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my mudkip weres a top hat and a monicle

A man has to fight wars to survive...and he has to drink to forget them" ..im aaron pixley A.K.A "LOKI" and i think this is the only way to describe me... artist, failure, better human being, egocentric, vile, friendly, exuberant, world citizen, joke of the day, irish, music junkie, manic-depressive, fiercely loyal, geek, misantroph, lover, hater, dreamer ridden by desires, honest to death, manipulative, brooding, explosive, harsh, dry, social disaster, bestest buddy, pain in the ass, annoying as hell, wise as fuck, deep as the ocean, shallow like ice tea,etc... description influence by marko djurdjevic.

i am the madhatter made manifest, the ludacris loki well deserving of being sent to a padded room, the sheogorath that ripps the hinges off everything that you know as sane. furthermore attempting to win an argument with me is certain death...or achieving such goal rewards you with tea and a bagel. so dont be a stranger and stay for a chat