10 Favorite Characters (2/14/13)

I'll do one of these every year or so of my favorite characters currently in comics. This is based off what they're doing currently in the books and is not a reflection of the overall character and their history.

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I like Dick Grayson too.

Posted by kidamazo29

I like mile morales as well

Posted by thegeekster


Posted by inferiorego
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I just read the intro and I didn't yesterday so I didn't know.

Posted by inferiorego

@thegeekster: lol... you only have 7 more months until I do a new one!

Posted by Cpr

Nc list man :)

Posted by karthik

Nice list man escpecially MILESMORALES

Posted by Mucklefluga

RIP Damian :'(

Posted by Turbinail

I mean Damian

Posted by Guru_Crack

Miles Morales is very cool, but hard to see past the inclusion of Cyclops.