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@cbishop: Trust me things are (since Onca 5 is up) getting interesting for Siwang. Ad for Five Star let the arc run it's course and then cast your judgment. Have a new series popping up next release since PSOC is on hiatus until she's finished her work in Mexico

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@johnjo719: So in other words you're less deadly than a cobra. Not that I hunt people regularly you understand, usually it's live animal capture on sites ready for construction

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@johnjo719: Not sure what this is Fan Fic of but it is interesting. But I do agree with this;

@johnjo719: So he was smoking these leaves to help him master firebending, and then mastered them as soon as he was attacked? Seems a trifle convenient, but it's certainly not unheard of for this type of character. Cool that he's become the new dragon. Added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

It does seem convenient. Then again I'm sure we have all done this at least once before when we've been writing

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More OC Based Tales from my Little Black Field Notebook (the one that now is actually brown since it's mummified in mud). Once again we have more PSOC and more Five Star.

Hope You Guys Enjoy

Siwang: Patron Saint of Crime #2 - The Hardest Part

El Paso Community College, El Paso, Texas

Siwang never saw the gold fletched bolt be released as it thudded into her shoulder, the force stunning her for seconds before she ducked behind the wall, eyes scanning the roof-tops and open windows for the shooter. The bolt was all too familiar, but luckily the shooter had aimed it into the muscle at the top of the left arm. True it had immobilized that arm but whoever the attacker was could have hit a more vital part of the body.

“Well looks like it’s the end of the line for you.” Valkyrie hissed as she came thundering over to where Siwang was crouched. “Looks like Mr Weaver already managed to tag you for me.” She added as her prey struggled to reload her crossbow, her one remaining arm lacking the strength to pull back the tension spring.

“Yeah he hit me,” Siwang grunted as she wrapped her hand around one of the concussion balls from her belt. “And now I know who you work for, and as soon as I tell my boss he’ll send everything and everyone he’s got after you.

“Maybe or maybe I can get you back to Mr Weaver before you squirm out of this like the little maggot you are.” Valkyrie answered as she picked Siwang up and slung her over the suit’s armoured shoulder. “Black Box I have the package.” She announced as she double tapped a button on the chest’s breastplate de-activating the trip wire across the gate. “Heading for exfil, hopefully you can keep the cops off of me and the roads clear until I get back to base.” She added as she stepped through the gate as Siwang weakly threw the concussion ball, the projectile bouncing off the breastplate and onto the floor.

“Is that it?!” Valkyrie cackled as she ground the ball to dust under her boot before taking a few steps forwards. “I expected…” Her words were cut off by a loud hiss as the nanofiber wire activated, the heated cable cutting through the armoured legs of the suit and into the flesh and muscle underneath. Collapsing forward Valkyrie flung Siwang away from her, her target slumping against her bike as the bounty hunter dragged herself forward with her hands, the flesh and muscle burnt off her knees all the way down to the bone.

“You really should have seen that one coming,” Siwang coughed as she limped over and ripped Valkyrie’s helmet off to reveal Sedova’s pale face and long blonde locks. “You? Well isn't this interesting, as we speak my friend is in hospital and I have you at my feet.” She purred low under her breath as she removed a pair of bolts from her quiver. “And now I have one last thing to ask you.”

“I won’t tell you anything criminal!!” Sedova snarled as she took a swipe at Siwang only for her target to dart away.

“Not you, your handler on the other end of the line.” Siwang stated. “If you come near me, or my friends or my family I will find you. And if I find you I will catch you. And when not if but when I catch you…you’ll wish you’d never heard of me. I don’t want to hurt you, for the majority of you listening to this I am just another job, so take some advice from me, forget who your employers are and forget me.” She finished in a cold low voice before throwing the helmet to Sedova. “Now for you.” She stated as she walked over to her bike and removed a box attached to the bike. “I’m not going to lie to you, I really don’t want to do this.”


Providence Memorial Hospital, El Paso, Texas

Siwang stood on the other side of the glass as a team of firefighters cut Sedova out of the Valkyrie armour. Running her eyes down the bounty hunter’s body she stopped at where the knees had been, a thick antiseptic gel wrapped around the exposed bone to stop any infection she might pickup.

“Will she be okay?” Siwang asked the head nurse before rubbing the wound where the bolt had dug into her shoulder.

“I don’t know, the wounds are almost akin to amputation, she might loose her legs and if she doesn't…well she'll be paralysed for life unless a miracle occurs.” The nurse announced, “But she is luckily to have a friend like you, still I do need to know what the pair of you were doing dressed like that.”

”Film Studies Project.” Siwang mumbled as the nurse narrowed her eyes.

“Hmm that should make a good cover.” The nurse replied as she flipped her long blonde hair out of her eyes. “Mr Bocanegra will throw some money at the doubters and that should keep them quiet. Now is there anyone else you want to see while you’re here?” Siwang nodded and slunk away, hitting the stair and climbing up two flights before arriving the burns ward. Opening the door she sat down next to the man in the bed before unplugging the air freshener and throwing it into the waste paper bin.

“Why did you do that?” The man in the bed groaned as he turned to face her, his skin marked by scar tissue and burn marks.

“Bad experience last time I was here.” Siwang answered. “I’m sorry I couldn't come earlier, especially considering everything.”

“Ah its fine, I was worried about you though.” The man groaned. “You know you're my only visitor thus far Maya.”

“How did you know Hector?” Siwang asked as she handed the man in the bed a bottle of water.

“What not recognise my old partner’s little girl?” Hector asked her as he poured some of the water over his face, only for him to wince as the water washed over him. “I was one of the best detectives El Paso every churned out, I knew it was you ever since you walked through my door.”

“And you didn't say anything?” Siwang asked, tears in her eyes. “I never wanted to do this; I didn't want to become public enemy number one. I wanted someone to come up to me and say ‘Maya stop this’.”

“You want me to say it now?” Hector asked before shaking his head. “No I can’t, he let you get in too deep and then he abandoned you. I will say one thing, James takes after his mother. I remember when Naomi left your father after…well I don’t have to tell you. I don’t have anything to tell you about getting out, after your mother left your father and I decided to destroy the thing we helped build, kill it from inside but…but once Boccanegra swallows you, you stay swallowed.”

“That’s not I want to hear.” Siwang sobbed. “I want to have children in the future, I want them to grow up away from the thugs and gangsters and not be pulled into it.”

“Then wish upon a star.” Hector answered. “Because apart from taking down every little part of Bocanegra’s empire, that isn't going to happen, not for people like me and you.”

Five Star #2 - What Happened the Night Before?

Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

Colleen sat on the edge of the bed as the three doctors outside discussed something they had seen on her medical chart among themselves. It had been five hours since she had been rescued and after the initial check-up nobody had come near her, not even talked to her.

“I still am not sure about discharging her.” A young Asian doctor stated as he handed the chart to a blonde haired nurse. “But it is your decision Dr Howe.” He added as the pair of them shot Colleen a look before turning to the wrinkled grey haired, slightly obese man.

“It is, and I believe the damage is mental more then it is physical.” Dr Howe stated as the nurse put the medical chart down. “We may have to keep her in for observation.” He added as the phone at the end of the ward rang twice before a nurse picked it up and then put it back down.

“That was Miss Petra’s lawyer again. She’s asking for her to be released as soon as possible.” The nurse told Howe. “I’ve tried to tell her that she hasn’t been charged with anything but she keeps mentioning the words malpractice and conspiracy.” She added as Howe walked over to Colleen, his head cocked with curiosity.

“Well physically nothing is wrong with you.” Howe stated as Colleen looked up at him, her mouth open in amazement. “We even did some blood tests on you, and asides from being little anaemic there are no problems there. I do advice you to seek grief counselling, you have been through something traumatic from what the police have told us. Additionally if you need anything else feel free to call either Mr Singh or myself if you feel that something is wrong.”

Colleen nodded before getting to her feet and walking towards the door leading out of the isolation ward. Looking over her shoulder she saw that all three doctors had gone back to looking at her medical chart, something that immediately felt like a red flag. Despite that she kept walking towards the outpatient exit and before she could even leave something smelling of leather tackled her, lithe arms wrapped around her waist.

”Ow hey Monique.” Colleen wheezed as she pushed the short woman away and smiled. At 5’2 Monique was never the less a force to be reckoned with, dressed all in leather and with dreadlocks that fanned out into a ‘tail’ that a peacock would envy, she was more then just a friend and housemate. She was akin to a sister to Colleen and she knew that it must have been her masquerading as her lawyer.

“Are you okay? No stupid question but are you okay?” Monique chattered nervously.

“I’m fine, what happened….”

“You’re not fine, you were kidnapped by some crazy cannibal and held hostage in the wood!!” Monique replied, her voice gaining volume and pitch with every word. “You almost got eaten!”

“Uh yes but it wasn’t a cannibal and there was…”

“I made soup.” Monique interrupted. “But it’ll be cold by now. We should get home and…I was so frightened that some crazy b*****d was going to kill you.”

“I know that.” Colleen replied as the pair of them walked out the hospital and towards a beaten up Fiat Panda loaded with parking tickets. “Wow that is not going to be easy to pay off.” She added as a window wound down and a dark skinned worried face looked back at her.

“Clay she’s not okay!” Monique squeaked as she held up Colleen’s hand.

“Yeah I can see.” Clay replied in a calm voice as he reached over to the passenger door and pushed it open. “But anything you can walk away from right…”

“Yeah I guess. Listen I’m going to sound crazy but promise me you won’t throw me out of the car or anything.” Colleen sighed as Monique climbed into the back seat alongside virtual mountain of Thai restaurant menus.

“Sure this is us. Remember the time Monique was convinced that there were piranhas in the river.” Clay announced as he shifted the gear stick into first and started the engine, the Fiat coughing and spluttering before slowly rolling forward, not entirely under its own power.

“There were piranhas in the water!!” Monique squeaked from the back seat as the menus began to lean towards her.

“Okay well this has that beat.” Colleen stated as the Fiat stalled at the roundabout out of the hospital. “It wasn’t a cannibal it was…”

“Two cannibals?!” Monique suggested.

”Don’t interrupt.” Clay told her as the Fiat lunged out into the junction and towards the city centre exit.

“It was an alien, like some kind of giant worm or something.” Colleen told them, her words met with dead silence. “Oh guys please say something.”

“Alien that’s so cool!!” Monique squeaked. “Unless…”

“No and No.” Colleen gasped. “Where did you get Cannibal from?”

“Official Police Statement.” Clay answered. “They advised people to stay inside so naturally Jarred is throwing a house party tonight to celebrate not that he needs much excuse.”

“Yeah he was the guy who threw the ‘Day ends with Y’ Party and the ‘Everyone is roughly 70% Water Party last year, kind of figures that he’d want to start the academic year off with a bang.” Monique stated as Colleen shook her head and stared out at the library.

“Count me out, I don’t feel like partying tonight.” Colleen answered as she closed her eyes. “I just want to rest my eyes for a bit.”

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@johnjo719: I don't suppose capturing you could be any harder then my snake handling training in Indonesia. You don't have venomous fangs by any chance?

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@johnjo719: Nope, the bolts are loaded with an adhesive tip for sticking to the outer skin, the shaft then detaches leaving the tag stuck on the animals skin. I only do said surveys for about a month every year, the rest of the time I'm tracking more terrestrial species. It gets mentioned now and then in Impurest's (my) Guide to Animals on the Off Topic Board

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@dboyrules2011: Ah you do realise the original Kraven, is actually a zombie in Marvel Mayhem continuity. Don't believe me just ask @batkevin74 and the Black Talon

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@batkevin74: Looks like the 'devil to you and your reputation' attitude is genetic in the Rhioden family. Man the Trapster got some hate, still it could be worse, well no it couldn't not really. I doubt Dallas will just roll over and do as the bald lady asked, mmm I think I smell catfight