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1. The Phantom Stranger

2. Doctor Solar

3. Bugs Bunny

4. Dream

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@IfDCRuledTheWorld said:

Story: DC and Marvel universes have joined and my team has come together to rule. "Somebody Stop Me!!"

Leaders: Sinestro and Dr. Doom

Heavy Hitters: Black Adam, Superboy Prime, Doomsday, Juggernaut, Super Skrull, Vulcan

Groundforces: Deathstroke, Metallo, Venom (Brock), Taskmaster

Rulers of the Sky: General Zod, Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Magneto, Graviton, Bastion

Mental Masters: Gorilla Grodd, Despero, Emma Frost, Stryfe

Misc.: Amazo and World War Hulk

Location: Planet Earth

Morals: Off and everyone is at their strongest levels and very pissed off


1. Both teams get 1 day worth of prep.

2. No reality warpers and such.

3. No one who could "solo".

4. Your ground forces cannot be able to fly.

5. Your team must "fit" within the categories above.

That's all. Thanks for indulging me.

Leaders: Alan Scott and Doctor Strange(as Sorcerer Supreme)

Heavy Hitters: Mr. Majestic, Icon, Martian Manhunter, The Engineer, The High, Larfleeze

Ground Forces: The Midnighter, Ghost Rider, Zealot, Winter

Rulers of the Sky: Apollo, Captain Marvel, Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Power Girl, The Sentry

Mental Masters: John Constantine, Deadpool, Machine Man, Tao

Misc: The Drummer, and Wonder Woman

Leaders: Alan Scott has more experience ring-slinging than Sinestro (I believe) and has led the JSA for quite some time. There is also a reason why Strange and not Doom became Sorcerer Supreme. Strange is actually really good at planning, as it turns out.

Heavy Hitters: Both the Engineer and Larfleeze are key here; both of them have the ability to flood the stage with copies of themselves or the "Orange Corps." Majestic is...Majestic, and the Manhunter uses Telepathy to great effect. The High rips someone (probably Black Adam) apart.

Ground Forces: The Midnighter is capable of taking down most of the ground forces himself. If we want this to be more fair, replace him with Batman to the same effect, as Ghost Rider, Zealot, and Winter take on the ground forces easily.

Rulers of the Sky: With a day's prep, getting ahold of Kryptonite against Zod is trivial. Power Girl is only weak against Earth-2 Kryptonite (which doesn't exist). The Sentry, Captain Marvel, and the Lanterns do most of the heavy lifting.

Mental Masters: I might be cheating a bit here. But essentially, Constantine's mind is a nightmare for any would-be intruder due to the sheer amount of demonic crap he's been through and the mental defenses he has, Deadpool and Machine Man are flat-out immune, and Tao talks everybody down with a few words.

Misc: The Drummer disables Amazo by reprogramming it. Wonder Woman uses the Lasso to get WWH to calm down.

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Let's see...

Leader: The Phantom Stranger

2. Axel Asher

3. Mr Majestic with Creation Blades

4. Thor

5. Superboy Prime

6. The Void (a la Sentry)

7. Doctor Doom

8. Orange Lantern Lex Luthor

9. Black Bolt

10. Captain Marvel

The strategy is relatively simple. Axel Asher merges Thor and Mr. Majestic, Superboy Prime and the Void, Doctor Doom and Luthor, and Black Bolt and Captain Marvel. Destruction ensues.

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1. X-23

2. Spider-Man

3. Cloak

4. Dagger

5. Daredevil

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The Doctor from Wildstorm. 
Jenny Quantum. 
Any of the Endless. 
Hand of God Ion. 
Zero Hour Parallax.

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I think he can make it past the Top at the very least.

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Depends, actually. Remember that the Midnighter's computer's been reinforced several times before, so much so that only Bendix's tech is capable of affecting it.

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@dccomicsrule2011 said:

 zero hour parallax


rulesyou may only have one godlike being like galactus, odin, anti-monitor, ion, street level chariter such as wolverine, captain america, batman, famale chariterone strong upper class hero like gl, thor,silver surfer, the flash, etc. nomorals bloodlust on fight take place on a life less planet "
God-like: Hand of God Ion
Street Level: The Midnighter
Upper Class: Mister Majestic.
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...and the Warner Sister.

Who wins the battle of the toons?
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The Midnighter, due to reflexes, superspeed, and no morals. The lack of input from his battle computer will just make him hit hard and fast; he'll blitz.