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@Kweschun_Mark: I agree, with not much on Black Beetle written it leaves a lot of wiggle room to expand on and use him in the series.

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The shadowy figure could be Black Beetle with the similar ray to Blue Beetle's. It could also be Deathstroke who got his hands on alien tech though, so we won't know till they reveal it.

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Even though it is no longer running, the Robin Comics with Tim Drake has been the most character development I've seen in a comic series. He rises from being a regular kid to one of the most formidable characters in the DC Universe. As well it features Batman often enough and it gave the reader a chance to see a different side of many other characters from the Bat-Family. He had to overcome much and to do that with grace like Tim's is admirable. Without this book, I wouldn't understand great character growth and how awesome Tim Drake is. The Robin series made me appreciate comic and character development.

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I'll watch it and I will enjoy it!

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In my dream Superman Game, Ultraman would be the main villain. It would be interesting to explore DC's multiverse with a game that has Superman trying to stop alternate versions of himself with the final villain behind the mess being Ultraman. The game could have side stories of other heroes fighting their counterparts as well as team-ups between Superman and other members of the league. His powers would all be intact since most of the antagonists in the story will be alternate versions of himself. Ultraman's reason for all of this could be to distract Superman long enough to make Superman's world his own. Other popular Superman villains could be featured as well as minor bosses when the discover what is happening and want to help take Superman Down. It would be nice to see a story that challenges Superman more than Kryptonite and to see his character develop as he sees himself in another light. I do enjoy how Batman Arkham City was done and if this game was similar it could be an interesting story plot.

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Plastic-man held his own against Fernus. Tore a guy up from the inside. He's immortal. Can turn into almost any object. Super stealthy. Able to withstand extreme temperatures if he is serious. He wins. Storm's feats dont come close. 

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Batman and Captain America Win!!!!