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@cfrehse: I know this isn't very original, but for MARVEL, I'd choose Dr. Doom, he's got the brains, the determination, the competance, the skills and the fact that if someone or something conquers the human race then HE won't be able to! So he'll lose too even if he doesn't get conquered WITH them!

As for D.C.? Lex Luthor gets my vote, he too is intelligent, wealthy, rescourceful, focused, driven, and he's used to dealing with extra terrestrial beings with great power who have access to advanced tech!

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Good point, If Wolverine and the Black Widow are allowed in, Blade can be too!

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She's yet another underrated character with lots of potential? In that case, she NEEDS to return!

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@Kingjohnrocks: If I could fnd some way to take his magic away, then use COLD against him, his reptilian nature would be my weapon! Then after he passes out, I'd either contain him somehow, or just bash his head in with a rock!

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@JamDamage: Martian Manhunter! better backstory, better character, better powers, M.M. is one of my favorites anyway, so I'm pretty biased! LOL However, I'm willing to settle for him being a reservist!

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@dimmoe: Blade is more of an ANTI-HERO isn't he? I mean, he's only HALF vampire, but even so, he's got some issues with ruthlessness and sadistic tactics! So if he ever DID join the Avengers, it would be very awkward at best, and cause more than a few shouting matches at worst!

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I'm going to have to say Thanos, because for all his shapeshifting ability the Super Skrull might be just plain outmatched when it comes to raw power and intelligence.

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@ThunderGodsWrath: I may be biased because of my being more of a MARVEL fan, but even if I wasn't I'd probably still give this to the Silver Surfer, you don't mess with the power cosmic, the power cosmic messes with YOU.

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My idea of the worst fanboys ever are the ones that are TOTALLY inflexible, oh SURE, I'm a HUGE fan of the Mandarin and think he could probaly take on just about ANYBODY and he might even win! But even I realize that he's too proud to ever let Iron Man or any other hero/villain get beaten TOO badly before he can have the satisfaction of letting them have one final chance just so he can prove himself their better! Yet there are some fanboys out there that are so opnionated that they insist and demand that a favorite character simply cannot be defeated EVER. I think Goku's fanboys are the wrost because they think Goku will just get strong enough to kill somebody even if he isn't already! The trick to beating a Saiyin isn't to be more powerful than they are, it's to finish them off before they can recover and grow more powerful after they do!

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I'm going to have to say Ambush Bug.

Has this question been asked yet? Crimson Dynamo or Titanium Man?