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I am.

Though every time I see crazy reactions to things like Superior Spider-Man, I have the same question in my head. :)

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That. Looks. Awesome!

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What? Nice! They picked the right person for the job!

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I'm in the middle of playing Lego Batman 2 right now. They did such a good job on that game; I can't wait to see what they have in store for Lego Marvel!

Can we get an appearance by Lego Sandman and Venom, please?

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Nice, it looks like the cover of Star Wars says you get the digital copy free if you buy the print comic. Has Dark Horse done this before? It's even better than Marvel's buy the print, get the digital free promotion, as the cover price is $2.99, not $3.99.

That Alex Ross cover is gorgeous. The Force is strong in Mr. Ross.

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Personally, I think the iPad is the way to go. I'm not a fan of reading comics on the iPhone (or other phones for that matter). The small screen size takes too much away from me.

The iPad has a really sharp resolution and comics look great on it. If you can swing it, I'd say to go with that over a Nook or Kindle Fire. The iPad's larger screen is perfect for reading comics, but it's still light enough that I can carry it with me wherever I travel.

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@horsemaskeva said:

I find that so many people want to buy horse head mask , I do not know why they are so interested in this head mask , is it really interesting to have this horse mask?

I want to write a song where these are the lyrics.

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Great post! Another thing to point out is, that with the exception of Marvel, the major publishers on Comixology discount their comics once they're a month old. DC and Image take $1 off the price, so a $2.99 book becomes $1.99 and a $3.99 book becomes $2.99. IDW is even better with their discount. Their titles go from $3.99 to $1.99.

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@Juandicimo_Magnifico45 said:

@impossibilly said:

If you like Guy and Kyle, definitely pick up the Green Lantern Corps trades from before the New 52. It's very Guy and Kyle heavy, and has great writing and art.

You mean Guy and John from GLC.

No, I don't. I was recommending the pre-New 52 GLC series, which would be perfect for a fan of Kyle and Guy. If hasn't read Green Lantern Corps: Recharge and the GLC series that followed it, I would recommend those stories over the current New 52 Green Lantern Corps series.

But if is only interested in New 52 comics, then yes, is correct. John and Guy can be found in GLC and Kyle can be found in New Guardians. Unfortunately, I don't think either hold a candle (or a lantern in this case) to the main Green Lantern title. Personally, I recommend reading Johns and Mahnke's Green Lantern, even though the character's Batzo's interested in, Guy and Kyle, are nowhere to be found in it. Batzo, you might find Baz's struggle to become a Green Lantern similar to what you liked about Kyle's early appearances.

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