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Thor God of Thunder and Indestructible Hulk have been consistently amazing

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The manager took 200 dollars out of your pay and you're complaining?

What, can't take a little practical joke?

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@Tony_Shark said:

It was pretty boring.

Also, the character change in Spider-Man is pretty confusing.

Has anyone considered that it is possible that it might NOT be Spider-Man at all? Maybe a life-model Ultron to infiltrate the Avengers, or what's left of them, and eliminate them? I mean, Ultron would not know anything about Doc Ock being inside Peter's body.

There are Superior issues tied in to this event, and I do not think Bendis is the kind of writer to pretend Superior never existed.

Just a theory.

The story was delayed by a year, the reason Superior seems so out of character is because he was originally written to be regular Peter.

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@Botiste said:

We can't kill the joker because of the emotional impact on Batman, but we can kill Robin for that same reason? Then again maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't take our 10 year old children to gun fights with killers. I don't care if he was train to kill from birth, (like some children overseas), he studied for seven years max, the other three spent learning motor skills, at 10 or 11 his bone structure is not made for knock out impacts on grown men, I don't care how much training he has. So the search is on for the next adolescent or juvenile we could through in the line of fire for the sake of the name side kick. I don't mean to sound condescending, but law enforcement gets you to look at death, danger and dying in a new light. It would kill me to my son into that kind of danger knowing the cost, being just ten. I loved Damien but I feel that there were more story's to tell.

He's not a normal child. He was grown in a tube and implanted with God-knows-what kinds of chemicals and enhancements.

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It honestly feels like this issue could be merged with issue one and it would make a far more complete and satisfying first issue.

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@millennium said:

@InnerVenom123: true thats what happened to me i dropped it during the whole u-foes b.s and i started reading it again just to see if Brock is being turned into a villain again in which i hope is not the case

He's not.

He's the same as ever, he just hates Venom.

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@sparty-dbq said:

This is the third straight issue that ends with a Toxin cliffhanger. WILL THEY JUST FIGHT, ALREADY?!

It's called incentive.

Helps any potential readers who think of dropping the book stick around long enough to see Flash's supporting cast grow, and in turn, maybe stops a few from dropping.

It's genius.

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This issue was so great.

But I'm gonna be sad when Yu leaves. He's perfect for this book.

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There isn't even any actual torture, for f**k's sake.

Why are people calling it torture porn? Because it's violent? Gory? Bloody? Because that's not torture porn.