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Ultimate Spider-Man Issue #14 0

Welcome to a review by a non-reviewer. This review will be super short, not to spoil to many things. Miles teams up with Captain America as they take on Rhino. Miles getsSPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.webshooters (Peter's old ones)from Aunt May. Great issue, the fighting is superb, and the writing is fantastic. Great story, Miles is quickly becoming big in the Ultimate universe. Everyone check out this issue. Sorry for the short review, might make it longer in the future bu...

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Amazing Spider-Man #692 0

Amazing Spider-Man #692This is one of the comics that we have been waiting for. We have been getting teasers about "Who is Alpha?", and if you read the preview, you know that something interesting is inside this book. I have to agree, this is filled with some awesome things. Starts out with a kid (Andy Mcguire) at Midtown High, he isn't smart, he doesn't stand out, he is just an average teen. His parents don't really seem to care for him in the beginning, but other than that he is just a kid, an...

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Divided We Fall 0

Ultimate Spider-Man #13 Review by InfamousFishBefore I get into the main part of this review, I must say this is one of my favorite series as of now. This review is kinda bias, but still a review. This issue starts with Miles and his father talking about his uncle Aaron. Uncle A is dead from the battle from the last issue and Miles feels the guilt of his Uncle's death. Miles then goes to school, and him and Ganke talk about what has happened. The country is divided, Spider-Man is framed for murd...

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Issue 11 0

Ultimate Spider-Man #11In this issue we see Miles and The Prowler (Uncle A) take on the Scorpion. It was a good fight, Miles was punched in the face for the first time. Not going to ruin much of the fight, but Miles captures the Scorpion, and the cops want to take in Miles, (Masked Vigilante thing). As Miles escapes he goes looking for his Uncle, and learns that he ditched him. Miles is fueled with anger because of his Uncle's actions. The story then ends with Aunt May wanting to speak to this n...

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Issue #10 0

Ultimate Spider-Man #10Story:In the continuation of Mile's story. We pick up with Miles heading to the roof of a building to meet up with his uncle, Aaron. Uncle A and Ganke only know about Mile's powers. Uncle Aaron wants Mile's help to rob the city and make a bunch of money. Miles refuses the offer, but decides to go after the Scorpion.Conclusion:Issue #10 is really good, I just want more and more after every issue I read. Now I have to wait till the 6/6/2012 to get that long awaited Issue #11...

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Ultimate Spider-Man #7 0

About This Issue:My first review ever on Comic Vine so I hope it is good, and provides information that you seek. In this Comic, it picks up with Miles studying footage of Spider-Man fighting Doctor Octopus, as he is seeing it he recreates it in his room. I do not know why but this part I enjoyed, showing that he needs practice and wondering if he is ready to be a hero. Miles is still in a conflict with his father about mutants in the city, but you do learn that Mile's mother agrees with the mut...

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