My Favourite Pokemon Team

Inspired by a certain Wildvine I decided to dip into the annals of time and jot down my favourite pokemon team I had. (Also the most successful) :-)

And because it's not on the wiki at current



Ability - Levitate


Dragon Claw



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Posted by wildvine

Interesting. can I assume this was a gen 3 team?

Ninjask was a brave choice. Never really trained bugs outside of Pinsir and my current Butterfree. Lotta shared weakness too. I could probably beat you with a Blaziken and a Lantern. Flygon is kinda a wildcard though. Obviously its easy to make a team that could beat yours. So let me compare my current team.







Blaziken could curb stomp two of mine, and only be one shot by Gyarados. Machoke is strong to steel, but weak to flying, and Skarmory was probably a beast in speed.

Butterfree (if still alive) could beat Weezing, and Raichu could take Tentacrule in two moves. Unless it hit me with confuse ray. And I don't really have an answer to Flygon, so I would have to just brutalize it with whoever was in the lead.

I won't say I would win, because I don't know your skill level, I'll just say I would give you a good fight.

Posted by ImpurestCheese

Yes it's Gen 3

Hmm I know I would be relying on Spikes to do some entry damage. Gyarados is my main worry because I have no real counter. I could potentially rely on Ninjask to be a sacrificial pawn and pass Swords Dance via Baton Pass onto Wheezing to deal with it. Have some nasty tricks in Destiny Bound, Confuse Ray and especially Toxic and Will O Wisp (Thanks Breeding). Have nothing to counter Raichu but Flygon should prove a good stall block as long as Gyarados is out of play.

Everyone else it could go 50:50 either way depending who takes on who. Skarmory is fast but Ninjask is even faster (pretty much one of the faster Pokemon ever I think)

Posted by Delphic

For some reason I want to weigh in on this, but I haven't looked at my own team in some time. I'm mostly Gen 1 with a little bit of Gen 2 mixed in. I'll have to turn my FireRed back on and see what I have sometime.

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