What are the most unexpected things that happened in comics?


For me....It's the Decimation...Well....I dont expect Wanda to be that powerful...I mean...depowering the majority of the total mutant population is something almost impossible, though, it happened just by three words....after that, the events became really harsh for most of the mutants..
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iit was. after she changed the entirety of reality itself to her liking down to the detail and the minds of everyone in it
you were shocked when she did something "that powerful" afterwards.

the events havent done bupkiss. it was a blown up event to sell more comics. most have been repowered and the idea is being swept under the rug. most of the mutants that did get depowered we never had or never will see, and the next largets amount
were introduced for that, followed by ones who were no names to begin with. the rest regained their powers, with the few exceptions,
who are still active characters anyways. to top it off, a mutant has been born.

sorry dont feel you here. in fact after years of reading comics, i can say im never surprised because everythings just a formula or a trend. not that i dont enjoy them for what they are. "shock value" is the reason that people explode and go on a rampage when charcaters die, as if that nver happened before and they dont always come back.