy your site as much as I (we) do. cheers!