• Date joined:2012-05-19
  • City:The Astral Plane
  • Gender:Male
  • Alignment:Evil
  • Points:7 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled


Astral - cannot affect or be affected by anything of a physical nature

Immortality - does not age, and can reconstitute himself using negative thoughts and emotions

Telepathy (omega level) - can read/project thoughts, create illusions, alter/erase memories, and mentally control others

Possession - can take direct control of the physical body of another

Occultism - a knowledgeable practitioner of the magical arts, with a particular affinity for necromancy and diabolism


Astral minions – The Astral Plane is home to a chaotic horde of nightmarish creatures: psychic vampires, mental parasites, lesser demons, dybbuks, and the minds of wretched mortals all wander the ethereal wastes, looking for easy victims. The Demon of Silence has persuaded or intimidated many of these wretched beings into his service.

Material minions – For those times when a single host body (no matter how powerful) is insufficient for his purposes, a cult-like group known as the Watchers serves as his eyes, ears, and hands on the Material Plane. Composed of the hopeless, weak-willed, and desperate, these fanatics possess no special skills or powers, but have the benefit of numbers and mindless loyalty to their dread master.

Biographical Information

Known as: the Demon of Silence (bodies under his possession have "silent minds," as their mental signature has been suppressed), the Id, the Shadow.

Born of the dark energies of the world's nightmares, he is a being of pure independent consciousness and limitless malevolence. He feeds upon the dark thoughts and emotions of sentient beings, and as such his purpose is to inspire and increase these by any means necessary, his ultimate goal being a universe filled with hate, fear, and despair.


Having existed for virtually as long as conscious thought, the Demon of Silence has been involved in many matters and incidents throughout human history, both big and small. At times, his activities seem almost random, following a train of logic known only to him, but all have been calculated to further his goal of increasing the suffering upon which he feeds. He has been known to betray allies, break alliances, and vanish from battles before they are resolved, as his goals are seldom truly aligned with those of any material individual or group. Everything he does is done for his own purposes; concepts like honor or loyalty are laughably puerile to him.

Some of his more recent activities include an unprovoked attack upon Madame Blossom while she was already in the midst of a battle with Warsman, aiding the Monarchs in their assault on Venezuela (in the course of which he came into conflict with Albert, a psychic aligned with the Arcani), stealing the body of a traumatized young mutant from the Hellfire Academy to serve as his host body, and then using that body to support Quintus Knightfall and Abigail Aensland in their efforts to lead a rebellion in the ruins of Venezuela.

The Demon was also responsible for Gunther Beremud's founding of the MFL (which was subsequently sold to the Knightfalls), and the metahuman prison on Alcatraz Island, which he currently presides over by possessing the body of the warden, Josiah Whitby.