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I was not a fan. Granted I am biased, Thor is among my all time favorite characters so I can be a harsh judge. I think they severely underpower Thor in these films, which I understand. It's not entertaining to watch someone who is over powered but still. Thor kind of got his ass kicked throughout the film. This movie spent far too much time concentrating on comedy and love interests. Again, nothing wrong with a little comedy, but the movie was over saturated to say the least. Who the hell cares about Darcy and the interns relationship in the midst of a battle that threatens the universe. And also....enough with the sci-fi. The dark elves might as well have been storm troopers. Stop turning these films into comedies guys. Please!!!!

(Spoiler Alert)

You've been warned.

The collector scene at the end of the film was terrible. The collector looked absolutely ridiculous.

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@mitran: sadly I did not. It's hard to tell sometimes with the comments that appear on some of these forums

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It's an absolute joke to suggest that spiderman beats galactus.

ESPECIALLY without some kind of ridiculous poorly written cosmic power boost in an attempt to spark life into a dwindling spiderman comic. Galactus turns Parker into vapor by blinking at the idea of it.

And in what world is silver surfer/fire lord > Galactus? That is absurd and ignorant.

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Galactus. I don't think its fair to just post a bunch of random scans out of context of Galactus losing either... he is a more well known character with longevity in Marvel comics and is therefore used as a plot device frequently when a writer wants to display how powerful a new threat is. "Oh my god avengers, the cosmic marshmallow has defeated the eater of worlds!" only to be defeated shortly after and never be heard of again. If the "cosmic marshmallow" didn't defeat somebody of such extreme power levels like a Galactus or a Cyttorak then readers wouldn't take the character seriously. I have tons of issues with writers overdoing this because it then ruins the credibility of a stable long standing character, namely Galactus, its very frustrating. If Cyttorak was a more popular, desirable, and well known character the exact same plot devices would be used on him as well; I think everyone here being familiar with comic books and how they are written would agree. If you take each character for what they are and what they are capable of, independent of some absurd scans of occasional garbage writing the answer is fairly obvious. Galactus is a force of nature required for the universe to function; he has unlimited cosmic power; and to those who keep basing Cyttorak's power off of his avatar Juggernaut need to take into account the feats of Silver Surfer, who arguably has had more impressive feats than juggy over the years and is certainly not a character to scoff at. I'm not arguing that Cyttorak is not a powerful entity, but almost every argument made for his favor is based off of speculation, he really hasn't shown up enough or been a big enough presence in the MU on a regular basis to accurately judge his power level. I agree with the reoccurring statement that he has no feats. For example, I think that one comment in some comic back in the day stating that the "Vishanti are scared of Cyttorak because they told Dr. Strange not to attack Juggernaut blah blah blah" is a pretty weak argument. There are plenty of comics of characters 'just saying' that they are scared of Galactus. Cyttorak is just simply another "really powerful magical entity that can't be measured". Mystic based comic characters are always challenging to place in a power hierarchy anyway because they're magic, its honestly pretty annoying. I think that about ends my rant; just had to get it out there. But yeah in my humble opinion Galactus takes this one eight times out of ten.

Oh and where the hell are people getting that Cyttorak can easily defeat Living Tribunal? Come on now people

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What issue is that top scan from?

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Sony has silver surfer, I think beta ray bill would confuse the hell Out of people, I guess the Kree could show up? Or Anniahilus ?

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Very rarely do heroes stay dead. I know a lot of people hate him but I thought with some decent writing he was an enjoyable character. The mental conflicts were a fun read for me.

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@superhulksmash: What issue is that from?

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Okay I have been out of the game for a couple months. Last I read Hulk was separated from Banner after fear itself, they fought, a bomb went off they're back together blah blah. I have read maybe one of the Avengers vs Xmen books, and do not know much but I have not seen the Hulk anywhere. Just wondering if I missed something and hes off doing an adventure or something. Thanks.

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And agreed with everyone above. I'm tired of all the depowering of everybody and I was disappointed with this entire story.