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368080 .NOW Goblin Nation Part One Issue Overview The new 8-Ball appears in this as well. Some of the other franchise guys are familiar but I'm not 100% sure if they are new or existing characters (Killer Shrike and Unicorn for example) 02/15/14 01:24PM 3 Approved
368077 The Goblin War Issue Overview A new 8-Ball appears as a franchise guy working for Kingsly. As the only one easily available I feel like he should appear here 02/15/14 01:22PM 3 Approved
368076 Bruin Character Overview Another franchise guy owned by Kingsley. Don't know how big they will be but there seems to be a whole number of Z-Listers returning. 02/15/14 01:20PM 50 Approved
367917 Blaze Character Overview More stuff about the original Blaze (including the issue he was killed) and the new one working for the Hobgoblin 02/15/14 05:07AM 231 Approved
367275 Cyberwar, Part 3: Along Came A Virtual Spider Issue Overview Adding the Pro's Second Apperance 02/14/14 01:14PM 2 Approved
367274 Virtual Mortality, Part 3: To Thine Own Self Issue Overview Adding the Pro's first apperance 02/14/14 01:13PM 2 Approved
367273 Who Did Spider-Man Murder? Issue Overview Adding the Pro, Lewins was the Jack O' Lantern featured and Kingsley was nowhere to be seen 02/14/14 01:11PM 8 Approved
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367235 Galacta in Galacta (or "The World-Eater's Daughter"); Elsa Bloodstone Monster Hunter in Daddy's Little Girl and Luke Cage in Citizen Cage Issue Overview Adding in Lone Shark's one and only appearance to date 02/14/14 12:27PM 3 Approved
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367220 The Pro Character Overview Another cool character and one who (for so few appearances) tussled with a surprising number of well known characters. Appears in Scarlet Spider #1 and 2 as well as Spider-Man Unlimited I #12 02/14/14 11:30AM 50 Approved
367172 Lone Shark Character Overview A character from Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2. Not exactly a Doctor Doom level bad guy or even a Tiger Shark level bad guy but he still has a cool look and name. 02/14/14 10:36AM 50 Approved
366970 New Character Character Overview All the other 'franchise guys' save for the Bruin have pages so I thought he deserved one too 02/14/14 08:09AM 50 Denied
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