Why did Hal Jordan get the Green Lantern Ring

If the ring was instructed to find a fearless strong willed individual to take up the mantle of Green Lantern in Abin Sur's stead why Hal. he wasn't fearless, his will wasn't the stongest i mean parallax found footholds in him. if i were the ring i would have made a direct trip the Wayne manor, or where ever Bruce Wayne was at that time and chose hime to become part of the care. The batman has everything it takes to become a green lantern (or a yellow lantern for that matter but we'll save that foor later) yet the ring decided not only to not choose him but it didn't even go for second best i mean come on.Disregarding the whole character creation timeline theory after one of DC's many reboots they lived on the same planet at the same time so lets see what Hal has over him

  • Fear: The ring was stated as Choosing Hal because of his 'ability' to overcome great fear. my question is why not pick somebody who already had his fears in check. Remember When parallax came knocking on Hal's door he let him in. When the whole justice league was balled up in a corner begging for their mothers bats was standing tall
  • Proximity: Hal was Close to where Abin Sur crash landed (why he was in a space pod at all still escapes me) but as a semi-sentient extremely powerful GL ring capable of opening wormholes and supersonic speed, why cut corners on choosing the next initiate to the corps. I mean choosing the wrong guy before has resulted in disaster.
  • Willpower: Hell Hal has got bunches of it just oozing out of him every second of the day but is his willpower significantly better that bats. I'd say nope. at least they would be equals in the will power thing. Bruce under went years of self inflicted torture, training, and studies just because he had something he believed in. me or you or ten random guys, a hundred random guys, you pick of the street would have off'd the clown prince of crime years ago. he's committed more terrible acts of crime than Mother Teresa could counter with good deeds in a hundred life times and with a Bruce Wayne style bank account. On the other hand if Hal's ring had let him kill from the get go he would have accidentally killed a thug with a super sized fist that never seems to break bones even though people occasionally fly though walls after getting hit. If you don't think Batman has the willpower to be a GL you should go volunteer your self to be locked in a PITCH BLACK room for a month with nothing to ding but dipping water and eating whatever rat crawls across your chest while you sleep without going as insane as the Mad Hatter.

Drive: The ring sensing emotion should have known Hal was likely to reject it while someone like batman would have welcomed a tool of such high caliber to fight crime with. Batman is compelled by nature to stop crime and injustice to a point by his very nature, Hal was compelled because he had got a new toy to use.

In the end i am glad things turned out how the did Hal is a kick-ass GL and Batman is one of the most loved heroes of all time. maybe the ring chose best. maybe it chose dependent on other characteristics that outweighed these, as or the other three earth lanterns.....


The truth of robin as told by batgirl

Why does a creature of the night dress a little kid in bright colors and send him out against insane killers? He does it to distract his enemies. To make it easier for Batman to do his job. You and all the other Robins... you've been one more tool in his utility belt.