Gorgator WILL be released December 30th, 2009!

I kid you not! It will be the first two stories out of the Vol. 1 anthology (Which will be 6 stories in total). The original "Gorgator" and "Tales Of Duty: A UFO Story" will be featured and released on Dec 30th of this year.

  Enjoy the sampler page. Written by myself and drawn by Sean Luke.
This is thanks to Indy Comic Week.
I know this borders on spam of sorts, but I've been telling you guys about this book since the idea came to me back in January. 
How can you get a copy?: Here in lies the problem. Hopefully, I will have a deal worked out with Graham Crackers Comics where I'll be selling this special issue through them. Hopefully-Hopefully, it will be available through the website. I'll let everyone know as this works itself out....


The new teacher.... (no, not RP)

This new full-time teacher from California, with a California mindset started working here this semester. We've been butting heads quite a bit on his ideas for my tutoring department. In a sense, he came in and said he wanted to take over. I told him, you have no idea how things run here because you just started. It continued for a week or two, then I just stopped talking to him. He's the type of guy who thinks every idea of his is genius. Anyway, I'm outside having a "power smoke" before heading back to tutor a couple of students and I see him out there talking to another teacher who is a close friend of mine. My friend invites me over and we start talking. I'm wearing my Marvel Comics hoodie, and he starts asking me some questions in a facetious manner. "When Iceman sneezes, do icicles come out?" "Do you think Wolverine gets the flu?" After he says each one, a little smirk that says to me "eat it nerd" creeps across his face. I can do nothing but say things like "I just read the books, I don't think about things like that." 
I do not like this guy... He looks like a Weezer band member that was kicked out for wearing turtlenecks.


Oh man... here we go! This will be fun.

I'm going to treat this question more along the lines of "What if you were editor in chief." (Sorry G)
Steve Rogers stays dead: Bucky stays Cap
Bring back more forgotten characters like Shuma-Gorath as major threats in the MU.
Damage Control on-going series!
Push MU's cosmic characters a little more.
Hulk becomes unstoppable again, becomes tyrant of his own country.
Bring back that Mutant Detective Agency book that Bishop was in, I enjoyed that one.
Destroy the rest of the sybiotes. Venom is last one standing... Maybe Anti-Venom too, I kind of like him.
Tony Stark kills Norman Osborne, and takes over.


Yes, I will talk about this some more.

M.O.D.O.K. & Goofy: Private Eyes
They run around solving crimes together, MODOK flips over, Goofy trips and falls.... Comic genius.
Remakes of Disney's Classic stories with Marvel characters:
Come up with your own, they'd all be amazing.
HERBIE & WALL-E Guest Starring Franklin Richards
Moon Knight/Darkwing Duck


Can't go to Wizard World Chicago: BS!

After having a close look at my financial situation this week, I realized I do not have to money to go the the Chicago comic book convention this Friday. This will be the first time since 2001 that I have not gone to the con, I'm incredibly disappointed, but it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because I don't have to worry about how I'm going to pull money together for one day of fun. The tickets are $40, parking is $25, and I usually bring $100 in spending money. The next day I have a bachelor party that I already threw down $100 for, so cutting one of those activities out really lightens the load. 
I wish I didn't have to pay bills....


Who is the man? IE or his ex-room mate PJ? (an online battle)

Over the course of an hour I, InferiorEgo, debated my ex-room mate P.J. to decide who indeed is the man on all levels. This is a debate for the record books.

IE: See, you are totally the man

PJ: not, like you know, well

PJ: no way, you are

IE: You have no points or example, you clearly are the man

PJ: point: you put out far more creative work on more fronts then I

PJ: film/video, comics, writing

IE: Point: You have a caring soul that just doesn't know when to quit

PJ: point: you have jobs in fields you are interesteded in: writing, comics

PJ: I don't know when to quit cause I am retarded

PJ: brutally retarded

IE: Counter-point: I work as a tutor in an English department, not a field I'm interested in

PJ: Still, you teach writing classes

PJ: beats restaurants

IE: Point: You are very personable

IE: brb

PJ: k

PJ: Counter-point: I can be a selfish douche bag

IE: Counter-point: you're lying

PJ: bullsh*t

PJ: Example: Andy (tavis' replacement) still hates me for shooting JCS at our house

IE: example?

IE: that's not selfish, that's economic

PJ: yeah, but he really didn't want me too and I talked him into it

IE: you did what was best for the film, not selfish

PJ: You are the man- Point: you have an actual web presence and have more work created for people to see

IE: Counter-point: It's self promotion and whoring, doesn't make me the man, it just makes me aware of the way marketing is going

PJ: Point: You do more creative work and actually have shows

IE: Counterpoint: I have 10times as many failures as accomplishments

PJ: Irrelivent, so does eveyone

IE: I meant to say 25

PJ: 90% of everything is crap

PJ: Point: You have a cool set of friends

IE: Point: you have a wonderful work ethic



PJ: Counter-point: not lately

IE: point: overall

PJ: Counter point: meh

PJ: Point: You are a great debater!

IE: Counter point: you in fact are the man

PJ: Counter-point: you sir are in truth the man and are just trying to pawn it off on me so you don't fell the pressure of being "the man"

IE: Point: you live your life a quarter mile at a time

PJ: example?

PJ: is that even relivent?

IE: Example is not needed and yes, it is relivent

PJ: how so?

IE: i just said so

PJ: saying so doesn't make it so

IE: counter-point: that point makes you the man

PJ: Point: You have higher standards then I

IE: Counter-point: That is hearsay

PJ: Point: its the truth

PJ: Example: You don't put up with anime and poor writing

IE: Final point: You are the man in so many different ways, that having a debate to point out all your "maness" would take no less than a year and no more than 18 months.

PJ: even if your favorite character is involved

IE: True: I do not suffer from Fanboyism

IE: But that point fails in comparison to your maturity in life combined with your caring nature

PJ: Final Counter-point: in the end of that long battle you would be crowned the man

IE: Counter-counter-point: I would only be crowned winner because of your sheer modesty of handing down the crown because you truly are the man.

PJ: counter-counter-counter point: I would never win the crown in the first place, simply because you sheer eloquence would lead you to win this arguement and therefore in actuality make you the man for out arguing me.

IE: counter-counter-counter-counter

PJ: lol

PJ: Counter-counter-counter-counter

PJ: However, I must too resign since i have errands to run

IE:By resigning, you waive your right to call me the man and indubitably dub yourself the "man"

PJ: hardly: you resigned first, therefore proving you are, in fact, truely the man out of sheer modesty

IE: I only resigned because I couldn't possibly face someone like "the man" in an online debate.

PJ: Still more modesty- the mark of "the man"

PJ: ta!

IE: says the man who once saved kittens from a burning building


InferiorEgo Round Table

Starting next week, I'll be doing round table interviews with friends and comic readers alike in my community. Some that you know very well, and other important figures you will love to meet. We will be discussing things not only comics, but comic-related items from the past, present, and future.

Is there anything anyone would like to see for future episodes?


It's time we rise up and take action!

I've had enough! We must come together to increase awareness! Awareness with online petitions!

Join my fight!

I've never heard of one single case of an online petition actually working. I have heard of people writing to a company or organization enough to which they will change their policies, but never an online petition. Lets make the change together!