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i would agree..."hell yeah"....

greg land impressed me the first time i saw his drawings but as i find out that her female look almost the same, i asked myself if he just bas on one guideline for each pose....
fans especially those who are in charge for editing character profiles will have lots of mistakes for the information that they put into the pages if they would not intelligently identify the characters.

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@War Killer: heheheheehe

i found out that you look like these characters....

Jimmy Neutron
Harry Potter
A young Peter Parker
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@Vlad Tepes Dracula: so you are talking about Legion
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@pixelized: Voluntarily I colored it myself...
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well...the first time I heard about Dark word popped up in my mind...WHAT?

i know that their mission is to have a peaceful coexistence between sapiens and mutants but how did they came up to this? it's weird. What the heck happened to Xavier to join the team. I dont expect that the X-Men are really being ruled by a former menace named Norman Osborn.

I dont like the line-up though, I know they just wanna try somethin' new but their combination for me isnt great..

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It would be unfair if X-Men won't have reunion...but how? They have been apart for lots of months ago after Decimation, Messiah Complex, Divided we Stand, Manifest Destiny up to the present story arcs as they part ways because of their different choices...I'm so excited...

Talkin' about the cover Rogue kissed Remy? How? Have she been depowered or somethin'?

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I'm a little bit glad about the news...not all Asians have information to Marvel Comics. I can say that maybe there are up to 50% of the Asians that are updated about Marvel cause they just depend on its TV series or movies. They love reading manga more. If Marvel would do something like a new mangaverse, I think Asians would be more updated to Marvel. I'm an Asian so I know...

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yeah there are bunch of them...heheheheheh...the americans really have great resources for power. There are lots of mutants and scientific theories...


talking about technology, Japan is the first country hat pops up in mah mind...a good resource of weapons and its history and mythology is also interesting


the country that gave us Jackie Chan sure have lots of fighting skills in store for its opponents...


a great mythology will be the best to create great eternals and monsters


Filipinos have lots of characters, though, not everyone of them are recognized internationally since everyone focuses on characters of the nationalities above. Though, I have noticed that there are lots of fighting skills in their culture and i have read some of their local comic books, they can level Marvel and DC. I just wish they could make it to comic popularity. i also found their mythology intresting

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oooohhhh....Nate Grey?
he's return is very possible nowadays since Legion is back...
we all know Legion lead into the creation of Age of Apocalypse where Nate was originally born
If Legion would bother to create another AoA
it's possible Nate will be retrieved
I want him to return so that he will have a face-off with Cable whose almost gone nuts coz of his very unpredictable status as a hero or a villain.