Happy 3 Year Anniversary.... Me....

 The first picture I ever uploaded to CV... sniffle sniffle
Wow... I've been on this site for three years now? Well, three years a week or so ago... Holy crap... This is the longest I've ever stayed on a site and not gotten bored. Is there anyone left, other than GMan, that was around when I signed up for this beast? this site has changed a lot in the past 3 years I've been here... The CV 1.0 days. Now it's all flashy and jazz and whatnot. My first month here I just looked around, then I spent a year doing reviews... Here's my first review, the first of currently 172 

  Reviewed by inferiorego
July 6, 2007
Well then... All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder # 5 - "I love being the goddamn BATMAN."

Lets start off by saying, I love Frank Miller and I love most of Jim Lee's work. Now you'd think by them joining forces we'd get one fantastic comic. Well, you are wrong. At the shop, we jokingly call this run All Sh*t Batman, because we get nothing more than that. When Batman says, "I love being the gad damned batman" I cringed, literally. And lets not forget the opening with wonder woman calling some random guy a sperm bank. This is subpar material. I strongly recommend you all stop reading this and pick up All Star Superman. It is so much better.

wow... what a subpar review... Thankfully, I still don't suck at that.....

I love my students

  One of my ex-students stopped me in the hall today, a student who I still work with since he's president of the comic book club, and I'm the faculty adviser of it. He pulls a box out of his backpack and hands it to me.
"Here, I know it's a couple weeks late, I kept forgetting it, but happy birthday."
He hands me the thing you see below... A Watchmen flask. He knows my love of comics, and discreetly drinking whiskey. I love my students.


Earthquake in Illinois?

4a.m.- Everything begins shaking. I sit up, half asleep, and wait... After 10 seconds, even though it felt like minutes, everything stopped. Being that I'm a huge fan of science fiction and a little nuts, the first thing I do is look out my window towards the east to make sure I don't see a mushroom cloud over Chicago or Fermilab. What's more realistic in IL? Earthquake or Atomic Bomb? They're both about the same. I later find out that the fault line is 3 miles from my house, so I thought it probably wasn't a huge deal for IL, since I have no understanding of how earthquakes work. Millions of people from IL were freaking out I guess. Not like I did, which I would consider a normal response. 
More info on IL's greatest disaster since the Chicago Fire:


Misspelled Words

I should have called this, "Attack of the English Teacher"
I saw this online this morning and sent it around to all the English teachers. It's all we've been talking about.
  From The Oatmeal....


Gorgator continues forward

Gorgator moves forward, and no, it won't be in color, so we can keep printing costs down. If the book gets picked up by a REAL publishing company, and not just mine, then you'll see glorious color. These were just some test colors for the final pages and lettering... "Screw" I just noticed this, but that's what we get for working wee hours into the morning on this. 
The book will be out in April, unless something evil happens. And unlike Marvel, you can smoke in our comics.

No contest

Dark Reign is a whole lot of boring jargon I could care less about. I rather change dirty diapers than read that. Don't get me wrong, once again Marvel has a great idea for the story; however, the execution of it, like most of their major stories is complete bollocks (for all the brits on here). Blackest Night is a great read, great concept, and doesn't have 200 tie-in issues.


Epic Age

xerox-kitty already summed up a lot of what I was going to say, so I'll be brief.
This generation of comics is about epic story lines and comics focus more on the writers than the artists. Yeah, I think that kind of sums it up enough.


History of Gorgator

So, we're gearing up for the release in December of Gorgator, and I'm writing a couple of pages for the back of the book. I thought you guys may want to read the very first draft of the history of Gorgator:

"In February of 2009, I was teaching a Screenwriting class at the college I work for. The students and I got into a discussion about what makes bad dialogue bad. Somehow, the conversation moved towards Syfy (Sci-Fi back then) Channel’s made-for-tv flicks. We chatted about in-depth conversations people would have with each other while fighting a monster or things people would say out of the blue, which ends up sounding like a line from an Arnie flick from the 80s. I looked at the class and said this, “It seems almost anyone can write a movie for Sci-Fi channel nowadays. All you need is bad dialogue and two animals smashed together into one beast. Gorilla and Alligator equals Gorgator.” I paused and laughed. My T.A. stopped and told me that wasn’t a bad idea. It was that point that I started writing a script for Gorgator. The idea was simple, giant beast smashes everything, people have conversations that could NEVER happen in real life, and then there’s a love story smashed into the ending. I finished 20 pages before I realized that this was the best/worst script I’ve ever tried to write. It needed to be a comic book.

            In 2003, I met Sean Luke through a mutual friend. He was an artist and a couple years older than I was and he wanted to make comics. We both worked with our mutual friend on a couple of horrible ideas, and we decided that we should work together. We briefly worked together on a book I wrote called “Rev. of the Undead,” but called it quits soon afterwards most likely because I was being pompous and arrogant. We parted ways and didn’t start hanging out again until 2008 when Sean started coming to see me do stand-up comedy. At the time, I really wanted to have a second artist on my web comic Bunch of Capes, and I was really digging on Sean’s style. It was until a week after working with him that I realized we worked on a zombie book together for a couple of weeks. We joked around about Gorgator and made fun of the concept. Sean drew a couple of quick sketches and brought them to my house. We drank absinthe and watched horror films as we planned the book out. At first, it was only going to be stories about Gorgator, but after finishing the first story, I grew incredibly tired of the beast and wanted to focus on the other members of the team.

            My computer was filled with scripts for stories that will never happen. Some of them were ok, and some of them were just plain awful. I found one story called “Tales of Duty” which had a similar writing style to “Gorgator” that I felt was strong. “Tales” was written for an anthology for a publisher out west, but the anthology was cancelled, and the story sat there on my computer for a couple of years. We changed the character’s name from “Rich” to “Rick” in order to use the lame character of Rick in one last story. Sean and I developed a few other stories during that time which will never see the light of day. These ideas were all written a month before the final draft of the “Gorgator” was completed, so there is quite a few things in these descriptions that don’t make sense.

Gorgator 2: It took place in the Australian Outback. Crash and Johnson search for the origin of Gorgator and seek revenge for Pvt. Lundski’s death.

Gorgator 3: South American jungle. More Gorgator, same lame story.

Gorgator vs Dracula: Self-Explanitory. I figured enough monster movies during the 60s and 70s did it. Why couldn’t I do it?

Planet of the Gorgators: It’s Planet of the Apes, with Gorgators. Crash, Johnson, and Montague go to the future…. Planet of the Gorgators… "

Two stories will appear in the comic in December in B&W. 
 The stories that will appear in the full anthology, in full color, due out next year are as follows:
Gorgator - 19 Pages
Tales of Duty - 7 Pages
 Mr Williams  - 8 Pages* (Not finished yet)
Prison Planet - 10 Pages
Planet of the Gorgators (Completely different from the original story) - Unknown
6th Story

Events that deserve federal holidays more than Columbus Day

 I'm not getting into why we don't need Columbus day, that is obvious.

End of World War II

Civil Rights Day - A days that celebrates great strides in the American people moving forward. Including women getting the right to vote in 1920 and all of the civil rights movement. Even including the election of Barack Obama.

Norman Borlaug's birthday

World Philosophy Day: A celebration of beliefs or lack there of. This is my lame, "everybody get along for one day" day. 
At some point down the road, we should have a memorial day to the events of September 11th.

Anyone else have any?