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She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her smile radiates a glow, shinning with hope, of something better. Angelic is a word I could use, but she is so much more. I am a bad man; nothing good can come from my actions and I. It is better if I was alone, leaving her in her own world. She is special, deserving the best destiny has to offer. A good person from a good family, with great friends through the course of her time. I am from a good family as well, but I am as unworthy of them as I am unworthy of her. To be honest, I am unworthy of all that is good.

Do I really love her? Am I even capable of love? Is this "love" a thought disguised by the mind to feel the emotions of regret, guilt, and everlasting misery?

Light has has departed from my heart, or mind, a long time ago. She is a powerful yet external light that must never hear my heart's saddened pleads. Her luminosity will only grow fainter to others and herself if she dedicated something to me.

She, as all, is not eternal in the path of creation. Why should she spend whatever life has given her with me, a man who would neglect it? We all make mistakes, the greatest is our late vision of the most remarkable miracles that are the daily things in our lives. While darkness consumes us, we must hold on to the things in our life and the realization of their miraculous construct.

But darkness has consumed me all too strong, for I sustain by the flow of time and not by the liveliness of its glorious moments. What future could such a man possesses in store for him? Will life cut the fragile and thin cords of existence or will he? If he nor life disturb what is seen as broken, is he going to stand idle in the wake of hell?

They say that the key to success is to play whatever cards you are given. I am afraid that I can not access the optimism necessary to survive this situation or any. But I have found an "advantage" in the state of darkness that has consumed me. I am one with the shadows and their nurturing darkness now at this stage of my life and quite possibly for all of the stages to come.

Man has always attained a certain fear of the darkness and its masters. It has become a tactical and strategic in a man's war against another. Monsters are said to come from the darkness as they are the atrocities that lurk within its threshold. However, even they bask in the unreal light that is emptied from their actions in the darkness. As a matter of fact, darkness is the center of honesty is it is not where men lie to protect their atrocities.

As I am young, I dwell in the shallowest end of darkness. But as I grow, so does my place in the depths and among those who reside in the deep. Darkness is a dominant and constant force, light is not. When a space is lighted, shadows remain as they are agents of the immortal darkness that harbors within all.

What if good, in its most controversial state, was to act in the darkness that evil has seen as a home. Yet, evil has increased its power as it remains in the two realms. Good is weakened and scattered in the least effective areas. In the realm of light, men leave a mark in their shadows. If one was to know and inhabit darkness, they would be to expose the truth by uncovering the men's identities from their shadows. Tell me, Have you never desired a monstrous ally in the face of doom?

These are........things. I happen to be very bored, sleepy, annoyed, concerned, and much more.

But anyway, what about that girl? She is quite beautiful; indeed, angelic.

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