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The best worst-movie hands down, is Cool As Ice. Vanilla rocking the sportbikes, stealing the girl, dropping the mic, and the best cinematography of the decade. Also starring, Michael Gross. :) Yo, what's up with tomorrow!

Drop the zero and get with the hero

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@inferiorego: just wondering why use the pic of a resident evil zombie

Mehhhh I really ain't interested in repeating with another group basically the same story walking dead needs to bring in mutated versions of zombies or focus on what is the infection or overseas or it's going to get stale really fast

I don't think it is. I found it on a makeup test site

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"If you're still not sold, then there's a plethora of books featuring super-powered loners, punching dudes in the face, and feeling sad about life and things that you may find more up your alley." like really? how mature do you have to be to come up with a quote like that?

Check out this wild new thing all the kids are talking about. It's called a sense of humor.

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@muyjingo said:

Matt, how would you compare this to Gotham, quality wise?

I like Constantine better. It isn't as convoluted

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It totally wasn't available anywhere near me. I contacted the brewery and the closest place that sold it to me was well over an hour away. Also, I can't buy it online.

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Comic Vine: Where a thread created to answer a question can turn into a longform argument that deals nothing with the topic at hand where everyone yells about how right they are about everything.

And to answer the question, no, being attracted to a someone who is transgendered doesn't make you gay. Don't even worry about the terms gay/straight. Just be attracted to whomever you want. Pretty is pretty.

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If apple didn't make the 4S so laggy with the latest IOS id get this :/

I started playing on my ipad... It's real buggy but fun. It crashes quite a bit

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@dagmar_merrill said:


Sure, there's certainly a feminism slant towards the book and if you're the type of person that gets turned off by things like that, first, you're silly.

I feel like this would be a valid complaint. If you don't like what feminism has become (mainly on the internet to be fair), which has pretty much devolved into "WOMEN SHOULD RULE AND MAKE MEN THEIR SLAVES!!11!!1"

That's a blanket statement. You're talking extremism. It's like saying all Christians are the Westboro Baptist Church. As a dude who worked at a college for years, surrounded by feminists, I can tell you that's totally not the point or message of feminism. That's just a couple of loud jerks on the Internet, standing over with the WBC and dudes who yell about the Illuminati.

That's why I said on the internet. I don't really follow feminism, because I have no need to and I think it's supposed to be about equality, which would make sense. If this book is about feminism then I will pass, even if it is well written as it seems to be. Just not my bag, probably.

Just read the dang book before I powerbomb you through a table!