Plot: the heroes would be visited by a being from a universe , asking for help, he says his universe is being destroyed by a powerful being that's going around destroying universes. he would convince all of them to prepare and take everything they need to his universe. The First universe he visits , is the Dragonball universe, he convices both Goku and Vegeta to go to his universe. At this point, both Goku and Vegeta are able to reach super saiyan God level.

The 2nd universe he visits , is the Dc universe, he convinces both Superman and Batman to go to his universe. Superman goes with no hesitation. Batman on the other hand prepares, he takes a power suit that he created , specifically for this type of situations, it enhances his, strength and speed. His power suit is carrying his most powerful equipment, powerful explosives, acid, sonic blaster, etc. The suit also generates 1,000,000 volts every time he hits a person. The power suit , was created with a new element that's very durable, nearly indestructible. It also allows him to fly. He also takes his batwing that is equipped with nuclear tipped missiles using a new propulsion that speeds them up to great speeds. The suit and batwing are linked together, so he can, call it in at any time.

The third universe he visits, is the Marvel universe, he convinces the Hulk and Thor to help him out. They both agree to go. They both go with no hesitation.

They all arrive on the same planet in the universe but at different places. They realize that , the being lied to them, and they were trapped in the planet they were in. They couldn't fly out of it because it was blocked by a force field. And they couldn't destroy it because , if they did it would cause a chain reaction , and the sun giving it light would explode killing them all. They all need to figure out a way to go back home. They all fight different foes they encounter , and eventually end up fighting each other. Not knowing who they are, they think they're all enemies. After brawling it out , they figure out they're on the same page and decide to team up. They fight the powerful being that sent them there in the first place and figure out how to get back home.

This is one scenario , on what could happen, if you have anymore ideas please comment.

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Injustice Gods Among Us , why a gadget character survives?

so how do you think gadget character can go toe to toe with characters with super powers? One idea I have would be that the non-power based characters take a re-engineered bane type venom serum that gives them enough strength to punch a powerful hero and hurt them and also give them more durability to take their attacks. They can also make a type of armor that can take a lot of force to help with the non super power characters with their durability. what do you guys think they're going to use ?