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@dernman: Especially when what was previously the norm was more than good enough.

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@nappystr8: Well, I'm happy that there's FINALLY another Runaways book but, like everything else in the new Secret Wars lines, it can hit really hard and be a great read or fall flat on its face and kill the book... again. I'm hoping for the former. So. Fingers crossed.

Also, Molly is a great character (and one of my favorite heroes of all time) but I'd prefer more familiar faces. Victor? Chase? Nico? Maybe even Old Lace?

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Boy. Bendis sure does know how to make Jean less and less likable as a character with each new issue, huh? This is why I support the young Cyclops and X-23 pairing.

Anyway, this retcon (because that's exactly what it is) is now one of my least favorite things to come out of Marvel in years. I love Bobby Drake and nowhere in his history has it ever been even mentioned that he was gay or even a tad bit curious. It seems like Bendis was running out of character drama and decided to throw this in because "Diverse Marvel is the best Marvel!" And I'm not disagreeing with that. I like Kamala Khan and Robbie Reyes as characters and their respective series' aren't half bad. Hell, the new Thor is a title I pick up regularly. But those are all new characters. Creators can make them how they please because they are new creations and are, of course, subject to be made to reflect modern advancements in society. Iceman is one of the founding members of the X-Men and one of its more prominent and recognizable figures. I can see why changing his sexuality would be something seen as an advancement on a character but Bobby has never needed such advancements. He has been perfectly fine the way he's been since the 60's. It's like saying: "Hm. The Fantastic Four need a bit more change to suit modern day moods and themes. I got it! Johnny Storm? now Joana Storm and the first transgendered member of the FF! Brilliant!" The only comfort I can take from this is the hope that this is also retconned before it sticks or this Bobby Drake and his X-Men are separate in their past than the Bobby Drake who has 5 decades of history behind him.

And again, I'm not bashing on the fact that Marvel has a gay character. I'm bashing on the fact that Marvel, or more suitably Bendis, believes that a surefire way to have instant "character development" is to retcon a brand new feeling or emotion that has never been explored in a character's history. If there had been allusions to this in some way, shape, or form it'd be easier to swallow but this just kind of... Shows up. For no reason. Is it going to be an important piece in a story? Probably not. It never really is. Just a service to a branch of comic readers. And I'd have to type a few more paragraphs to express how upset I am that Jean just has to be the one to break it to him. Jesus. It's been 40 frackin' issues lady. LEARN TO STAY OUT OF PEOPLE'S BUSINESS. Exactly how that whole Beast and Jean romance (that went literally nowhere) started. You hear that Bendis? We're on to you.

But seriously, I'm really hoping this doesn't become a trend. I love diversity in comics but making a brand new half black, half asian character who happens to be bisexual is totally different than changing the pigment of Peter Parker's skin and shoving down the reader's throats that he's had a crush on Flash Thompson since grade school.

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Cartoon Network about that bullsh*t now

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Yeah, I think Stark may have accidently been responsible for the Hiroshima looking blast in someway and Mandarin might want some kind of revenge on him for it? Just a theory. But the trailer looks amazing and I simply cannot wait for this movie to come out.

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I am seeking talented artists to help me in creating designs for characters in a fan fiction I have been working on for a year now called Children of Tomorrow or CoT for short. It takes place in a future of the Marvel Universe in which most of the heroes have been wiped out by President Norman Osborn. Without giving too much away, the children of the now dead heroes are beginning to unite to fight against Osborn and the villains of the past who stand beside him.

I am still fairly early into the story and I have A LOT planned for it and I think that it would be a pretty cool addition to have drawings and designs of some of the characters and concepts present in the story. I would need someone who is great at drawing nearly all body types and a pretty good colorist would be great too. And no, I cannot pay anything but I can offer my friendship and gratitude (=

So if there are any artists out there interested, I'd be more than glad to look over some of your work and see if you qualify for the job. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Well... That escalated pretty quickly.

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Even though he's already got two, Wolverine would probably be the best Marvel character to ever be given the anime treatment. Just because... well he's Wolverine! If not Wolverine definitely Deadpool.

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@Deranged Midget: I agree. Incredibe Hulk was really good. In fact, it's probably oneof my favorite Marvel movies. Maybe it's just me...

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