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Find it on iTunes and download the "fart porn" episode... It's all you need.... listening to me cry about having to watch fart porn

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I'll let Lewis and Jack know how you feel

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@inferiorego: Yea it is in St. Charles my mistake. I always say Geneva because it's right down the street from Geneva commons.

I'm very territorial about the tri-cities.

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@inferiority: I am so jealous of you. You have had two jobs that I would consider being my ultimate dream job: working at a LCS and being a writer for Comicvine.

but not a teacher?

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Awesome article. Format reminds me if cracked.

First thing I tought when read the title was ''Have I clicked on the wrong tab?''.

Yeah. They're the king of lists and their format works. Lots of sites use it. I have no problems saying I'm trying their format on for size. As far as lists go, I have occasionally been doing list articles, from time to time since 2009 here.

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This article/discussion is much needed. Great idea Katz

This is actually a G-Man idea, tested by the fabulous Gregg.

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Mat, I always love your articles but this one is particularly awesome. I love how you give a well rounded point of view of the comic shop environment, which became therapeutic for me lol. I sometimes feel awkward walking into my LCS for silly reasons like "I hope they don't judge me bc I'm a girl" or "I hope no one thinks I'm weird because I always buy Wonder Woman stuff." It's stupid I know but it's how I feel sometimes. I even recently expressed this to the employees there, and they laughed. Just like your article stated, they have MUCH worse and/or weird customers than I could ever be and they are happy having passionate people of all types in their store. Thank you!

Thanks for reading! I know there are stores out there with employees that are awful and mean to customers. My store was pretty rad and the people that currently work there are super nice.

There are folks out there that happen to work in shops that do think it's "weird" women buy comics and judge people based on what they buy: Fanboys. They're a quick-dying breed of fans (in the real world at least) because the culture has changed a TON in the past 10 years and if you or any of your comic reading friends have this experience, stop shopping there. Yelp about them... etc

Luckily, it looks like you go to a store where the employees are pretty rad. I will say, however, I judged the hell out of people who didn't say "hi" back to me when I welcomed them to the store. That's just rude.

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The comic shop posted in the posted in the picture is my comic shop I go to in Geneva, IL. Thats crazy haha

...It's in St Charles, IL: Graham Crackers.... where I used to, and still do, work at.

See you on Christmas Eve!

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Show notes!

Shoot matches we mentioned on the show

Mat's favorite:

Corey's favorite:

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Awesome read. There needs be a weekly article where you tell us a horrific LCS story. You could call it Mat's Super Angry LCS Story of the Week.

I actually was thinking of doing that but I only have like 6 horror stories, including one that became my "closer" while I was doing comedy.