Mighty Avengers, and Daredevil

I'd say Mighty Avengers, as Bendis already has a writing style analogous to a lot of TV writers (notably Whedon IMO). Actually with that said I'm not too big on the former's writing, as it doesn't seem to fit well within comics. I think he would be pretty well received with regards to a TV audience though, and the cast is unique yet pragmatically rooted enough to also be well received by most TV viewers too IMO (sans maybe Ares).

I think Daredevil would also work really well, as a lot of the elements of the book lately are much more analogous to a lot of the thriller based prime time stuff you'll see on TV anyway (Prison Break, 24, etc.). It could pretty much be executed not even as a superhero show, which would obviously garner a lot of reception and at least get a one-time based viewership regarding people who are turned off too much by "absurdist" fiction, and if the show's produced well enough then that one-time viewership will become a loyal one, and that could go on to become a great success maybe.

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On my friends' knowledge of my comics interest.

At the moment I don't really have any friends who function as real-world activity partners, so I can't really answer with regards to people I hang out with, but regarding those who I prospectively would and otherwise would consider friends in terms of shared conceptual take me being into comics is an extremely common notion. I take no shame in being interested in them at all; regarding any thoughts of comics being "immature", if that were the case, then anti-heroes wouldn't be as much a part of conventional comic culture as they are now, and regarding anyone who thinks that people who read comics are stupid I also read some heralded classics like Nathaniel Hawthorne or Geoffrey Chaucer for leisure, so that thought doesn't really apply to me personally.

Aside from those two reasons that I mentioned I don't understand why anyone would feel ashamed of being into comics; based on the commercialization of comic books within the movies and the prominent gritty, violent elements being so conventional with the rise of the Modern Age I find comics to be a much more relatable point of interest regarding people who I do chat with as opposed to most of the other stories I read (which are pretty much just heralded classics and/or intellectually/allegorically rooted fantasy) at that too.

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On Tony Being a Power Monger, Fascist, and Ostensible "Villain"...

Alright, this whole theme has really become super redundant, and ridiculously played out (yes I realize that in itself was quite redundant but some bloat is necessary to hammer this whole thought home). Fine, if you didn't like Tony's actions during Civil War, then you have you right to your opinion. Fine, if you don't like the style of his title now, you think he's a little bit too fascist, or too bureaucratic, then don't read it, and yes you our allowed to have a FAIR share of cynicism/criticism. But when you stubbornly and obstinately go out of your way to pick conflicts regarding Tony's true heroic nature, and/or label him a definitive villain, you are seriously nothing more than a moron.

I had this recent little conflict on gamefaqs regarding which superhero most definitively embodies the USA in terms of realism, not idealism. I went with Tony (of course [if you know me]). This guy hadn't really proclaimed anyone to my knowledge, but by inference he probably believes Cap (don't forget about the "NOT ideally" stipulation involved with that said). Anyway though, here's the conflict thus far:

Me (in reference to someone who first proposed Tony but didn't really give too much empirical reasoning): "Seriously though, I actually do agree with Tony. He really tries to constantly do what's morally right but his decisions within that vein are always skewed. We try our best to help a lot of governments, but we're never heralded as such. We either come off fascist, or overly complacent. Take into account the critical or even cynical nature of what a lot of people have exhibited regarding their reactions to Tony's actions within Civil War, and much of that is analogous to how the US is viewed by the world. He is probably the best example from my knowledge."

Him (though he didn't actually specifically make this out to me at that point which is I guess rather notable): "Tony lied's and tricks people to get his way and willing to use "Jackass moves" even when he not sure if his right.

Tony hires a bad guy to attack people to stop The Act then a few books later hires a bad guy to shoot a guy to help The Act."

Me: "So you believe that everything that America does is completely merited regarding moral value? If anything your reasoning behind why Tony should not represent our country serves the inverse ends logically.

And regarding his actions within the Civil War, Captain America was willing to hire villains too at one point. Regarding a villain assassinating someone, I don't have any knowledge of it, as to be honest I didn't follow Civil War as extensively as I probably should have, but if you're referring to Cap's death that definitely is a faulty statement in terms of definitive truthfulness, and otherwise I would think Tony would definitely have completely just cause (within his view) if he would carry out something that extreme."

Him: "When did Cap team up with villains? when did he pay a villain to attack people to help his goals? Tony nearly started a war with Namor just to help the Act by having GG shoot someone who came to help make peace, help create a jail on a other world to take away people rights and all the time hiding what he done wrong to the public.

Tony before CW didn't represents America and he doesn't after CW."

Me: "Cap was going to prospectively team-up with villains during The Punisher's CW Tie-Ins, but Frank killed them and stoically proclaimed: "No deals". You shouldn't really drag Namor's status in this at all; he's an anti-hero first of all, and while he does have some capacity for actions of heroic nature, he's more about his own ends much more of the time. Regarding "having the Green Goblin shoot someone", the Thunderbolts are a sanctioned team, under legislation coined by the US government, not one headed up and personally hired by Tony. That whole negative zone fiasco was actually directly contradicted within a few other titles, so for all intents and purposes that point about the negative zone was really unfounded and unmerited. I will say Tony has been a little bit excessively fascist and bureaucratic when it comes to his actions during CW and successively, but that's not out of power mongering, but out of staunchly believing in national security. Actually, within that regard he's better than America, as nowadays the government (conjecturally albeit but there's enough circumstantial evidence to merit some cynicism) has been violating civil liberties more for its own ends than anything. Anyway though, the fascist quality again does parallel with the US in its actions. To be frank though, I shouldn't waste my time arguing with you, as you're probably just a Cap fanboy who hates Tony to fit in with the crowd; it's pretty pathetic really."

He hasn't actually answered yet, but I'm willing to be that my posed conjecture is quite prudent in its validity... Anyway though, people who really cling to all those close-minded beliefs regarding Iron Man's true sense of morality, exhibition of heroism, etc, are just really ignorant, and should just stop bringing up CW, any point regarding Iron Man, or the SHRA altogether; it would be much more reflective if they actually abhor all those things that much.


So I Just Won a 55 Issue Comic Bid...!

Well the title is pretty much self-explanatory, but yeah, I just won a 55 issue comic lot on ebay for 20.00 with shipping. That's probably the best bid I've won as of yet in terms of value altogether since I've been bidding on comics, which has been for at least about 2 years (though I pretty much stopped completely up until about a half a year ago a year and a half ago [wow if anyone gathered what I meant to get across kudos]). It was a New Warriors lot; I don't actually have too much knowledge of the title, I was reading Maximum Carnage a little bit today or yesterday though, and I thought I'd like to get more of a bearing on Firestar's character, as it seems pretty nice. Based on a synopsis I've read on the title it's (fittingly) geared possibly exclusively towards teens, so I'm a little bit weary about that, but still, for that value I don't think I'll regret it. I'm not too familiar about with the writers either, though one of them's rather prominent, so hopefully I'll find out that he's worthy of merit with this lot. I'm not actually sure why I'm typing this right now as I have no friends here (lol) but maybe this'll turn out to be prudent eventually. Anyway, if someone actually reads this, hope to touch base with you soon, and everyone out there, take care.

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Some Arbitary Personality Quiz

This was not very accurate at all; I'm not much of a leader, overly confident, or assertive (to be frank about thing; I wish I were all of those things of course but yeah that's not the case). I guess I'll put it up here though for the sake of novelty.

Your score on this personality test was 80%

Others see you as an exciting, highly volatile, rather impulsive personality; a natural lead, who's quick to make decisions, though not always the right ones. They see you as bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything once; someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. They enjoy being in your company because of the excitement you radiate.

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My Dating Quiz Result

I actually took this a second time; I just didn't feel like posting it last time due to me wanting to go to sleep, but in truth I wasn't too happy with the result either. Invisible Woman's decent I suppose, but I was hoping for Ms. Marvel. The irony is she was my #2 both times ha ha. But yeah, here you go anyway.

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