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@okayalright_44: Still don't think he wins. That was my mistake however with the OP. The exaggerated and pompous "no" isn't necessary. Thank you.

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I don't even see how anybody could argue for Luke here. This is ROTJ luke specified by the OP, not the EU Luke. He is slow and nowhere near as skilled as Bane. I'm also seeing people say they are the same in terms of physical strength? How? Care to show where you got that information? Bane is a peak human and was described as being a mountain of muscle. He kicked a brotherhood of darkness members skull in against a rock with one blow. Bane is a far better duelist, by the time of DOE he was better than Kasim,the Korriban sith academies lightsaber teacher and arguably one of the best duelists during that time in the galaxt stated by the narrator. Kasim killed a Rancor on Leehon with ease in a few seconds with his speed and agility. What did ROTJ luke do against a rancor? He almost died. Bane was a blur when he fought, you couldn't even see him. I'm sorry, I just don't see how you people can say ROTJ luke would win, it throws all sense of reason out the window. It's clear Bane would win.

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Not to be THAT guy, but I sti think this show will do terrible.

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Cybertron destroys. Reaper tech is garbage, I love Mass Effects universe, but their tech is very weak compared to a lot of other universes. Cybertron tech, from what I've seen with those energon cubes is like Warhammer 40k level.

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Geralt without breaking a sweat, he is simply a superior human, Triss Merigold said so herself that Geralt was engineered via alchemy to skip over thousands of years of natural selection, he has evolved passed his species individually. He is a much more skilled swordsman than Ezio can ever hope to be, the best of all the witchers in fact. He has faster reaction times than a normal human and can hear the quietest of footsteps in his vicinity all around him, he can even tell the condition of the people around him from the smallest hints. Possess superior strength as well, he could beat steroid buffed individuals in an arm wrestle with ease. Darknes is also a non factor due to his eyesight. Geralt has better feats as well, he takes on beasts that would tear Ezio in half within a couple of seconds like Werewolves, harpies, griffins, undead and demons from the world beyond. Ezio is not winning this.

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Note: im going to attempt to makr our battle come to life on the project spark game maker. Will officially reply with my argument later today :)

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(Please excuse the guerrilla type posting, ipad :p)Although my team does seem outclassed I can assure you it is not. Let's start with Lt. Data. Data is an android that is designed to be both physically and mentally superior to human beings. Though he lacks the agility that your team has he makes up in durability and lightning fast calculations.

Here we see that he drops from an immense height completely un phased by the impact of the fall, he is then shot in both the back and chest multiple times by a high powered machine gun, again un phased.

Shot by an arrow.

I believe Data to be with no doubt much more durable than captain America, and possibly roughly under certain circumstances, the same durability as tobey spidey. Data also seems to be much more physically stronger than cap and obviously wolverine, maybe low level tobey strength.

Bends a metal pipe with a tensile strength of 40.

The average smith anvil is 200-300 pounds, he effortlessly lifts it with no strain implying even more potential.

Here he recreated a fight in the holodeck against a Borg. The Borg have already shown that they have above level strength, data even went as far as to multiply the Borgs strength level even further. Note: he is not screaming stop because he is struggling with it, if I recall correctly he had his emotion chip installed in this scenario and experienced anger. He easily overpowers it and tosses it aside.

1:44 lifts Wesley crusher out of the water

But that's enough about strength, I believe data outclasses both cap Logan in this area.

Data possesses a positronic brain which contains 100,000 terabytes of memory. In TNG it is stated that Data can calculate (think) 50x faster than a normal human being. This would mean that he has reaction times that are above peak human level at the least, giving him precognitive abilities based on mathematical equations he all performs in his head on the fly.


1:50 QFT

Data solves a murder case generated by the holodeck computer flawlessly.

Data is also incapable of fear so there will be no hesitation when he is fighting.

Combined with all of these extraordinary abilities, there is one weapon Data has that is standard gear that should give me an extreme edge over your team, the type 2 handheld phaser. This type of phaser is capable of vaporizing any material short of omnipotent beings, they break down material at an atomic level and essentially remove them from existence.

0:53 Note: these phasers are older and weaker models during the original series.

The type 2 phaser can be set at a maximum level of 16 and can be set to a spread setting that can target and kill multiple individuals at once.;_ylt=AwrTcX_IsW1Tm2MAlcyJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIzdXU3NWdrBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM4OWMwYmI4ODliM2Y2MzJiOTczODJjZTYzOWVlOWY2MARncG9zAzIwBGl0A2Jpbmc-?

(star trek deep space 9)

I deduce that captain America and wolverine would not be able to get out of the way fast enough and they would be vaporized, leaving lonely tobey. But you ask, wouldn't cap just use his shield? I also deduce that the Shield would be vaporized as well if thrown or used to block. The shield is composed of vibranium and we can assume that atoms exist within the shields chemical makeup, this means no exception, the phaser would vaporize the atoms within the vibranium completely breaking down the shield the captain would be left defenseless. Data is an extraordinary being that I believe will be able to easily take out cap and logan, especially if they are some feet apart. This is only the start of my argument.

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Sorry for the delay everybody, having pc trouble. My argument will be made from an iPad :p

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Nolan batman gets messed up a bit but wins. Comic batman stomps, these two are pushovers for him.