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Yes. Please. Take. My. Money.

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@Power_Guy said:

Thank you for your reply Sara. I listen to your podcast quite often and you seem like a very nice, intelligent woman. I guess, that's part of the reason I have a hard time believing these reviews on Wonder Woman from you are 100% genuine. Before I say too much more about you specifically, I would like to point out that about 6 months ago, I believe it was Bleeding Cool, that reported that DC was utilizing "payola" initiatives such as previews and creator interviews to help coerce positive reviews from popular comic review sites.

I think it's fairly ridiculous that anyone who claims to listen to the podcast quite often would question 's integrity when it comes to reviews. DC Comics writer James Robinson is a regular guest on the podcast, but his Earth 2 series has only received a five star review from Sara twice over the 11 issues published so far. If Comic Vine was in DC's pocket, as you insinuate, wouldn't Earth 2 score higher much more often?

I like Sara's reviews. They're always well thought out and she backs up her star rating in the body of the review with specific reasons.

Wonder Woman has consistently been one of the best comics DC has produced since the start of New 52. It shouldn't be surprising to see any issue of it rate highly with a reviewer.

Not every reviewer is going to agree with the opinion you, I, or anyone else holds about a comic. That doesn't mean their reviews lack integrity.

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I had a couple of thoughts that are both kinda spoilery, so I will hide them.

On the last page, all I could think was...

"Why hasn't anyone fixed Cap's very broken arm? Couldn't Dr. Strange take care of that with a snap of his fingers? The man is both a surgeon and a sorcerer!"

And as far as Spider-Man is concerned...

This is definitely feeling more like Peter than Otto. If that's supposed to be Superior Spider-Man, then Bendis is not nailing his voice at all.
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@RedQueen said:

@thespideyguy said:

Is that an action figure or creative drawing?

drawing...neat though right?

I love, love, love this cover.

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@Babs said:

@x_29 said:

Another meh review from Babs. I will stick to the IGN review.

Maybe IGN should pay you to drop their name.

Free adverts! Like, yay!

Oooo, BURN! Where's that fire emoji when I need it? :D

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I used to be really excited for every issue of this series, but that's changed. After not being unimpressed by issue #20, I failed to buy the following issues. Maybe I'll play catch-up if Marvel does a Comixology sale on issues 21 and onward, but from these reviews, it doesn't look like I'm missing much.

Maybe this should have been a finite series.

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@velvetmeds said:

It's Ann Nocenti

You know what that means.

I can remember when that meant it'd be a quality read. Unfortunately, recently it means the opposite.

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Good review, Sara. With that $8 price point, I think I'm going to stay away. The preview art didn't wow me, and it sounds like enough of the stories won't either.

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@akbogert said:

@impossibilly: Evidently you and I have vastly different interpretations of how one "relives" every aspect of a sexual encounter "over and over again" including "feeling every inch of" your partner. Even others, who have defended the book, have conceded that self-pleasuring was implied. To claim I'm imagining things is frankly a little insulting to both of us.

He's clearly reliving the memories of Peter and MJ in his mind. Thinking about a time you had sex and masturbating are two very different things. To act like they're the same is frankly a little insulting to both of us.

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