What If: Guy Gardner Became the Warrior Again?

As you probably know, Guy Gardner is a loudmouthed, hot-headed Green Lantern with a perpetually bad attitude. But it hasn't always been that way...

Guy Gardner was once removed from the Green Lantern Corps, but he wasn't out of the game long. He soon learned that he was of Vuldarian heritage, and had dormant powers derived from that race. Guy took mastery of these powers and became The Warrior. As Warrior, Guy had the ability to create a variety of weapons from his body and heal physical injuries, among other abilities. And he also had the collective knowledge of famed warriors throughout the universe.

This didn't last all that long. Soon the Vuldarian powers were nowhere to be found, and Guy was slinging a GL ring again. But what if it hadn't turned out that way?

Let me start with how this could be a good idea. First is the obvious hurdle, there are too many human Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner. That makes four Green Lanterns from Earth. What other planet has that many active members in the GL Corps? Why should Earth get so many representatives? It looks like Hal Jordan is here to stay. He should be allowed a backup, and personally I prefer John Stewart for that. Kyle Rayner doesn't really fit anywhere else, he'd be tough to move. But Guy has established his own identity before, why can't he do it again?

Guy has always had a bit of an issue with authority anyway, it almost makes more sense for him to be his own hero. He can do things his own way, get the job done how he wants. Guy seems more cut out for solo work, and I dare say he'd prefer it. Plus, Guy has proven himself a worthy character over the years... I say he deserves some room to grow in his own identity, and really establish himself. The Warrior has a fairly unique power set, an interesting if not cliche origin, and Guy himself has enough presence to make the new identity work.

So if Guy were to become the Warrior again, it could potentially be a good thing. But there are some bumps in the road that would have to be worked out. For starters, he would need a less ridiculous outfit.

Yes, Guy is supposed to look bad ass. No, he is not supposed to look like a macho biker wannabe decked out in leather, dopey boots and a crotch that is a completely different color than everything else. If Guy were to step back into the Warrior persona, he definitely needs to rethink the costume design.

Another problem is that while Guy may prefer to work alone, he may not be necessarily good at it. I won't go so far to say that Guy is dumb, but he isn't exactly the brightest guy to ever wield a Green Lantern ring. Not to mention he is brash, arrogant, impulsive and driven by his emotions. Not exactly the best decision maker. He might do well against some street level criminals by taking them on with sheer brute force, but when a situation arises where Guy has to think his way out, he might have some trouble.

So what do you think? Would you like to see Guy Gardner become the Warrior again in the future, or should he stay a Green Lantern? Or should he go in an entirely new direction? How would he work around the problems stated above?

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

I'd like that alot. I always liked the Warrior concept powers and costume

Posted by Onemoreposter

Don't forget back before the Vuldarian thing he wielded Sinestro's (who was dead at the time) yellow ring (back then this was sort've a big deal because there was only one self sustaining yellow ring in existence). Those were good times. Short lived but good.

I came up reading comics during the era of DC mandates like superman was the only person allowed to be Kryptonian and Kyle was the only person allowed to be called GL. Those days, including Guys stint as the last remaining Vuldarian, will always be kinda rosy in my minds eye.

However, the whole thing just felt incredibly contrived. Never much cared for the shirtless tribal look either. It wasn't awful, but personally Guy's GL uniform has always been my favorite out of the GLs. I think when he first started out as Vuldarian Warrior he had a red and black armor (around zero hour). That looked alright.

Guy will always be sorta the rebel hotshot, whether he's a lantern or not. Personally I'd like him to just be the guy who's around to keep Jordan's crazy a$$ in line. In my mind Hal is the GL Cyclops and Guy is the GL Wolverine.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

@Onemoreposter: Jordan's crazy ass in line? When has Guy ever kept Hal in line?

Posted by TheTrueArturoKayvee

I've never really seen him as Warrior, I know him mainly as a GL so I'm iffy on the idea, but I'm open to new things.

Posted by barryallen

I've read a few of his Warrior stories and they're cool but i love him as a GL, as a character he's amazing but also the way he interacts with the rest of the corps is way too entertaining to lose! Although i would like to see him trying to use his powers as well as the ring! If we're losing 2 GL's it was to be Kyle and John i just find them boring compared to Hal and Guy, although those 2 running a sector together may not be great!

Posted by The Ghost Writer

Here's a different spin on this "what if", just for laughs: "What if Guy Garnder became "Gal Gardner, the Warriorette" again?" (I cite Guy Gardner, Warrior #42 as an example.) :D

Posted by DarthShap

If Guy Gardner became Warrior again, DC would probably give the title to Rob Liefeld in a matter of months. ^^

Posted by Warrior-4-ever

I wish he would become Warrior again. He's pretty much an afterthought now with the Hal-Sinestro show. He became a much better character during his Warrior days. He became alot more likeable which sadly Johns and Didio scrapped and Guy's back to being a jackass that gets beat up all the time.

Posted by Jorgevy

I would love that, that way I wouldn't need to see him in GL comics

Posted by Warrior-4-ever

I wonder what they have in store for Guy know that Geoff Johns hinted at SDCC that The Third Army event could be Guy's downfall.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

@Jorgevy said:

I would love that, that way I wouldn't need to see him in GL comics

your good people.