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You know I was having trouble falling asleep so I started counting all the different ways I could injure Corey and I finally fell asleep at around 427. AND I HADN'T EVEN GOTTEN TO HIS LEGS YET!

Raw was next level bad this week. It's sort of to be expected to be boring to keep everyone in the Night of Champions card relatively unscathed. The only thing I'm hoping for out of that show is that the Tag Titles change to the Dust Bros. Naturally they'd have to change the look of the belts to gold. As much as I've grown accustomed to the bronze finish it HAS to happen to make the cosmic key complete. Screw it dude, if they're going to give Adam Rose that stupid magic mirror thing then they might as well double down on it for two of the best guys in the roster at doing vignettes. Just give them a spin off show where they don't even need to wrestle and just go on goofy adventures through time and space.

NXT Takeover however was exceptional last week. WWE doesn't have a product as good as NXT is right now. That either one of you would doubt the talent of Enzo Amore and Tyson Kidd is baffling. I haven't liked their gimmicks but both of them pull off their character performance brilliantly. I don't want to like Bailey either but she's just so adorable. That final match was a real barn burner.

Thanks for the podcast. You guys must be exhausted around the time you're recording. And I swear Mat, if you bring up football again I'm going to super kick you.

Matt Forte

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Thanks for answering my questions guys. You actually started this podcast at a great time I can stop watching Raw weekly just stick to NXT and the PPVs I can catch up on what I missed.

Also Bellas and John Cena represent just about everything wrong with wrestling today.

In addition to this podcast the Bleacher Report reviews of Raw and Smackdown are a good way to avoid watching the actual shows. I miss Raw all the time and it makes my life way less stressful. Plus their app is really good too.

Boo Bleacher Report! I have a huge problem with some of the shady ways those guys promote their site (SEO jazz). We like CageSideSeats!

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@inferiorego did you think the Mega Block figure was neato?

It was ok. I like the idea but I was't "wowed"

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@inferiorego @g_man is Brain Azz not writing anything new for DC?!

December will be two months after his run with Wonder Woman is done, no news on what he will be working with next?


only Futures End that we know of

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Disappointed because you got a Pokemon shirt!? That's it, done with ComicVine forever. Worst. Website. EVER.

Seriously though do you feel these are worth the price? because if so it seems like it would be cool to get stuff like this.

Some months, it's worth it, like this month. Last month, not so much.

Also, those luggage shelves are really cool!

My fiance likes to decorate. If it were up to me, there'd be movie posters and beer cans everywhere

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^ #UltimateHipster

I was reading Ultimate comics before they existed!

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Here, all the other stories are weaving in and out and while the mixture of stories works really well here, it feels so different than the last issue

That is not necessarily bad.

MILES MORALES finally gets back to the lingering story lines that fans have been clamoring for more of. Bendis does a phenomenal job with the writing by giving readers some wonderful, dialogue driven scenes. Marquez and Ponsor kill it on the art, as always and make this one visually exciting book. Almost everything about this issue was a gigantic hit. I cannot recommend this series enough. MILES MORALES: THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is easily one of Marvel's best series.

Sounds like a 5-star book to me! :)

is a little mad about Peter Parker's return.

I,as a Ultimate Peter Parker fanboy,am happy.

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I love this book but I am kind of getting tired of the pacing...I want some answers damn it

The problem is that issue to issue it feels different. It doesn't feel like one cohesive story and the difference between 4 and 5 is the problem. I couldn't justify a 5 for this issue, even though it was awesome.

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@undeadpool "People act and react strangely to the sudden presence of the X-Men in their midst, especially the football players that X-23 runs afoul of."

The Ultimate universe kinda hates the hell out of heroes and mutants right now.

All the problems you have with the book are the things I liked about it because I religiously read Ultimate books.

That's probably the biggest thing about this issue, on the bad side, if you don't read Ultimate comics, then this issue is a cluster-f of madness

(4.5/5 for me!)

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Batman is 13 in this show, so why is Selina a grown woman? Arent they suppose to be in the same age range?

Selina is a kid in the show

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Episode 5 gets to Q52 this week