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Cancel Resurrection Man and replace it with Doom Patrol.

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I wasn't trying to be snarky or jerky or anything, I was simply stating the obvious. You also mentioned you don't expect him to be as powerful as "The Flash", a guy who would often have trouble taking down a guy who throws boomerangs (not meant to be a shot at Digger, because I love him, but still)...

All I'm saying is that Animal Man isn't that type of superhero. And weren't the birds who took him down (correct me if I'm wrong, as I've yet to reach the latest issue) agents of The Rot? I assume they weren't just an angry group of pigeons who decided they weren't taking Buddy's guff. They were a malignant evil force.

If I'm not correct, then feel free to ignore what I said. My point is this, though... I think you're looking at this series all wrong. You don't seem to get that Buddy getting taken out by birds is not lame, because it fits with the theme of the book.

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I personally love the new Animal Man series, and don't see him as a 'sad pushover'. He's just a regular guy with animal powers who used them to fight crime for a while. In the first issue of his New 52, it even says he's not been doing the hero thing very much anymore. He's more concerned about animal rights and being a father and a husband now.

If you want a hero who is going to be able to punch down a skyscraper or who can take down a group of trained assassins, then go read Superman or one of the twenty Bat books. Animal Man isn't that type of book. It's much closer to a horror title about a guy who is trying to protect his family, and he just SO HAPPENS to also have animal powers.

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Awesome as always, one of my favorite weekly postings. Glad to see the blown-up versions of the art challenge sketches, and the rest of the stuff is great, too.

Again, nothing but positive stuff to say!

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This looks just fun. I'd like it if there were more heroes to play than just Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Robin. I suppose only time will tell!

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@Lt_Cmdr_Kicker said:

Sooo.. Back when I saw issue one, Hulk had a nice beard going on with sum long flowing hair & now he shaved it all off & is on permanent Vacation?! Sumone shood totally fill me in on what I've missed here.. -_-

That's the job of a .1 issue! The good ones, anyway...

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Whoever's making Iron Man 3 is going to have a tough time topping THAT amazing portrayal...

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As someone who has never been a Hulk fan, I actually prefer Red Hulk simply because he is different. He's a super-soldier. He shares a strange middle ground between the Hulk and someone like Cap. Sure, he doesn't have the same strong moral tugs as Cap, but the way his mind works is very similar.

But that's the thing, I feel like, realistically speaking, the Avengers need FEWER thinkers and MORE powerhouses. They have plenty of people who can lead on an intellectual front. I still believe, with the overall makeup of the team, good old Bruce is a better fit for the Avengers.

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@Icarusflies said:

: /

This seems absolutely unnecessary.

I completely agree. I would go as far as to say that, in my eyes, the 'New 52' as a whole has only worked out positively for a few characters.

I would also agree with people's sentiments that they should have released #0's BEFORE they started wheeling out their #1's if only to orient us to what had and what hadn't happened in this 'new' universe. Almost a year in and I'm still not sure what is canon, what isn't, who exists, who is dead, who isn't. It's maddening.

Oh well. I guess I'll just keep reading Animal Man and nothing else.

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It's easily her mohawk/vest look. I wish she'd sport the mohawk again...