Lets take a look!

Star Trek:

I know, summer isn't OFFICIALLY until June 21st, but it started for me when this film came out. It was a lot of fun, still fits into canon Star Trek stuff, since it's technically a parallel dimension, and it sets up a new franchise. 4.5 out of 5

Terminator: Salvation

Well, considering how much Rise of the Machines sucked, I was a bit skeptic. Nevertheless, this movie looks pretty rad, I'm super excited for it. Don't have much to say other than that.

Harry Potter and the... whatever

I'm not making fun of it by any means, I love the movies. I tried reading one of the books and couldn't have cared less. I'll see it, but I'm not that excited.

Transformers 2: The Quest for More Money

I saw Transformers three times, once in theater and twice at home. I fell asleep at the same time, every time, the giant climatic battle. It was pretty boring, yet I still like it. I'll see it, again, I just don't care that much. However, more Bumblebee makes me a happy boy.

G.I. Joke

The trailers look awful. I saw the newest one for it during the Star Trek flick and I laughed out loud. Again, I'll see this film, but I plan on bringing tomatoes to throw at the screen.

Land of the Lost

I grew up on this show, mainly because the early 80s ran out of stuff to play so they played stuff from the 70s and 60s ad-nausea. I enjoy Will Ferral and I hope the movie is as cheesy as the original show. Decently excited.


Ali G was my favorite show for all two seasons it was on television. And I've patiently waited through the Ali G film and the Borat film to finally see his final character on the big screen, Bruno. A gay Austrian fashion show host making people feel homophobic all over. I'm giddy.

Night at the Museum 2

Someone answered my prayers and made Ben Stiller funny again. But I guess he's only funny in kids films now. Fine with me. This is the film to see, mainly because I can bring my niece and not hate her fro dragging me along (stupid hannah montana film).


I love Pixar so much, except for that white elephant called "Cars". This film looks great and again, I can bring my niece. The older I get, the more I love kids films.

Year One

No thanks. However, the girlfriend wants to see it, so I'll have to not only swallow my pride and go, but also pay $20 for both of us to get in......


Star Trek was the big one for me, and it'll probably be the best out of them. Incredibly well done, lots of fun for everyone, not just Trekkers, and it sets up a new franchise. I was very happy.

Honorable mention:

Bruno, UP, and Night at the Museum 2 are going to be huge contenders, with Night at the Museum 2 bringing in the most money...

I'll say it again:

Night at the Museum 2 will bring in the most money...... Now that I wrote it twice, I don't believe it.
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Posted by Slinger

That GI Joe trailer was so bad! They're robots now? What the @&%#! Okay, so not robots, but those suits were awful. I feel like somebody raped my childhood. Out of all those movies you listed, it's the one I refuse to see (unless, against all odds, it magically gets incredible reviews.)

I agree, Star Trek set the bar for quality, but I think Transformers will contend with Night at the Museum for most money.

Posted by inferiorego

Robots/Guys in suits/I don't care.

At least France gets what's coming to them in the trailer.... I liked that part.... This film looks on-par quality wise with The Chun-Li or Dragonball films from this year.

Transformers all-in-all will probably do the best, but I'd love to see NITM2 top out.

Posted by Lars"Lionheart"LeBeau

I think Termanator Salvation will be the best of the summer, followed by G.I. Joe

Posted by inferiorego

GI Joe will not only be the biggest disappointment of the year, but the biggest disappointment of all comic book/television adaptations.

Posted by Magnus/Murdock

I cant wait for Public Enemies

Posted by Crazy_Eights

I cant wait for UP! my son i so stoked about this movie he keeps asking "UP? when are we going?" i cant wait i love Pixar

Posted by Midnight Cowl

I am going to have to give it to Transformers 2 with the best picture and most grossing this Summer! Have you seen that trailer!!

Posted by buttersdaman000

G.I. Joe FTW yeah!!!!

Posted by inferiorego

I saw the Trans2 trailer and wasn't impressed. Bay's fight scenes/action scenes are too hard to follow, too many quick cuts before your brain tells you what you're looking at.

GI Joe will fail hard

Posted by pixelized

I have high hopes for Up

Posted by inferiorego

We should see it together Pix

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Land of the Lost.Slestacks and Will Ferell. awesome

Posted by pixelized

We totally should, you can buy my ticket, popcorn, milk duds, and a nice bottle water.

Posted by inferiorego

i am not paying $4 for a bottle of water, sneak one in your purse or whatever

Posted by TaffetaDarling

i agree with ya NATM2 will be the big hit.
 The cast looks fabulous. I am excited to see Hank Azaria on the big screen again!

Posted by SilverZeo
inferiorego said:
HEAR MY WORDS:GI Joe will not only be the biggest disappointment of the year, but the biggest disappointment of all ... [more]
But what about Dragonball Evolution? At least when we first saw the trailers for it, we had some hope. When DBE's first came out, it didn't turn alot of the fans...
Posted by inferiorego
@SilverZeo: I had no plans on seeing that film, it looked like a complete waste of time...

Night at the Museum 2: 3 out of 5
Drag Me To Hell: 4 out of 5 (Classic Raimi horror)