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The_Martian said:
1. J.K. Simmons - J. Jonah Jameson2. Robert Downy JR - Tony Stark3. Patrick Stewart - Charles Xavier4. Edward Norton ... [more]
I completely agree with that list.
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Venom, Thanos, Namor, Ms. Marvel and Iron Man nowadays.... I'm not really a fan of Black Cat in terms of characterization, but there isn't much not to be a fan of otherwise :-P.

Edit: I guess she doesn't really fit the "badass" spec, but my reason of liking her still stands :-P.

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I don't know how broad spread the term is, but that's how Ebay classifies titles published between 1984 - 1992. I know it was implemented pretty frequently, as I hadn't seen that sub-division until about a year ago browsing.

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Obviously Galactus shouldn't even be on the list, and Kingpin definitely shouldn't be in the top 10 (I'm critical of everyone between 9-7 actually too, but they're not as definitely unworthy of being within the top 10 as Kingpin). Personally I'm not going to touch on the top 3, as I think all three deserve to be there, and arguing who should top who is just needlessly pedantic... Based on what else I remember of the list, Apocalypse should've been higher, and Bullseye and Juggernaut should've been lower (Juggernaut would be lucky to be in the top 50 IMO... He definitely shouldn't be in the top 20).

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Yeah a lot of people have suggested checking out the Flash... I've heard his rogues suck though, and with reference to the nature of his powers, is he overly  optimistic, humorous, and uninteresting? The majority of characters I like are either really dark, really smart, or really witty funny... While I know he's probably at least funny, it can't be overly vapid, nonsensical humor... Like Deadpool's humor for most notable reference... I would doubt he's one of the former ideas too...

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For the most part I'm a Marvel reader, though I don't want to stay boxed into what I know, and what's more conventionally marketed. Generally I pick up runs on ebay because that's what's most cost effective, and I'm on a pretty tight budget so that's why I'd only be looking into Modern Age or Copper Age Titles. I did read the 80's volume or Dr. Fate, which I liked a lot, but that's really my only experience with DC's publications, if that would help anyone in recommending some titles for me. Most input would be appreciated here, thanks.

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The Extremis arc of Iron Man: Director of SHIELD was majorly awesome... It best captured Tony's moral ambiguity while ultimately still depicted him as a hero, and unlike Armor War it wasn't a bore some of the way. (And yes I still like Iron Man, before people get pissed and/or utterly shocked).

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I don't know if I could cite MY VERY FAVORITE CHARACTER while answering the question, but a character I do like is Morbius and I'd hated his depiction within the Maximum Carnage arc... He's depicted as such a prototypical vampire, which totally contradicts his depiction within his own 90's run, and even his mantle of "The Living Vampire". I haven't read too much Silver or Bronze Age stuff, so maybe he was depicted like that back then, but when the character did have his own run within the 90's - depicted as something completely different - he shouldn't have even been involved within the Maximum Carnage event if they were going to handle him so poorly.

This isn't an arc but I also hated Nicieza's take on Namorita within New Warriors when contrasted with someone like John Byrne's (within Namor)... Nicieza made her look like this elitist bitch whereas Byrne wrote her pretty playfully (albeit often very cynical of homo sapiens). I really liked the latter depiction and couldn't stand the former, so that's a depiction I feel like I should mention.

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Who likes Stilt-Man?

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Of definitive heroes I'd easily give it to Batman. Encompassing anti-heroes I'd give it to (Eddie Brock) Venom... He's way worse looking aesthetically than Frank or Wolvie, he's completely psychotic and sadistic, and is obviously willing to kill. As someone else said, Frank doesn't actually LOOK that intimidating, and he IS only human so you could get lucky, (plus he's pretty discriminating regarding who's an actual criminal, so if you're not doing anything wrong you'd have nothing to worry about) Wolvie is even more conservative about killing, and as someone said more conscientous, and Ghost Rider, though he is essentially a demon and obviously fearsome looking, isn't really willing to kill, but more often opts to use the penance stare (I haven't kept up with his modern volume so maybe that's changed, but from what I've read of it it's garbage anyway so who wants to consider that Ghost Rider... And yes I realize the penance stare isn't something enjoyable, but at least you can survive so I wouldn't think there'd be as much angst involved with that).