deaths of these iconic heroes have made way for better careers for those less appreciated characters especially, because the fans are wondering on how the remaining characters will have to do their jobs without these kind of heroes. But of course, MArvel and DC would not be great without these heroes because they became trademarks ever since. They must be gone for maybe a year and reappear when a more difficult arc starts so they will have a culture shock on what's happening recently and they will focus on putting things back to normal especially now that Rogers is back, can he do something about Osborn who now rules almost the entire Marvel U?


Kandrakar & Xavier Insitute

I wanna live in Kandrakar where peace really exists....It's cool there and it have the right temperature...I also wanna learn more magic from them....

Just wanna know how it feels like to live in a house filled with exquisite equipments and nice people around excluding Rockslide. I wanna be a room mate for Hellion or Elixir.


Who is your character look-a-like?

Some say I'm a Male Version of this X-Woman...Cause I also have a white streak on my hair...I also have the same pair of eyes...

But some of my classmates say that I look like....

Their eyes and hair looks like mine....


Who is the characters that fits your personality?


Oh yeah....we are surrounded by lots of rue and good friends. But even if we know that they are true and always there, sometimes we feel that they are just befriending us cause there is something that they need from us (however, it was not true) . Like Rogue, I often let people see me happy though we keep a sad feeling deep within. I also like her style cause it's how I like to express myself (though, I have a male version for her style.) Actually, I also have the same white streak on my hair.