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@g_man said:

^ #UltimateHipster

I was reading Ultimate comics before they existed!

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Here, all the other stories are weaving in and out and while the mixture of stories works really well here, it feels so different than the last issue

That is not necessarily bad.

MILES MORALES finally gets back to the lingering story lines that fans have been clamoring for more of. Bendis does a phenomenal job with the writing by giving readers some wonderful, dialogue driven scenes. Marquez and Ponsor kill it on the art, as always and make this one visually exciting book. Almost everything about this issue was a gigantic hit. I cannot recommend this series enough. MILES MORALES: THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is easily one of Marvel's best series.

Sounds like a 5-star book to me! :)

is a little mad about Peter Parker's return.

I,as a Ultimate Peter Parker fanboy,am happy.

@danhimself said:

I love this book but I am kind of getting tired of the pacing...I want some answers damn it

The problem is that issue to issue it feels different. It doesn't feel like one cohesive story and the difference between 4 and 5 is the problem. I couldn't justify a 5 for this issue, even though it was awesome.

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@undeadpool "People act and react strangely to the sudden presence of the X-Men in their midst, especially the football players that X-23 runs afoul of."

The Ultimate universe kinda hates the hell out of heroes and mutants right now.

All the problems you have with the book are the things I liked about it because I religiously read Ultimate books.

That's probably the biggest thing about this issue, on the bad side, if you don't read Ultimate comics, then this issue is a cluster-f of madness

(4.5/5 for me!)

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Batman is 13 in this show, so why is Selina a grown woman? Arent they suppose to be in the same age range?

Selina is a kid in the show

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Episode 5 gets to Q52 this week

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@inferiorego hey man does Ales Kot and Nathan Edmondson really switch writing spots for December or was that a typo or something?

(look @ credits under "Secret Avengers" and "Punisher")

That's my fault. They sent those two solicits in last minute

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@inferiorego: To your point for your answer to question 4. Wasnt Danny wearing the same (or at least very similar) suit as Tennant wore in the "The Impossible Planet" episode?

Could be something...probably nothing. But it's something I noticed.

I noticed that too. That's what made me jump to that point. Nice catch!

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@wardishy said:


1. I figured it couldn't be the Doctor's hallucination since the others did actually see it. If it's just a random kid, then that kid is the quietest, calmest and creepiest kid I have ever seen.

2. I guess I can see your point, but... I don't know. Why now? After 2000 years he finally thinks "What if someone is listening to everything I say?" It is open to explanation I guess, but I'm not sure I buy it.

3. Okay, I guess this one's up for debate. I think Doctor Who does occasionally rely on contrived plot devices and "it doesn't make sense but just go with it" type of stuff a little too much though.

4. Actually I really like this idea in regards to the "Promised Land" stuff we saw, but I'm still not sure how that would apply to what happens in this episode. What's the focal point that ingrains this idea into everyone and gives it resonance? The episode almost implies that Clara's actions are the root of it all but that can't be right, right? Or this whole idea just a smokescreen for the issues that deal with the Doctor's madness? I kind of feel like this episode is, if nothing else, an example of an episode that tries to make you think it's about one thing and then goes somewhere totally different.

5. This is a personal gripe and not a knock against the series, especially since it's such a successful element of the revived series, but I often don't care for the companions' personal lives. There were some exceptions, and I can see now that there could be some bigger picture they're building towards with Clara and Mr Pink, but I can't help but feel that I could be getting more Doctor-time instead.

Thank you very much for giving me food for thought on this episode, I appreciate the insight.

1. Normally, I'd agree with you 100% but my niece and nephew do creepy things all the time. In fact, last night, my friend's daughter was playing with a plastic snake, put it on my shoulder and said "It's going to eat your soul." Kids are creepy.

2. It's a new Doctor. He has new personality traits. Capaldi is a bit darker and stern and maybe this is a new side of him. We'll see how it plays out.

3. Yeah. I'm just going with it. I'm open to the things Clara does this season because I hated her so much in the past. I'm giving her a chance.

4. It's Moffat, so expect the unexpected.... lots of times in the worst way possible, like bad writing. Again, I'm giving him a chance as well because he's rubbed me the wrong way the past two years.

5. You don't want to know more about what Ace did in her free time (Probably punk rock things)? I totally just made a bad Ace reference. What do I win? It's fan service in a sense because reboot fans fell in love with Rose and wanted more, so the tradition continues.

Now, when do I start my Doctor Who podcast?

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@g_leno said:

@inferiorego: The trouble is, i quite like the new villains because the Daleks are so tiresome, and after the dalek episode, i got really annoyed with them so was hoping for somthing new and scary. I would like to see the master again soon if they can find a way to write him in again.

I agree completely with too much Daleks. I want them to explore Galifrey coming back and maybe there's something sinister going on there.... and also, so much more Master.

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@wardishy said:

@inferiorego: Well I did only watch it once, I'll give you that. And don't get me wrong it was the best episode so far this season.

Okay so here goes:

1. The obvious. What the hell was the thing under the blanket? I thought about it but I couldn't figure it out.

2. Was the Doctor really going crazy enough to write 'Listen' on his own chalkboard? Because that's how it came across at the end. Was the whole episode trying to say that fear can make you crazy and paranoid?

3. How did Clara take the TARDIS to Gallifrey? Now I'll admit I could be forgetting something about all that stuff but I thought that still couldn't be done.

4. I don't understand the correlation between the Doctor's "dream" and the implication near the start that the dreams were some kind of universal phenomenon that proved there was something out there.

5. This isn't a plot hole but I'm just not a fan of focusing on companion's personal lives and I don't like Clara that much either.

If there's any points I missed then I must have forgotten, I'm tired and hungry.

I welcome your insight, though. I'm genuinely interested in how you personally interpreted the narrative.

1. One of Danny's friends (which the Doctor mentions during that scene)or The Doctor hallucinating, much like the knocks on the door.

2, He's had more than a thousand years of fear and paranoia, so I buy that he's losing it, especially after defending that town, always under attack, in the last series.

3. She's impossible. There's no explanation, but it did amaze me. This could go back to the idea that the TARDIS' "soul" interacts with people more than we know, much like the Neil Gaiman episode. The TARDIS took her to a point she was needed at the most. Or.... she flew the TARDIS. We'll never know.

4. It could go back to "The Impossible Planet" where the "devil" had a way of infecting the subconscious of all beings. Maybe the whole "Heaven" concept does this as well. This season seems to be delving into ideas bigger than just creatures and monsters too.

5 I hated Clara up until this season. She was written poorly. I liked seeing a bit more about her. I thought there was a good balance between her and the Doctor in this episode.

Hope that helps!