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@nickspencer: Nick, I want to offer my apologies for what I said in my previous comment, I did not take the time to actually think and said emotional things with no proof, that reflected my mindset at the time which has since pasted. In short I was an asshole who took my anger out on an invisible person on the internet because it was easy to vent.

I see you took the time to actually sign up here to defend yourself, seeing you did that means I really did offend you with my stupid words and I'm sorry about that. In fact this gives me a valuable lesson, that my venting does hurt people and I should stop over state things and stop letting my manic mood swings control me.

I hope you can accept my apology and if you do not, I understand.

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@bluebooster96: I was a huge hater of this book, without even reading the full issue ( Read a ten page preview) but after giving the issue a shot, I learned of my mistakes. It is a fun book it's just unfortunate that DC released an out of context preview that had Babs acting like a hipster party girl and people ( me included) jumped all over it.

After reading the fill issue, I like the direction and love the addition of Black Canary in the cast. I think she will be cynical to Barbra's new life and it will bring some great comedy to the book.

Sales will be interesting to see, if they capture the Ms. Marvel/Hawkeye crowd or if they lose them with making to many social media references.

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Replace Ant-man with Boomerang in his quick synopsis and you have Foes. Nick Spencer needs to prove he is not a one trick pony and this book will not last long if he goes down the path he did with Foes.

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Will be interesting to see how sales of this book trend in the next 6 months. It's really going after that Ms. Marvel/Hawkeye modern reader both book held strong sales, I think i might be tougher for Batgirl to keep those sales strong simply because unlike Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel this book does not have strong writing. So the brand new make over for Babs and her life might not last long if the scripts do not get tighter and stop pandering to Tumblr using hipsters that do not read comics.

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Who is ready for another typical Snyder story? Fans and general audiences alike with freak out about how amazing the arc is and how Snyder is the god of comic writing but the ending will not live up to the hype the story received and it will be considered overrated by the same people that praised it when it first began. This cycle is so boring now.

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Has been such a smooth transition from the old team to the new team.

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Everything about this issue was mediocre and forgettable. We know Old Lobo will be back soon enough to fight this one again for an arc. Nothing about this book or this version of Lobo is new to me he is Deadpool without the humor and to me the concept without the ability to laugh at how ridiculous it is is forgettable.

If each issue is going to be this boring then this series will be like Larfreeze and not make it past issue 8.

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Fantastic another love interest for Peter no one will care about and when fans complain we will have Slott say people can't let MJ go.

Five issues into his run and it has already gone back to his old mediocre ways, It's time for Dan to leave this title.

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@micah said:

@blackkitty said:

My take is simple. None of these characters are behaving as they'r written. You can say they're teenagers but sorry, they're heroes. I don't put stock in the whole concept of unusual situations change people. In the end these are the heroes I like, these are the heroes I want to see and having them behave as villains really turns me off.

Well it goes to show the world is not black and white. That's what Avengers Arena showed us, even heroes can descend into madness in the right situation. To me no one is 100% a hero or villain, to me characters can change sides instantly with just the right push.

Face it Arena stood for nothing. It was a pathetic rushed concept that was slapped together to attempt to cash in on the Hunger Games/ Battle Royal fan base that was at an all time high when it started. Characters act how the writer wants them to act there was no deeper meaning in Arena. The proof we got from that series is Hopeless is a hack and it continues in this series.