Justice League: Season One

Recently I've been batting around ideas in my mind for a new Justice League animated series, one to coincide with the New 52. I've put together a list of the episodes in the first season, along with brief descriptions. After working on it over the next year or so to get everything smoothed out, I plan on making a pitch to DC entertainment. I would love to know what you guys think about it. The starred episodes are ones that relate to over-arching plot that will lead into the season finale, and the unstarred episodes are stand-alone, not relating to the overall season plot. I feel like the first two episodes are slightly cliche, but after that it only gets better!

*Episode One: The Invasion pt. 1- The episode to kickstart the series. We meet each member of the team individually; Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg (Don't worry, Aquaman will join, just not yet) as they each deal with the invasion of none other than Starro. We see some interaction between the heroes, but they are quite unwilling to work together. However, as the infestation of mind-controlling stars grows, they begin to realize that the threat may be too large for any one hero to handle. The episode ends with Superman being infected, and brought under Starro's control.

*Episode Two: The Invasion pt. 2- After freeing Superman of Starro's influence, the team groups together and forms a plan. Flash, while scanning for non-infected people among the swarms of minions, comes across Snapper Carr, a young man who seems to be strangely immune to Starro's control (this is taken from the pre-new 52 comics). Flash takes Snapper to the team, where Cyborg analyzes him to find the source of his immunity, and realizes that the lime covering Snapper's hands (from doing yard work) is repelling the Starro-probes. With this knowledge, Cyborg builds the Cybomb, which, when detonated, will release a powerful concentration of lime extract over a wide area. The team then heads toward Starro himself, who has begun to drain the life energy of those under his control. While Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash distract Starro's attention, drawing his army toward them, Hal pilots the Bat-plane, which is carrying the Cybomb. Hal crashes the plane into Starro's eye, plunging them inside of the monster. Batman and Hal then battle their way to the center of Starro, where Batman unleashes the Cybomb, and Hal puts up a shield to protect the two of them. Starro is severely weakened by the blast, and Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg defeat him while Flash separates the weakened Starro probes from everyone who is infected. Then the Justice League officially forms, and Snapper Carr sticks around to record their adventures and serve as their Public Relations guy.

Episode Three: Jailbreak- A massive breakout attempt at Belle Reeve penitentiary draws the attention of the Justice League. The criminals at Belle Reeve have formed two factions. One faction is led by Anarchy, the other by Metallo. Metallo has taken Amanda Waller, warden at Belle Reeve, hostage, and is demanding immunity in exchange for her life. Anarcy, on the other hand, has taken over a last-resort security protocol on the island; a satellite laser defense system. Anarchy plans to use the satellite to wreak his special brand of havoc on the Pentagon, but Amanda Waller has the passcodes to activate it, which has led to war between the two villainous factions, since both want Waller. The Justice League arrives to help restore order to Belle Reeve. However, the team is in heavy turmoil over who should lead, with fierce debate between Superman and Batman. Due to lack of team work, the whole mission falls apart and the League is nearly defeated. Finally, Wonder Woman decides that Batman will be the teams "general," making plans/strategies and keeping the League organized, but Superman will be the field leader, and it will be up to him to lead the team in executing those plans. If at any point they cannot agree, Wonder Woman will be the mediator. Once this is decided, the Justice League springs into action and, through teamwork, defeats the feuding villains and restores order to Belle Reeve.

These descritpions are getting a bit longer than intended. I'll have to watch that more carefully.

Episode Four: Terror In The Seas- Hundreds of people begin to mysteriously disappear in coastal cities throughout America. The Justice League decides to investigate, and of course meets Aquaman, who is also interested in the disappearances. Together, they uncover a conspiracy by Black Manta. Manta has built a device capable of mimicking Aquaman's aquatic telepathy, and is using it to control The Trench, having them kidnap humans and bring them to his underwater lab where he is "experimenting." Through a fierce battle with The Trench and Manta, the League frees the captive humans, and Aquaman joins their ranks.

Episode Five: The Greatest Weapon- The Green Lantern is attacked by Epoch, Lord of Time, a time-traveling warrior who integrates the weapons and fighting techniques from every era into his armor. He is now determined to claim a Green Lantern power ring to add to his collection and, feeling that humans are the weakest organisms in the galaxy, has decided that Hal Jordan would be the easiest target. What he didn't count on, however, was an encounter with the Justice League...

*Episode Six: Trinity- While the rest of the League takes a much-needed vacation, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman stumble into a conspiracy to ignite a war between America and Russia. At the forefront of the plot are Lex Luthor, who plans to sell weapons to both sides of the war, and Ares, the god of war himself, who plans to feed off of the bloodshed to bolster his power. However, Batman notices something strangely amiss when Luthor has access to weaponry far beyond anything human scientists can even fathom. The three heroes wind up on Themyscira, battling Ares, and manage to lock him away in the Phantom Zone. However, because Diana brought men to Themyscira, she is banished from the island. The episode ends with Luthor talking to a mysterious, shadowed figure, talking about the next supply of weaponry. Luthor than states that Ares had served his role, and everything had gone according to plan...

Episode Seven: Chemical Warfare- The Chemo attacks the Eastern seaboard, and the League goes to stop him. Superman becomes infected with the Chemo's toxins. Batman recruits The Atom to help. Along with Flash and Green Lantern, Atom shrinks down and goes inside Superman to combat the spreading infection. Meanwhile, the rest of the League tries to halt Chemo's progress, and Batman traces the attack to its source... Ra's Al Ghul.

*Episode Eight: Dreams- In the beginning of this episode, Hal Jordan points out that Batman is the only one who has not revealed his secret identity to the team. That ignites a heated dispute about trusting the team. Later, Batman is attacked by Dr. Destiny. By probing through Batman's mind, Dr. Destiny finds the location of the Justice League HQ, and attacks the League in their dreams. Green Lantern eventually frees Batman from his nightmares, learning that he is Bruce Wayne in the process, as well as learning about the death of his parents. Batman defeats Dr. Destiny, and finally entrusts the team with his identity. Later, Luthor is seen speaking to the same shadowed figured as before, who states that Dr. Destiny failed. Luthor than states that it is time to move on to plan B.

Episode Nine: Mistakes of The Elders- The Justice League meets up with the JSA. However, the novelty of the meeting is short lived when Plasma Monsters attack Star City. It proves to be a front, however when Baron Blitzkrieg uses the distraction to sneak into JSA headquarters and use a large dimensional-device saved from an old mission. When the new Black Canary, who Wildcat made to stay behind, finds Blitzkrieg, the two fight and Blitzkrieg raves about the "man in his head" telling him what to do. Blitzkrieg defeats Canary and uses the machine to rip open a small portal, and out emerges... Triumph! I'm changing Triumph's history a bit here. He was still the son of an evil scientist, trained by Hourman to become a hero, but now he was a member of the JSA instead of the JLA. He was lost in the time stream on a previous mission, and forgotten about. Now he's made contact with Baron Blitzkrieg through his manipulation of radio waves, and used him to achieve freedom. Triumph, angry over being forgotten, attacks the JSA. He did not age during his time lost in the time stream, and is much more powerful than any of them. While the JSA try to clean up their own mess, the Justice League battle the hordes of Plasma Monsters, along with Black Canary, who Wild Cat would not let fight Triumph. After defeating the Plasma Monsters, the League finds Triumph draining the life energy of a defeated JSA. The team battles him, and Black Canary tends to Wild Cat's wounds, where she learns about the death of her mother. Then, realizing that sound is the one energy Triumph cannot absorb, she uses her sonic scream to defeat him. Black Canary then joins the Justice League, with Wild Cat's blessing.

*Episode Ten: Red Dawn- A distress call brings the League to Russia, where a devastating nuclear meltdown had wiped out a village. The mysterious part is that the village had no nuclear plants. Captain Atom, investigating for the U.S. Government, strongly suspects Red Star to be guilty of the destruction. Cyborg doubts Red Star's guilt, however, and tries to find proof against it. He winds up finding a massive Nuclear monster similar to the one in the first episode of JLU. Superman, Red Star, Cyborg, Green Lantern and Captain Atom battle the creature while the rest of the League try to find out where the monster came from. However, the only information they are able to find is that it "Came from the sky." At the end, Lex Luthor is shown saying that the new weapon was tested successfully.

Episode Eleven: Perfect Storm- A massive storm sweeps across North America. The League immediately suspects Weather Wizard, but are proven wrong when they are attacked by none other than Red Tornado. Tornado, recently built, is fulfilling his programming... to kill the Justice League. While the League battles Red Tornado and attempts to save as many live as possible in the storm, Cyborg is determined to convince Red Tornado that he can act beyond his programming, and that he can have free will. In the end, Tornado decides that Cyborg may be correct, and attempts to kill T.O. Morrow. He is again stopped by the League, and, after being convinced that killing is wrong, goes to try and "find his place" in the world.

Episode Twelve: Marvels- Billy Batson is granted the powers of Captain Marvel. At the same time however, Dr. Sivana brings Black Adam back to Earth and the two form an allegiance. While battling the forces of the Black Adam and Dr. Sivana, Superman attempts to teach Billy what it really means to be a hero.

*Episode Thirteen: Visitors From the Stars- Batman is investigating a series of arson crimes, and his search causes him to cross paths with Detective John Jones. Batman quickly determines that John is not human, and that he has a vulnerability to fire. Using a simple lighter, Batman forces John to reveal that he is a Martian. The two then encounter the Human Flame, responsible for all of the crimes they are investigating, and defeat him together. Batman tells Martian Manhunter that they will be in touch. While all of this is going on, Orion visits Superman, and tells him that he believes Apokolips may be active on Earth.

*Episode Fourteen: Targeted- A multi-billion dollar peace treaty makes Lex Luthor the target of several assassination attempts. Luthor contacts the Justice League for protection, and they grudgingly accept. However, they are facing a team of assassins led by Deathstroke the Terminator, meaning that protecting Luthor may be easier said than done. In the end, it is revealed that Luthor himself ordered the assassination attempts, and that the League's entire performance against the assassins was "recorded for study."

Episode Fifteen: Endless- Flash, insecure about his role on the team, has been having nightmares about being chased by a Black Flash. His feelings of insecurity are not helped when the League goes on a mission in which his powers would be useless, so he stays behind. However, the HQ is then visited by Dr. Fate and Death of the Endless. A cadre of magic-using villains have attacked The Endless, and want to obtain Destiny's book, with which they could re-write reality. Dr. Fate came to help the Endless, but his powers proved insufficient to battle the villains alone, so he came to the League for help. He is disappointed when Flash is the only one there, but Flash goes along nonetheless. Flash befriends Death, although Dr. Fate seems to not like him. During a battle with the villains, Dr. Fate's helmet is removed. Kent Nelson shares his own insecurities that without the helmet he is useless, but Flash tells him that its not the helmet that makes him a hero, its the man wearing it. Flash is killed during the battle, and winds up in a race with Black Flash. He is saved by Death, but when he thanks her, she says, "No need to thank me. You would have won." In the end, the villains are defeated and Flash leaves with a new confidence.

Episode Sixteen: Fallen Angels- The Angel Zuriel is cast out of Heaven by Asmodel the general of the angelic army, because Zauriel threatened to expose his conspiracies against Heaven's laws. Zauriel seeks out the Justice League for help, telling them that Asmodel and the demon Neron plan to ignite a war between Heaven and Hell that will devastate the Earth, and end with Neron in control of the Earth and Asmodel in control of Heaven. The team is soon joined by the demon Etrigan who has uncovered the same plot. While the Justice League battles the forces of Neron and Asmodel, Etrigan and Zauriel bicker furiously, having a deep rooted grudge against one another. By the end, however, the two form an uneasy friendship. The League defeats Neron and Asmodel and casts them both into the deepest pits of Hell.

*Episode Seventeen: Prometheus- After studying the footage from the episode "Targeted," Prometheus has formulated a plan to destroy the Justice League one by one. Given his weaponry by Lex Luthor, Prometheus infiltrates the Justice League HQ and proceeds to easily defeat each member one at a time. Eventually only Batman is left standing, and is forced to use every ounce of his skill to save his friends. At the end of the episode, Luthor is once again shown talking to his shadowed benefactor, and states that while Prometheus failed to kill the League, he did fulfill the first priority of his mission. It is then revealed that Prometheus stole the last remaining Starro probe, which was frozen in the League's trophy room.

*Episode Eighteen: Dead Space- Hal Jordan receives an emergency distress call from Kilowog, and heads off to see what is going on. In Hal's absence, Guy Gardner fills in for him on Earth. Hal goes to investigate the ship which the distress call came from, and finds a small squadron of Green Lanterns hiding within the ship, their rings low on power. Kilowog explains to Hal that strange spores had latched onto crew members on the ship, and turned them into bloodthirsty monsters. Hal and the few remaining Green Lanterns on board battle the infected crew members, but members of their group are slowly picked off one by one. Eventually, when Hal is the last man on the ship not affected by the strange spores, he steers the ship into the gravitational pull of a nearby sun and burns the spores off of the victims before narrowly escaping. When he returns to Earth, Batman has already punched Guy unconscious. At the end, Lex Luthor says that the spores were successfully tested as weapons, and his mysterious ally is finally revealed as Darkseid.

Episode Nineteen: Amazo- The last episode before the start of the finale. Amazo attacks the Justice League, Red Tornado returns, joins the League, and after a difficult battle they defeat Amazo.

*Episode Twenty: The Hyperclan- The Hyperclan comes to Earth to replace the Justice League as its protectors, and treats villains with lethal force. The League is suspicious of the Hyperclan, especially when people all around the world begin to disappear. Meanwhile, Aquaman goes back to Atlantis and learns that his brother Orm is now ruling Atlantis. Batman eventually learns that the Hyperclan are White Martians in disguise, but before he can expose them he is attacked, and Bruce Wayne is "replaced" with a White Martian counterpart.

*Episode Twenty-One: Harvest Pt. 1- Batman has joined the ranks of the humans held captive by the White Martians. Also among the captives are Big Barda, Mr. Miracle and, especially surprising to Batman, Hippolyta. Orion is still investigating Apokoliptian activity on Earth, and finds that LexCorp has been getting weapons shipments from Apokolips. He then traces a Boom Tube portal and realizes that LexCorp and Apokoliptian scientists are building something underneath Themyscira! Around the time he is discovering this, the Amazons of Themyscira declare war on Atlantis. Ocean Master, now ruling Atlantis, is quick to respond. The armies of Themyscira and Atlantis wage war, using the surface world as their battlefield. The League, especially Wonder Woman, are baffled by this. Wonder Woman attempts to return to Themyscira, despite her banishment, to see what is going on and finds that her "mother" is acting strangely. Diana then realizes that the Amazons not willing to fight have been infected with spores, just like the ones Hal fought in the previous episode, that drive them into a violent frenzy. Diana is infected with a spore and attacks the League. Once they subdue her, Cyborg analyzes the spore and realizes that it is made from a genetically modified Starro probe.

The war between Atlantis and Themyscira has decimated North America, and the U.S. Government prepares to respond with weapons a nuclear strike. When Batman supports this, the League knows something is wrong. Hal and Superman subdue Batman and his White Martian replacement is revealed. The League then battels the Hyperclan while Orion finds Martian Manhunter and asks for his help.

*Episode Twenty-Two: Harvest Pt. 2- After defeating the Hyperclan, the Justice League, along with Orion and Martian Manhunter, storm the White Martian nest. They free the captive humans, along with Batman, Mr. Miracle, Big Barda and Hippolyta. Wonder Woman then realizes that the "Hippolyta" currently commanding Themyscira is a fake. Batman defeats the remaining White Martians using gasoline and a lighter, and Mr. Miracle points out that the White Martians continually assaulted his mind searching for something called Anti-Life. They piece the issue together. Lex Luthor has been connected to Apokolips the whole time. The battle with Ares back in "Trinity" was only a ploy to have Wonder Woman banished from Themyscira, so that the White Martians, allied with Apokolips, could "replace" Hippolyta without Diana knowing. The war between Atlantis and Themyscira was set up to draw the U.S. Government into the fray, creating a massive nuclear fallout that would weaken the planet for Apokolips' invasion. The mind-controlling spores were engineered to ensure that the war would happen, without anyone in objection. The White Martians have been probing human minds for bits of something called Anti-Life, and a powerful weapon made from Apokoliptian technology is being constructed underneath Themyscira.

Aquaman goes back to Atlantis to battle Ocean Master and try to stop the violence among his people, while the rest of the League heads to Themyscira. However, as they get there, the weapon is unleashed... Mageddon.

*Episode Twenty-Three: Anti-Life, Pt. 1- Mageddon's influence throws the entire planet into swaths of violence. While the Justice League attempts to quell the violence and destroy Mageddon, Darkseid finally arrives and devastates the League. Superman manages to nearly destroy Mageddon, but it proves too late. Darkseid's forces have finished piecing together the Anti-Life Equation from fragments found within the minds of humans. Darkseid then telepathically links to Mageddon, and uses Mageddon's influence over the entire planet to infect all living beings on Earth with the Anti-Life Equation. Cyborg builds devices that will shield the lead from the effects of the equation, but the rest of humanity falls under Darkseid's Anti-Life spell, becoming mindless extensions of his will.

*Episode Twenty-Four: Anti-Life, Pt. 2- Having been betrayed by Darkseid, Lex Luthor offers Batman a radion bullet, saying that it is the only substance on Earth that can kill Darkseid. Batman refuses to use it, but Lex insists that he take it anyway. The Justice League rallies together and battles Darkseid, along with his army of now mindless zombies. In a fierce and bloody battle, Black Canary finds a sonic frequency that can counteract the Anti-Life Equation. Cyborg hacks several WayneTech satellites and modifies them to broadcast the frequency. However, it will only work if everyone infected with Anti-Life is hit within the same instant. Flash takes a device that will make him the receiver for the satellite broadcast. Flash must then run fast enough to hit every single area of the Earth within the same nanosecond. Flash pushes himself harder than ever before and manages to make it, spreading the signal across the globe and freeing people of Darkseid's control. While the world's armies and heroes gather together against Apokoliptian armies, the Justice League engages in one final fight against Darkseid. In a lengthy battle, Superman finally defeats him. Cyborg opens a Boom Tube to the farthest recesses of the universe in which Darkseid will instantly freeze and drift through space for all eternity. Superman casts him through the Boom Tube, and the forces of Apokolips are beaten back, finally retreating back home. The world is finally safe, and all returns to normal. Meanwhile, Batman keeps the Radion bullet Luthor gave him, just in case...

And there's season one! I'm already working on Season 2 now, which will expand even more upon the DC universe!

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Posted by TheCannon

Cool! I did this for Thor, but I didn't post it online.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Not bad...

Posted by Lvenger

This is a very good idea and I really like the episodes and the direction you take as the season progresses but I don't think that DC will accept it as part of their animated line up if that's what you're going for. They're currently in the midst of an animated renovation themselves and are focusing on Young Justice, Green Lantern and the other animated shorts that are part of DC Nation. Plus the Justice League show up in Young Justice so they're still around in animated format. Still this is a really good idea for an animated Justice League series.

Posted by Imagine_Man15

@Lvenger: You're probably right, but it's still fun to think about it.

Posted by KidChipotle

I really like this idea and think it's great but I'm going to play the devils advocate and say, "I stopped reading after I saw Cyborg was in the league and not MM."

Posted by Lvenger

@Imagine_Man15: And you've done a fantastic season plan no doubt about that. I'd definitely watch this if it were on TV.

Posted by Imagine_Man15

@ArturoCalaKayVee: MM comes in later, and is a permanent fixture on the team in Season 2

Posted by KidChipotle

@Imagine_Man15: I know, got your PM.

Posted by ImagineComics123

Oh man. That is one awesome cocept. I'd watch that everyday. I can't wait for season 2! Maybe Hawkman and Hawkgirl can appear?

Posted by RedOwl_1

Cool Dude! But I have to ask: Why always start a cartoon with origins (individual) or a invasion (team)? I just know I'm glad YJ reserved that for the second season, and that the spidey one started with other stuff but origins.

Posted by BlackArmor

epic, epic, epic, make sure you don't get worn out and drop this idea because this sounds like a show worth making

Posted by Jnr6Lil

Honestly I don't think, DC would do it. It coincides a little bit with the main series.

Posted by Afro_Warrior

Some cool ideas and episodes in this. I'd watch it.

Can't wait for season two..

Posted by feebadger

ABsolutely amazing. If i were in charge i would give you Cartoon Network and let you go nuts with it. HUGELY impressive, man.

Posted by menaceforever

I have a short memory and attention span so I just skipped from the first to the last.

Posted by TheBigRedCheese

I'd watch.