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There's quite a few people on here that have really caught me off guard when it comes to certain things, including those who can hold their own in an intelligent debate. The fact that their are science forums and football forums blows my mind.


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King Saturn said:
"Ha Ha Ha  !  I See a lot of folks have plans to leave the Country now

I just want to get zapped on the plane
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I'm thankful I'm a dual citizen. Hello Toronto

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I goof all the time, this is one of the few instances where I was utterly serious. The part in which you called me rude was my bash on the public for not caring about science. Mythbusters is the closest most people get to science in this country, few are willing to go out (and believe me, with today's pop culture you actually have to search) to gain incite in today's modern science.

Agree to disagree, I'm done arguing. Between this and the anti-smoker forum, I'm exhausted.

Have a lovely evening.

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You know, I spent a lot of time writing a pretty decent response, but I deleted it. Why? First, it's like a Christian and a Muslim trying to convert each other. It's going no where. Secondly, it's too aggressive, it's bordering personal attacks, from both sides.

I'll leave you with the last thing I wrote from the response. Reply however you want. Hell, you can even say you won the argument, I don't care. Just read the last couple of sentences to understand how some of us in this country are starting to feel.

"Second, there will be a time where the government decides to ban/limit something you do and enjoy, it will happen. Know how pissed off, yet compliant, smokers are now and think off that when something you enjoy gets banned."

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Logan's Run future.... Americans are losing more and more rights everyday.

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Kiara_Sullivan said:
"inferiorego said:
"Cryptozoology is the opposite of science. I watch MonsterQuest religiously, to laugh. Cryptozoology is like Intelligent Design. They have no solid evidence, just things they claim to be evidence. They also do the whole science testing backwords. They start with an idea they tell the world is true, then try and gather evidence furthermore proving their theory. If there is no evidence, they have an excuse and say, "It's still out there." If you're one of those real scientists, your theories change because of the data collected and analysation, theories always change, psuedoscience (Cryptozoology, Homioapathy, Reflexology) never does. This garbage is in the same boat as people who think the moon landing was faked. The world isn't this complicated folks, and there's a lot more cooler things going on in the world of science, but most of you (you as the American public) are too lazy to look it up.

"Kiara_Sullivan said:
"Precise, but they havent searched all of Loch Ness. there are underwater caves and such that they cant explore. And the water is too murky. They cant search the entire lake at the same time. You have to look at it this way. They search one part of the lake one day. and then another the next, but who's to say that in the time it takes them to move to the other part of the lake, the creature hasnt moved?"

yeah good point and scientifically speaking there isn't any food source that the creature can eat to support it "
Oh man! Des said something I agree with! Scientist, real ones, not cryptos, have tried out numerous theories on whether the monster could actually live there, and no, nothing that large can. Because it's huge, and has to eat, not enough food to support it.

Also, you know the two guys who started this whole thing? The ones who took this picture...

You all know one of them came out and said it was a fake? Right? the guy who started it as a joke with a toy submarine (or boat) and some clay. If the guy who started this faked it, everyone else probably did."

You know some creatures that were once labeled as Cryptids have been found right? The Platypus, Coelacanth, the okapi, and so many others. Yes its not really a branch of science but without it some of the stuff thought to be out there, wouldnt have been proven found. I honestly don't see that the Lochness Monster being found. But it makes one hell of a story. I simply think that sometimes the unbelievable can be found, if that makes sense.

And by saying that the American public is too lazy to look things up is simply rude and insensible. Whats wrong with having different beleifs? Simply because my own aren't the same as yours makes me lazy? Really when you come up with a much more sensible arguement, post it. Because so far I find yours lacking in substance.

By the way, I dont think the Lunar landing was faked at all. Even I trust our scientists more then that.

"but without it some of the stuff thought to be out there, wouldnt have been proven found" I know a decent amount about the Platypus and Okapi, nothing about the Coelacanth. Now, those two that I do know about were discovered. In the Okapi's case, it was considered a mythical creature. That was discovered almost on accident when scientists both visited a pygmy village (excuse me if some of this is moderatly off, it's been quite a while since I've gone over this stuff) and discovered the animals there. As for the Platypus, that was discovered in the late 18th century. Cryptozoology was formed in the early 1980s. The only way they could help discover the animals is if they built a time machine. You don't just believe animals exist and wait in the bushes to appear. That's what these guys do. We'll even take the Giant Squid, which is a Crypto's favorite thing to talk about. It was discovered in 2004, in Japan, by Whale Watchers, not by cryptos. It happens on accident, it's a discovery. By the way, these guys now claim that one the size of the Kraken exsists. Sadly, there's no evidence to back it up, so no deal.

As for your second paragraph: The majority of the American populous doesn't care about science. It's true, and me stating that in no way is rude. As for what's wrong with people having different beliefs? Nothing, until certain beliefs affect others in a negative way. This statement is mostly aside from Cryptology. Lets say someone is having dizzy spells. Said person has had them for many months we'll say, and instead of going to a doctor, the person follows a friends strong adive and sees a new age crystal healer. Based on the fact the friend has strong beliefs in crystal healing. The person goes to crystal healing and gets a over-priced treatment. The "healer" says it will all take effect in a few days to a month. Patient dies in that month from a brain tumor, hoping they could bank all their money into crystal healing instead of seeing a traditional doctor. As far fetched as this may sound to you, it happens more fequently then you'd think. I recommend looking into Sedonna Arizona for all your psuedoscience mumbo-jumbo, where things like this happen often. I can recommend some books or shows on the subject if you'd like.

However, being the good skeptic that I am, IF it ever comes out that any of this DOES exsist. I'll believe. Hell, I may even apologize to anyone I offended. However, I will stand by the fact that I didn't believe until concrete evidence came out.

A valid argument you say? As much as I'd love to sift through old posts of me goofing on people to somehow try and better myself in your eyes, I'll pass.
+2 points for not believing the crazies on the moon landing.
"Because so far I find yours lacking in substance"
+1 point for sassing me
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Buckshot said:
"Geoff. I'm not offering an explanation."
I like you're style
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erik said:
"I'm glad they made it so you can't smoke at public places anymore. I think it is a vile habit and I hate it when people force that on me. Yes it is forced on me when I am walking down the road and suddenly inhale a think cloud of smoke. Smokers are weak. Personally, I wouldn't mind if they were only allowed to smoke in the privacy of their own home. But I wouldn't shed a tear if they outlawed it completely. I like my lungs pink and without cancer."
#1 You're mislead and completely prejudice.
#2 People with that mindset are going to lead us to a Logan's Run future. And no, it won't be fun. Live it up!... until you're 30. Off to Carnival you go.
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Dreadnaught said:
"inferiorego said:
"1. Back To The Future Series
2. Night of the Living Dead (All 5)
3. Original Star Wars

Dreadnaught said:
Terminator was mentioned in the song "it's the end of the world as we know it".

Night of the living dead get's place number 999 g64 *g64 is so big that you can turn everything into ink, paper, and pen, you still wouldn't be able to write the needed amount of zeroes* What can I say, John Romero is overrated, look at his newer movies they all fail :P."

First, what in the hell is g64? I have no idea what your argument is about. Second, George Romero, if it weren't for him, there wouldn't be anything zombie, including video games. None of his movies ever made any money, I assume that's what you mean by fail, considering critics gave the last two films (Diary & Land) mildly decent reviews, on average 3/5 for Diary, 3.5/5 for Land. And none of his films will EVER be as big as a failure as Knightriders was. People see his films for #1 Zombies and #2 Social Commentary. So, if you can get something though provoking out of his films, which isn't hard, he's succeeded."
Robots are infinitely cooler than lame zombies that a Turtle could outrun.  I really can't be afraid of a corpse that moves at 0.0000000000000001 kilometers per hour.  

G64 is Graham's number.  Too big for exponents or exponent towers to represent."
It's not about being chased at the infinitely slow speed you expressed, it's about hundreds upon thousands of threats all around you and having no place to hide, a claustrophobic's nightmare, even if outdoors.