Random FYI: there are new characters. They are somewhat parodies of everything we all loved and hated about the 90s.

Rated T+




Panel 1: Show a hospital room, with a bald man sitting in a bed upright reading a book. (Curtains on the windows are shut, door's closed - he's a total shut-in in here by the looks of it)

The man is ORWELL TAYLOR and he's reading "The Art Of War".

CAPTION(Orwell's inner thoughts): This book...

Panel 2: Show a row of well trained soldiers standing at attention. Among them is HUGH TAYLOR, the son of Orwell, who Eddie Brock (Venom at the time) killed to escape from the federal prison known as THE VAULT (see: Amazing Spider-man #315)

CAPTION(Orwell): It reminds me of my son.

CAPTION(Orwell): Of all his accomplishments in the military.

Panel 3: Show Orwell in the process of putting a suit of armor on(Think the Iron Man movie), it is SENTRY's armor. (Note: NO, it is not THAT Sentry, it's the character from the original Venom: Lethal Protector book! The green spiky armor guy.)


Panel 1: Show a panel of Venom suffocating Hugh, as Orwell imagines it (compared to the actual scene in the comics, it's more brutal and vicious)

CAPTION(Orwell): And how all of that was taken from him.

Panel 2: Show Orwell flying in the Sentry armor in a different flashback. The armor is fritzing, shooting off sparks - it looks like it's going to crash.

CAPTION(Orwell): And how my world fell apart.

Panel 3: Show Orwell in the Sentry armor crash into a building.

CAPTION(Orwell): Twice.

Panel 4: Close up of Orwell's face.

CAPTION(Orwell): My name is Orwell Taylor.

CAPTION(Orwell): I once was the leader of a team called THE JURY.

CAPTION(Orwell): Until they were lost. And I tried to replace them by myself.


Panel 1: Show THE JURY team being taken away into custody. Flashback again, obviously.

Panel 2: Show Orwell crawling out of the broken Sentry armor, bleeding from wreckage all around him in a pile of rubble. The rubble pile is in the street, he hit the pavement of a busy intersection. Cars are stopped all around him.

Panel 3: Our view is from Orwell's perspective, he's watching TV.

CAPTION(Orwell): And thus, I lost all movement from the waist down.

CAPTION(Orwell): At the very least... I take solace in the fact that Venom was captured by the government. Forced to be their slave.

Panel 4: The TV shows a news report of Anti-Venom fighting the Thunderbolts (See: Spider-man New Ways To Die).

TV REPORTER: The white Venom is former host to the Venom symbiote, EDDIE BROCK.

TV REPORTER: Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous, according to authorities.

Page 4

Panel 1: Orwell's face. He's very, very shocked - and angry.



Panel 2: View of the room as Orwell grabs his head with his hands and screams.

ORWELL: Wait-- that was just a rumor-- THAT'S RIGHT, HE SURVIVED!


Panel 3: View of Orwell's face. He's crying a little bit, and he has a scary look in his eyes. He's so angry he probably can't see straight.

CAPTION(Orwell): This ... this will not stand.

Panel 4: Show Orwell grabbing a cell phone from his bedside.

CAPTION(Orwell): I have ONE thing left in my life.

CAPTION(Orwell): Wealth.

Page 5

Panel 1: Show a warehouse in a dirty, urban slum area.


Panel 2: Show the inside of a large room. There are shelves all over the place, dirty, housing weapons of all kinds. Vladimir (black long hair, beard – wearing engineer clothes) is sitting on a work bench, loading up a large, not-realistic-but-still-awesome laser canon type of gun.

Panel 3: Show from behind the man, there are several men in black suits and sunglasses approaching him. Four to be exact. The middle most one is a blonde man, he is the tallest and the leader. The rest are black haired and pretty forgettable on appearance. The blonde guy looks like someone not to be messed with. He’ll be called “HEAD SUIT”

HEAD SUIT: Vladimir Alekseev. It’s time for your comeback tour.

Panel 4: Show the man smiling.

VLADIMIR: It is about time.

Page 6

Panel 1: Show a sunny, suburban neighborhood – a cul-de-sac. There’s a young man (19 years), blonde, muscular(think Peter Parker in the 90s cartoon) - practicing with two big, professional looking swords (katatanas) and slicing up targets laid out outside.


Panel 2: Show from behind Danny, the same group of men in suits. Along with Vladimir, walking toward him.

Panel 3: Vladimir smiles at the targets laid out around the place. They are effigies of several well known mutants (WOLVERINE, EMMA FROST, CYCLOPS – ETC)

Panel 4: The HEAD SUIT holds up a paper, a contract of some sort.

HEAD SUIT: Mr. Dangerfield, it’s time.

Page 7

Panel 1: Close up of Danny smiling. He has a set of blades forming literally out of his arms, as if he merged them into his flesh.

DANNY: Awesome. ‘Bout time you suits showed up!

Panel 2: Show Danny grabbing a blade and pulling it.

Panel 3: Show the blade leave his flesh without a scratch. Vladimir is impressed.

VLADIMIR: Amazing.

DANNY: The perks of the X-gene, m’good man.

Panel 4: Side shot of the bunch of them leaving. They are walking toward a black helicopter.

Page 8

Panel 1: Show the bunch of them inside the helicopter.

Panel 2: Danny looks over at Vladimir.

DANNY: So, what do you do?

Panel 3: Vladimir smiles.

VLADIMIR: Weapons expert. Guns and certain blades.

DANNY: You a professional?

VLADIMIR: Used to be. I hope that I can please our contractor, of course.

Panel 4: Danny smiling.

DANNY: Spread the word ‘bout me, ok? Next time you get into a meeting or something, I mean.

Page 9

Panel 1: Vladimir looking over with an “Eh?” expression.

VLADIMIR: Do you have a name aside from your own?

Panel 2: Danny looking at the ground.

DANNY: Yeah.

DANNY: Blademaster.

Panel 3: Show the helicopter hovering above a building that is a few stories tall, and it is lowering.

Panel 4: Show the group walking into an obviously old and abandoned garage/storagehouse. There are old mechanical parts everywhere, bits of scrap lying around to and fro.

Page 10

Panel 1: HEAD SUIT stands in front of a massive pile of junk. Our view is of behind him.

HEAD SUIT: Gentlemen, welcome your third team member.

Panel 2: Show HEAD SUIT standing in front of everyone, Vlad and Danny are confused.

VLADIMIR: That is a pile of scrap.

DANNY: I can maybe make a few half decent weapons outta that, but I doubt it’s gonna help.

Panel 3: Head Suit takes a remote out of his suit.

HEAD SUIT: What may seem like a pile of scrap—

Panel 4: Head Suit’s finger on a button on the remote, he’s pressing it (it’s like a set of car keys, just a few buttons)


HEAD SUIT: Is actually one of the most deadly machines ever invented.

Page 11

Panel 1: Show a set of circular, tiny eyes glowing a dark red.


Panel 2: Show the group stepping back, looking at the pile of mechanical scrap rise above them. It looks like a shadowy mass of gears and knives from what we can see. The eyes glow.


Panel 3: A set of sharp jaws open, a red glow emanating from the artificial throat.


Panel 4: Head Suit looks over at Vlad and Danny, gesturing toward the machine, like a greeting.

HEAD SUIT: Gentlemen, meet the DEATH MACHINE.

Page 12

Panel 1: Danny and Vlad looking surprised and up at the thing. It should be about ten feet taller than them. (so 17 feet tall, not sure)

VLADIMIR: It’s truly magnificent.

Panel 2: Head Suit takes a pen from his suit.

Panel 3: Head Suit drops the pen to the ground. The pen starts to glow.


Panel 4: The pen lets up a blue hologram. Orwell’s face appears.

Page 13

Panel 1: Show a view of all of them gathered around, with the Death Machine hovering above and behind them.

ORWELL: Daniel Dangerfield, Vladimir Alekseev, Unit 037-

ORWELL: You’ve been called together for one reason.

Panel 2: The hologram shows an image of Anti-Venom, with a floating image of current Eddie Brock next to it.

ORWELL: To KILL Edward Allen Brock, AKA, Anti-Venom.

Panel 3: Danny and Vlad looking over the hologram, getting a good look at the picture.

ORWELL: You’ll be given the proper equipment to deal with him.

ORWELL: And any of his…. Kind, that may interfere.

Panel 4: Same view of Danny and Vlad.

DANNY: His kind?

Page 14

Panel 1: Show TOXIN clinging to a wall, overlooking a bank. He’s looking down at the bank, concerned. His face is looking normal – without the mouth and teeth and such. The bank has a crowd of people outside.

ORWELL (Captioned text outside of last panel): Symbiotes. Aliens of an unknown origin.

Panel 2: Show inside the bank. Show THE SHOCKER holding a security guard hostage by his gauntlet. Outside, show Toxin swinging toward the window. The crowd outside ducking as he’s about to smash in.

ORWELL (Captioned text outside of previous panel): Very dangerous. But weak to a few things.

Panel 3: Show Toxin smashing through the window, lunging toward Shocker.

ORWELL: Sonics and heat.

Panel 4: Show Danny, Vlad, and the rest in the room once again, gathered around the hologram.

ORWELL: All of which I have provided. And more, since apparently, this Anti-Venom is immune to those things.

Page 15

Panel 1: Orwell’s face in the hologram close up.

ORWELL: He killed my son.

ORWELL: And now, you kill him.

ORWELL: I formed a team to do this once—

ORWELL: They failed.

Panel 2: View of Danny and Vlad.

ORWELL: But I have faith in you two.

ORWELL: You’re a team now. The SUPREME JURY.

Panel 3: Orwell hologram looking up at HEAD SUIT.

ORWELL: Mr. Z here is my head bodyguard. He’ll be powering on the Death Machine, with a sample of Edward’s DNA. The rest of what you do is up to him.

Page 16

Panel 1: The hologram disappears.

Panel 2: Our newly dubbed Mr. Z – his name all along – picks up the pen.

Panel 3: Mr. Z looks at them, we get a close up of him as he lowers his glasses a bit to ask.

MR.Z: Any questions?

Panel 4: Danny standing next to Vlad, just show the both of them.

DANNY: What exactly is the Death Machine’s tech?

Page 17

Panel 1: Mr. Z turns around to face the Death Machine, holding up a vial with a tiny amount of blood.

MR. Z: It is a hybrid of SENTINEL programming, with the infamous “Spider Slayer” machines.

Panel 2: A side view of Mr.Z holding the vial to the Death Machine’s mouth.

MR. Z: Accept DNA.

Panel 3: Tiny, wiry metal tendrils slither out of the Death Machine’s mouth, wrapping around the vial.


Panel 4: Mr. Z turns around to face the Supreme Jury. The menacing Death Machine behind him.


Page 18

Panel 1:


Show an apartment with a balcony, SCOTT WASHINGTON standing outside on the balcony.

Panel 2: Side view of Scott’s face.

CAPTION(Scott): I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

CAPTION(Hybrid voice 3): You want to.

Panel 3: Show Scott become THE HYBRID.

HYBRID: Yeah. I know.

Panel 4: Hybrid leaps off of the balcony. Using his unique tendrils to glide in the air.


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Posted by thegreatfour

:D awesome

Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour said:
" :D awesome "
Thank you! :)
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: You found someone to do this yet?
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: I think so, yes. Not this issue (as stated in the intro) but the rest. But it's a maybe. I'll have to see. :)
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: So far, I think so. It's a maybe at this point if he'll still be available to do it when the rest is done.
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: Not giving away his identity I see :[
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour:  I never said I wasn't gonna! The guy owes me a favor, so he probably will. It's KasadyCarnage of Comicvine!

Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: Epic art! He's done an awesome colouring job on them!
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: Yup! He'd probably do it in black and white with inks though, the coloring is a LOT of work.
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: Either way it'll look pretty good.

Why hasn't anybody else commented on this?! >:[
Posted by InnerVenom123
That's a given!! :)

I have no idea, lol. Send it to a few fellow viners and ask em to post! :)
Posted by GrandSymbiote94

It's good I just think some of the people you made appear came randomly other than that It was really good.

Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: Viners...
Posted by InnerVenom123
@GrandSymbiote94:  Anyone who appeared has a reason for appearing, and thus they appear in the main story -- but thank you for your post and thoughts! :)
Posted by GrandSymbiote94
@InnerVenom123 said:
" @thegreatfour:  I never said I wasn't gonna! The guy owes me a favor, so he probably will. It's KasadyCarnage of Comicvine!

Damn he's good im bout to ask him to see if he can draw me a avatar.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@GrandSymbiote94:  He might do it, who knows! :)

@thegreatfour said:
" @InnerVenom123: Viners...Y U NO LOVE SYMBIOTES? "

Posted by ragdollpurps


Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: I think that's the first thing people should create in the field of genetics. A being that bonds to you for life and, besides other things, enhance your emotions to the extreme.... No not syphilis.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@ragdollpurps said:
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour said:
" @InnerVenom123: I think that's the first thing people should create in the field of genetics. A being that bonds to you for life and, besides other things, enhance your emotions to the extreme.... No not syphilis. "
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: But seriously. We need symbiotes in real life now!
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: I hear ya, pal. :P
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: I will name mine Vince and use him to dangle the people I despise off a roof :D
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: LOL!
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: He will be green I think... Not like Lasher, he can kiss my butt :P
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: xDDD
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: I think I'll go into the genetic engineering field to make one. Then I'd abandon that career to follow my dream of becoming emperor of Earth :P
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: You've got a bright future, I see :)
Posted by Deranged Midget

Dare I say... this is actually... GOOD! 

You have impressed me this time...
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: WE have a bright future ahead of us :)
Posted by iLLituracy
Write this.

Or...a kitten dies.

Then eaten over a light gravy.

I'll be waiting, IV. I'll be waiting.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@Deranged Midget said:
" Dare I say... this is actually... GOOD! 

You have impressed me this time...
Thank you! :)

What did you like about it?

Haha, I see what you did there! :)
Posted by InnerVenom123
@iLLituracy said:
Write this.

Or...a kitten dies.

Then eaten over a light gravy.

I'll be waiting, IV. I'll be waiting.
Posted by Deranged Midget
@InnerVenom123: Well considering I stopped reading Venom after the 90's, I would say the nostalgia you gave me :P I also love revenge >:D
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: Yes! Even Venom breaks that rule though :P
Posted by InnerVenom123
@Deranged Midget said:
" @InnerVenom123: Well considering I stopped reading Venom after the 90's, I would say the nostalgia you gave me :P I also love revenge >:D "
Good reasons! >:)

Thank you! :D
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: I love that art on him. Great evil smile :)
Posted by Deranged Midget
@InnerVenom123: Make more NAAAAOOOHHH... pl0x :)
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: I really don't think Venom was evil, but yeah his grin rocks.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@Deranged Midget:  I'm currently writing rough draft versions of this comic! It'll be a five part epic (if the pacing does indeed turn out right like I planned) and I'm sure you'll like it! :)
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: It's all perspective. Either way, as you said, he ROCKS the grin. :)
Posted by Deranged Midget
@InnerVenom123: Awesome! Keep me updated!
Posted by InnerVenom123
@Deranged Midget: No problem! I'm gonna see if they can get drawn before I post them. I'd prefer this be the only one posted in actual script format. :)
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: My computer shut down on me :[ But yeah :) He wears it better then most of the other wearers.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour: Mac Gargan?! Oh no, it burns!
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: Ugh I hate his bulkiness (too bulky)... and overall stupidity
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour:  I was fine with his bulk. It was his lack of brains and jobber quality that ruined him.
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: Eh it just looked too like when a middle aged man buys a long car.

Yeah, he was just dumb. He was the first villain to ever defeat spiderman, but he sucked horribly with a symbiote.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@thegreatfour:  LOL

Pretty much :P
Posted by thegreatfour
@InnerVenom123: Anyways, Yeah! Go Hybrid, Toxin, and Anti-Venom. Do not fade into obscurity! Fight!!!!
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