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This is one of the awesomest things ever. It just is.
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I completely aggre with you, in that, the 'BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN' series has been a near revolutionary tale of heroes and anti-heroes alike. You are even more correct in how Darwyn Cooke took already established characters (however brief it may have been), and completely made them his own quasi-creations. I was expecting to love Hollis Mason's character, which i do, but i was blind sided when my favorite character turned out to be Ursula Zandt. As a male, I naturally tend to drift towards male supeheroes, but The Silhouette leaves me in awe with her Batman-like determination. She is as rutheless as she is cunning. I can see why Mason is in love with her. She is the epitome of human potential for selfless morality.

I havent picked up the 4th issue yet, but i will this Sunday. I am very excited about it. Thanks for the great review.

I remain sad when ever I think The Silhouette and her lover's death in Watchmen. It somehow makes me a little angry.