Impurest Cheese’s 50 (out of 50) Villains you hadn't heard of

Marvel Mayhem’s very own Mercenary Captain of the Z-List brings you a brief look at the hidden gems (black soulless gems that is) that Marvel has forgotten or overlooked as villains as well as her views on whether we’ll be seeing them any time soon.

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@lykopis: I take it you approve of this list then?

Posted by lykopis

Indubitably. :)

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Posted by cbishop

I've heard of 13 of them. I feel like Deathwatch was pretty well known, as he was the major villain of the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider series for awhile. And Tarot was a Hellion in New Mutants, which was about as popular as New Teen Titans at the time, so I don't think she qualifies as an unknown.

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@cbishop: Fine you've made your point. That said a lot of people I talk to who claim to be Marvel fans have never heard of people like Zemo, Songbird, Living Laser etc. All folks who I consider to be well known.

Posted by Deadknight

Cool list with some thoughtful reasoning behind it. I'm always a big fan of the more obscure characters.

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@deadknight: You'd like Jester's 11 then. Plenty of Z-List villains including your name sake.