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I'm really excited for The Green Team. I may pick up The Movement as well.

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I went to see Bill Willingham, the writer of Fables, speak at the Brooklyn Book Fair two summers ago, and he complained that his editors at Vertigo strongly suggested including naked characters in the stories, because Vertigo is the mature readers line, and sex sells. After Fables gained more commercial and critical acclaim, he was able to fend off those suggestions, but said he still gets them every so often.

I highly recommend Fables, especially the issues after Mark Buckingham takes over as the artist. The first book has some fairly gratuitous sex scenes, but after that, there's nothing in there that would make you embarrassed to read it in public (with the exception of the recently released Werewolves of the Heartland). But the stories are mature, and not in the mature equals T&A and violence sense. It deals with geopolitical issues, marriage and family.

And I'll second the recommendation for Blankets.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

@JediXMan said:

Eh. I see it as a respite period from spammers and newbies.


No more sports matches spamming. No complaints from me here.

I cannot find adequate words to describe how much more I enjoy coming to the forums and not having to see endless spam threads for where to watch soccer live online.

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Mask of the Phantasm, definitely.

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If you read digitally, I'd recommend Edison Rex from Monkeybrain. It's only $0.99/issue and it is very good.

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@Moonchilde said:

@impossibilly: Sinestro's not there either? That does indeed also seem to be a misstep to me. I probably would've had him and Brainiac as bishops actually.

That is something I can very easily agree to!

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What's your minimum value threshold for sending a book to CGC for grading? I understand getting a high grade copy of Walking Dead 1 graded, but I don't understand when people get just off the rack comics like Marvel NOW! Uncanny X-Men 1 graded.

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Once again, Hawkeye was the top of the stack for me. I really enjoyed Earth 2 and Avengers Arena as well.

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Brainiac is such an iconic villain that not having him in the set seems wrong to me.

It looks like most people agree, since he's leading by a very wide margin. Personally, I'd like to see Sinestro in the set. He would have received my vote. I'd cut Deadshot to put both Sinestro and Brainiac in.

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The villain poll is now up on the Facebook page. The choices are:

  • Parasite
  • Brainiac
  • Doctor Light
  • Amazo
  • Vandal Savage
  • Chesire

I'm not sure who I will vote for. In the heroes poll, there were three or four heroes in the poll that I would consider buying, but in this poll, I don't think I'd buy any of these pieces. Granted, I'm not planning on buying the Justice League set. One DC Chess set is enough for me.

Right now, I'm leading towards voting for Brainiac just because I think he would look the coolest out of the five options.