World War Symbiote: THE HYBRID, Part 1 - (Script)

 Hybrid may have died in SYMBIOTE, but the World War Symbiote yields a new face to take over the mantle. And in the aftermath of the invasion, Carnage and his "dog" Doppleganger have yet to reunite.... 



  Page 1

1/ Full page spread of Ravencroft Sanitarium. It’s a big, clean insane asylum. Structured in an extremely orthodox, even boring manner. There are no gothic gateways, no bare trees, nothing to evoke imagery of that OTHER asylum comic book fans are so familiar with. (Even though most portrayals of Ravencroft are like that – I think that it’s a nice contrast if this particular insane asylum is so sane that it tricks you into a false sense of security, unlike others, which are meant to just plain creep you out). It’s night outside.

Oh, and it’s being attacked by four Iron Symbiotes. A complete set of them, one Iron Phage, one Iron Lasher, one Iron Agony, and one Iron Riot; they’re crashing the structure, bringing up clouds of debris, the usual stuff we saw all throughout World War Symbiote. Bits of debris are also raining down around the area, the Iron Symbiotes are tearing the place apart as brutally as they would any other place.

There’s an Asian man running through a cloud of smoke toward us, panicking, obviously making a break for it. He has about a half inch of black hair (he was clearly buzz-cut by the staff), and he’s in a straightjacket, with his arms free. His jacket and his sweatpants are both all white, though dirtied due to obvious reasons. His name is Tyler(he has that on his straightjacket, a little logo that looks sewn in (and not professionally)). He’s very skinny, and around 6’0”. He’s 22, just for reference’s sake.


Page 2

1/ Tyler is falling over, tripping over a fallen piece of debris.  


2/ Close up of Tyler, he’s fallen down onto his stomach, he has his arms covering his face.

TYLER: Can’t end…

3/ Tyler has turned onto his back, and he’s looking at the destroyed Ravencroft. The Iron Symbiotes are glaring toward him.


Page 3

1/ Front view of Tyler running as fast as he can. The Iron Symbiotes are flying behind him, giving chase.


2/ Aerial view of the scene. Tyler is running toward the road, as fast as he can. The Iron Symbiotes are tailing him.

CAPTION(Lasher): We need him.
CAPTION(Riot): Why?

3/ Front view of Tyler running, he’s looking back and shouting at the Iron Symbiotes.

CAPTION(Riot): We exist to kill.
CAPTION(Phage): We exist to do what we please. We’re not like the others off the assembly line. We were born different.
CAPTION(Agony): This genocide won’t last forever. We need to move to a safe place. And he’s PERFECT.
CAPTION(Lasher): Agreed.

Page 4

1/ Profile view of Tyler, obviously still running.

CAPTION(Tyler): This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. My meds expired. That’s all. Brad is messing with my mind again, all a sick joke.

2/ Flashback to the inside of Tyler’s room at Ravencroft. It’s a large space, all white padded walls and floors, no windows, a TV and a bed.

CAPTION(Tyler): This wasn’t supposed to happen. I can’t be here. I was just there. I’ve been there for years. The—the status quo just can’t CHANGE like that!!

3/ Tyler is looking over at a Nurse who is looking into the room via a hatch on the only door, which looks large and complicated (think steampunk/submarine style). She has brown eyes.

NURSE: Medication time.
TYLER: Thank you…
NURSE: The doctor would like to know who’s talking today.
TYLER: Tyler.
TYLER: Tyler’s talking today.

4/ The nurse enters the room. The Nurse (brown hair, Caucasian, standard white nurse gown, mid 20s by the look of it – not just fan-service either, a real person(apply that to what you will)) has a pill bottle in her hand.

NURSE: Good.

5/ Close up on Tyler’s hand, as he accepts the large capsule pills in his palm.

TYLER: Can I please talk to him? I… I really do feel better.
NURSE: Alright. Take your medication first, and I’ll get your straightjacket and bring the doctor in.
TYLER: Nurse…

6/ The nurse’s face.

NURSE: Yes, Tyler?
TYLER(OP): … you didn’t bring anyone in with you to give me a straightjacket before coming in here on your own.

7/ Tyler’s face, he’s a got a pleading, desperate look.

TYLER: Does that mean… does that mean you trust me?
NURSE(OP): Yes. But only Tyler.
NURSE(OP): And remember, the doctor doesn’t trust anyone. It’s nothing personal.

Page 5

1/ Cut to a back view of Tyler, sitting on the edge of his bed with a straightjacket on. The nurse is standing off to the left, and the door is opening. Walking inside is Tyler’s doctor. He’s a Hispanic elderly man with glasses. Nothing too over the top like a cane or anything, he’s just a regular doctor. He does, however, have a clipboard.

DOCTOR: Good afternoon, Tyler.
TYLER: Good afternoon…

2/ Profile view of the Doctor’s face. He’s looking down at the clipboard and taking out a pen.

DOCTOR: You told the nurse that you’re Tyler.
DOCTOR: …Are you Tyler?

3/ Close up of Tyler’s face. He’s expectedly nervous but staying calm.

TYLER: Yes sir. I’m Tyler.

4/ Close up of the Doctor scribbling something on his notepad.

DOCTOR: Tyler, do you remember why you’re here?

5/ Tyler’s eyes. They’re wide.

TYLER: … Yes.

Page 6

1/ Tyler’s father sitting in his living room. He basically looks just like Tyler, but older.  The house is fairly large and the family is obviously well off.

DOCTOR: Tyler, remember what you told me?

2/ Front view of Tyler’s father. Tyler is right behind him, holding up a large knife he swiped from the kitchen.

TYLER: Yes. I told you.  

3/ Blood splattered onto an all black panel.

TYLER: I didn’t do it…

4/ The doctor scribbling “No Progress” on his clipboard.

DOCTOR: Tyler, you killed your father.

5/ Tyler’s face. He’s angry and shouting.


6/ Profile view of the Doctor.

DOCTOR: Now you remember, don’t you?

Page 7

1/ Tyler rushes forward at the Doctor, snarling.


2/ Close up of the Doctor’s hand, a syringe.

DOCTOR: Tyler! Calm down!

3/ The Doctor stabbing the syringe into Tyler’s arm out of sheer luck as Tyler is right in front of him.

TYLER: Wasn’t me… it was Brad… listen to me…
DOCTOR: No, Tyler. There is no Brad.

4/ Tyler alone in his room, laying back with his straight jacket on, but loosened, his arms free now (like in the first page).

TYLER: I didn’t do it…

Page 8

1/ Tyler looking up, clearly depressed.

TYLER: No, Tyler. You didn’t do it. We all know that.
CAPTION(Tyler): No.

2/ Tyler looking down.

TYLER: Thanks, Scott.
CAPTION(Tyler): Now I’m talking to them again. Damn. The doctor rattled me more than I thought…

3/ Back to the shot of panel 1.

TYLER: Don’t mention it… but we need to get rid of him.
CAPTION(Tyler): The voices in my head that’ve talked to me ever since Mom passed…

4/ Tyler looking at the reader.

TYLER: Let’s not start that again.
CAPTION(Tyler): They have names. I named them, of course. Mike, Scott, and Brad.

5/ Shot from panel 1.

TYLER: Dammit Mike, why do you defend him?!
CAPTION(Tyler): Scott is a pacifist. Nice guy. If he could eat, he’d be a vegetarian, I bet. Couldn’t hurt a fly.

6/ Shot from panel 4.

TYLER: Because, he just wanted to be FREE. He thinks he’s dreaming or something. We all know better. But he doesn’t.
CAPTION(Tyler): Mike is a bit … misguided, but he’s a good guy once you get to know him. Know him like I do. Inside my head.

7/ Tyler from shot 1.

CAPTION(Tyler): Brad… Brad is… evil.
CAPTION(Tyler): He’s sick and he’s twisted and he’s evil, but he’s also DORMANT. I don’t ever hear him unless something horrible is happening or about to happen. I hate him.
CAPTION(Tyler): He’s the only one that has the power to take over.

8/ Panel 4 Tyler.

TYLER: … you’re right. You’re right.
TYLER: How can we do it, though?
CAPTION(Tyler): I hate him.

Page 9

1/ Tyler’s face. He’s smiling.

TYLER: You can’t kill me, you idiots.

2/ Tyler looking to the left, horrified.

TYLER: B-Brad…

3/ Tyler looking to the right, angry.


4/ Close up on Tyler’s face, a shadowed hand is shoving him into the cushioned floor. He’s struggling, being shoved down.


5/ Pan out to show that it’s the nurse trying to pin him down and give him a shot.


6/ Tyler’s face, he’s angry and shouting.


Page 10

1/ Close up on the nurse’s hand, Tyler’s hand is grabbing her wrist. She has the syringe in her hand.


2/ Pan out, showing that Tyler has slammed the syringe into her eye.


3/ Tyler standing over the dead nurse, he looks proud.

TYLER: See? That’s what I’m gonna do to everyone you know. To this whole damn place.
TYLER: I’m the real me. I’m Brad. I’M REAL. This is all fake.

4/ Profile view of Tyler’s face, he’s shocked and looks scared.


5/ Tyler is now looking toward the door, which is open.

TYLER: Getting rid of this hallucination. You know how it is. Gotta tear it all down.

Page 11

1/ Tyler walking outside into the hall. It’s all disgustingly “sterile”, with white tile floors, cushioned white walls, a white tile ceiling and florescent lighting.

TYLER: Please!! STOP!

2/ Back view of Tyler walking on through the hall.

TYLER: Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Never.
TYLER: Now, where can I find--

3/ Same view, but Tyler is falling over as the entire place is shaking.


4/ Close up of Tyler looking up.

TYLER: What the…

Page 12

1/ Back to the first image from page 1, but smaller in this panel to give more room.

CAPTION(Tyler): Everything flashes back all at once.

2/ Overhead view of Tyler fallen. Four globs of symbiotic goo are slithering toward him, headed for his arms and legs.

CAPTION(Tyler): I realize that I fell, tripped over a rock. Hit my head.

3/ Multi-colored splatter effect, only the colors of the Iron Symbiotes (gray, green, yellow, and purple)

CAPTION(Tyler): Then the cool feeling covers me. Like rushing ice water.

Page 13

1/ Full page spread of Tyler as HYBRID, he’s sticking to a building in NYC proper, looking in a mirror at himself. The pose is a reference to the 90s Spider-man TAS show (and how Peter woke up to discover himself wearing the black suit). It’s morning outside, and there are no Iron Symbiotes flying about, seeing as the attack has ended.

Hybrid’s design is basically a blank white form that fits to Tyler’s modest build (he’s basically Peter Parker’s build, skinny compared to guys like Cap but really not a twig or anything). The suit has black, Spider-man-ish eyes (not symbiotic with the rigged edges – it’s basically if someone took everything but the eyes off of Spider-man’s Future Foundation costume).

Tyler is, understandably, shocked.

HYBRID: Wh-wha—AHHH!!!  

Page 14

1/ Hybrid’s face, he’s looking down at his open hands. The symbiote has yet to flow off his face.


2/ Hybrid’s looking up slightly.

CAPTION(Lasher): We are here for you.

3/ Profile view of Hybrid, he’s hanging onto the building desperately, looking scared out of his mind.

CAPTION(Agony): Relax. We just want to help you.

4/ Opposite side of Hybrid, profile view.

HYBRID: W-wait Tyler, these guys aren’t from US.

5/ Back to 3’s shot.


6/ Front view of Hybrid, his eyes wide.

CAPTION(Riot): Listen, you blabbering IDIOT, we’re here to HELP YOU.
CAPTION(Phage): So, relax.
HYBRID: Who ARE you?

Page 15

1/ The assembly line in Orwell Taylor’s underwater lair from the main World War Symbiote story. Everything is covered in red goop (Creep) and working.

CAPTION(Agony): We were born of hatred.

2/ Close up of an Iron Wraith, a Phage model, with a disgusting red blob over its head. A yellow bit of slime is dripping down.

CAPTION(Phage): We slithered out of a dark void and into a sac of poison, the strongest poison of all. And from there, we were poured onto cold, metal bodies.

3/ The Iron Phage is born, walking off the assembly line. Behind it, an Iron Riot model waits.

CAPTION(Riot): But we four were different.

4/ The four meeting up outside the base in NYC, the Iron Riot, Iron Lasher, Iron Agony, and Iron Phage.

CAPTION(Lasher): We were mutated, in a freak accident—a once in a lifetime “glitch” that the production line didn’t detect. We had knowledge of all human things. As if we were once joined with humans.

Page 16

1/ Flashback to Blademaster standing behind the original Hybrid, as his arms fall to his sides, chopped off by the sonic sword. Hybrid is in pain, throwing his head up and his eyes wide.

CAPTION(Agony): We remembered our demise.
CAPTION(Phage): We remembered being slashed open, disemboweled.

2/ Close up of Blademaster’s sword, little bits of Hybrid all over it.

CAPTION(Riot): We realized that we weren’t just mindless servants. We were DIRECT CLONES of the originals. The echoes of our memories etched into ourselves.
CAPTION(Riot): The particles of our being came from his sword. It was applied to the Monster.

3/ Orwell Taylor standing up from his wheelchair in “SYMBIOTE”, becoming Monster for the first time, grabbing Anti-Venom’s tendril with his arm.

CAPTION(Riot): And he later replicated us back into being from his form.

4/ The four Iron Symbiotes looking off into the distance of NYC, revealing that they’re standing in Times Square.

CAPTION(Lasher): We realized that we needed to get out. We needed to move on, before this genocide would meet its end. The others weren’t even alive. They lived only to serve.
CAPTION(Riot): And then we sensed it.

5/ Underfoot view of the four flying over the NYC skyline.

CAPTION(Agony): A very low concentration of noise. Something like a psychic scream.  

Page 17

1/ The four Iron Symbiotes hovering over Ravencroft.

CAPTION(Lasher): And that’s how we found you. The doctor told you that you killed your father, and somehow, your outrage literally echoed into our hearing.
CAPTION(Phage): Something the staff gave you must have made you some kind of low tier psychic.

2/ The Iron Symbiotes standing behind the fallen Tyler.

CAPTION(Agony): Imagine our luck. The one person within miles and miles to have four solid personalities.
CAPTION(Riot): The rest was easy. But we thought it wouldn’t be.

3/ The symbiotes slithering off their Iron Wraith bodies and toward Tyler.

CAPTION(Agony): We thought we would die if we left our bodies. But we were stronger than the others, being direct clones.

4/ Tyler, covered in the symbiotes.

CAPTION(Riot): Now we just want to help you do whatever you want. We just want to live, bottom line.

Page 18

1/ Hybrid is looking out at NYC, at all the damage from the World War Symbiote story. But it’s vacant now, no longer being attacked.

HYBRID: Nevermind what I want, what’s happened here?!

2/ Hybrid looking down at the street below. There are Iron Wraith bodies littered about.

CAPTION(Riot): Our predictions were right. The genocide ended.
CAPTION(Lasher): We could feel it the second we left our metal bodies anyway. Those bits of the virus inside of us fading, withering away. Ending any telepathic remnant of control or communication with it.
HYBRID: Genocide?!
CAPTION(Lasher): An attack by our creator onto this city. Relax. It’s over now.
HYBRID: Oh…well, that’s good… I guess…

3/ Close up of Hybrid’s face.

HYBRID: Can… can you please get off my face?
CAPTION(Riot): What?
HYBRID: You—whatever you things are… you’re covering my face. Just let go for a second.
CAPTION(Lasher): We’re called symbiotes. And of course we can.  

4/ Same shot. The Hybrid symbiote is peeling down Tyler’s face. He looks extremely relieved.

CAPTION(Lasher): We are not invaders. We are not like our deranged brethren. We want peace.
TYLER: So… so what am I now? Am I some kind of freak?
CAPTION(Phage): No, Tyler. You’re our host. And we are a Hybrid symbiote.
TYLER: Hybrid… hm… I like the sound of that.

5/ Same shot. Tyler’s face totally exposed.

TYLER: Thank you…
CAPTION(Agony): We’ve merged just like our original form, but into a shape and color that you liked. What’s the word… your taste. Yes, it’s in your taste.
CAPTION(Phage): But that’s nothing. You should try out some of the other things we can do.

6/ Tyler looking down at his entire body, he’s now flipped so that his back is sticking to the wall.

TYLER: Thanks for that, I guess….
TYLER: But what else can you do?  

Page 19

1/ Close up on Hybrid’s back. The white form is changing color, forming green tendrils that are shoving onto the wall.

CAPTION(Agony): Let’s show him.
CAPTION(Riot): Yes. Let’s.
CAPTION(Lasher): I’ll take this persona on. You handle the others.
TYLER: What’s going on?

2/ Same shot, but the tendrils are shoving with force enough to push Hybrid off the wall.

CAPTION(Lasher): We’re going to teach you what it means to be part of the Hybrid. That’s all. Oh, and don’t scream.
TYLER: Why would I--

3/ Hybrid is falling down from the wall, the symbiote starting to cover his face.


4/ Close up on Hybrid’s hand, the top of it is firing a green tendril, thinned to be like webbing (at this point I’ll just be calling it “green webbing”).


5/ Hybrid webslinging across the street overhead.

CAPTION(Lasher): Glad you like it. 

 World War Symbiote: THE HYBRID, Part 2 (Finale) - (Script) 
(Special thanks to Jordan for the pics!)

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Tis awesome!

Posted by InnerVenom123
@_Marco_Smith_ said:
Tis awesome!
Thanks! :D 
Posted by _Marco_Smith_
@InnerVenom123: I love the simplicity of the new suit (And how the colour pops out of the white). The other Hybrid just seemed to have too much going on to me :P
Posted by InnerVenom123
@_Marco_Smith_: I love the pics of the design as well. Made me get more confident about the entire idea in general. What do you think of the host and all that? 
Posted by _Marco_Smith_
@InnerVenom123: Is Taylor there so you can get your dose of insane hero since Moon knight is Bendisized? ;P
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@_Marco_Smith_: It's Tyler. :P And no, not really. My Moon Knight is crazy in a non schizoid way, and Hybrid as a character was always multi-voiced. 
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Nice, man!

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@primepower53 said:
Nice, man!
Thanks for reading! 
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Nice intro to the new Hybrid, mate. Tyler reminded me a lot of Aaron from Primal Fear? Have you ever seen it?  
I like how you've got 4 personalities for 4 symbiotes, that was clever ^_^

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@FadeToBlackBolt: Thanks! :D I haven't seen that. Movie or TV show?

^_^ Thanks.

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@InnerVenom123: It's a movie starring Edward Norton. Everyone else sucks, but Edward Norton is the man. 
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@FadeToBlackBolt: Interesting. I love that guy. I'll check it out!