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The way I see it is Nightwing is daredevil with vision and gadgets. I understand DD's abilities but that statement is for the most part true. Bullseye gets taken by daredevil therefore is taken by Nightwing, he has dodged BULLETS on several occasions which is a pretty over used feat in today's comics but true nonetheless. Jason Todd is IMO on par with nightwing in overall fighting ability, where dick exceeds in skill and discipline Jason excells in ferocity and willingness to kill which makes him a good match for crossbones. Bones can most definately take Jason if suppressed with gunfire long enough as crossbones gunplay is awesome but up close Jason would just use his agility match with his knives and work crossbones, although not substantial his victory seems to me a sure thing. I also believe swapped opponents the outcome would be the same.

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He kicked his butt and took his ring! Did nobody think to themselves " this is a little bizarre, isn't atrocitus the leader of the red lanterns? Should we make him look like a chump in his own book?" This was frustrating on so many levels.

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This is why I love comic vine. So many different opinions and ideas. I hope they're in on a plan together because I like the relationship between mags and cyke

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Interesting responses. Chasereis... I could only hope that's how it goes down. Lol

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As most of you know from reading UXM #1 Erik is the traitor. My question is, when Scott discovers his treachery how will he handle the betrayal and how will he deal with mags? Its safe to say at this point in the power scale Scott can handle mags in combat. But I can help but feel he has this respect for magneto that may keep him from attacking or hurting magneto. On the other hand he's spent years battling him. So it may just come naturally.

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Can't wait to see some art! :)

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Originally Scott couldn't control the off switch on his powers due to a head/brain injury. Now it seems the power themselves are becoming so overcharged to the point where his main blast has several smaller blasts arcing off they are almost like mini solar flares. I think this may just be his next evolution. mags may just be laying dormant. And I almost feel like beasts transformation was due to the trigger.

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I'd say aquaman drowns him but not before Logan gives him a new set of gills.

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Oh man that's such a weird pairing. Cable would lose his mind!! But they're very compatible in terms of powers. Sort of. In terms of taking things from others lol