New X-Men: Academy X + Childhood's End

So I finished reading Academy X today (for the first time) && let me just tell you it was amazing... 
I just started reading Childhood's end and holy shit it's gotten dark so far...  I don't know if I want to keep reading  
because I know what's coming next... and I don't want it to happen :\  
Ugh.... why kill off some of the best characters.... I'll be editing this and updating it once I keep reading... but wow it's really sad...  
Update: ------> Laurie's dead.... kind of don't want to read anymore now. :|  
Update: ------> Love Emma's little confrontation with Ms.Marvel... showed her dumb bitch  
Update: ------> Really? Storms wedding? I'm sure there are other important things going on....  
Update: -----> I'm really liking X23 and Hellion a lot more in these Issues, poor Mercury :\ hope she's okay!

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Posted by danhimself

don't worry it doesn't stay to dark....I honestly think that Academy X was one of my all time favorite X-books and I really wish the Kyle and Yost would return to writing the characters but instead we're getting what I'm sure is going to be the not so good Generation Hope

Posted by IllyanaRasputin
@danhimself: @danhimself: my favourite character just died :| it can't get any more dark you're right :( 
Posted by Takerukun
@danhimself: Actually, the preview for Gen Hope was really good.
Posted by spiderguylll

Hellion and X-23 drew me into the book. The story keep me in.

Posted by IllyanaRasputin
@spiderguylll: yeah I'm liking Laura & Hellion too. Time to finish reading Nimrod then onto Mercury Falling :D 
Posted by xerox_kitty

I find it sad that Marjorie Liu seems hell-bent on undoing all the fantastic work that Kyle & Yost achieved in New X-Men.  One issue of X-23, and she's already turned Emma Frost into a soft, loving mother figure, Wolverine into a hateful war-mongering monster who only saw Laura as a weapon (even though he was constantly fighting Cyclops to keep Laura away from X-Force), and all of Laura's friends have turned against her...


Academy X: New X-Men was one of the best series in decades.  With ONE issue, Marjorie Liu has undone all that amazing story-telling.

Posted by Jubilantlad
@xerox-kitty: So Liu is the enemy now?
Posted by xerox_kitty
@Jubilantlad: She's no Matt Fraction... She can tell a good tale, but she does seem to purposefully drive X-23 back to her NYX roots at the cost of the years worth of growth that Kyle & Yost have taken their time to nurture.
Posted by Mr. Mercury

This series is good stuff, finally reading it. I know, I'm late.

Posted by IllyanaRasputin
@Mr. Mercury: Isn't great? and who cares if you're late! :P at least you're still reading it! 
Posted by Mr. Mercury
@IllyanaRasputin: Stryker's crazy! And I didn't expect all those mutants to die.
Posted by IllyanaRasputin
@Mr. Mercury: I know! i was heart broken! :( 
Posted by Mr. Mercury
@IllyanaRasputin: Laurie could have been a heavyweight and Tag I dunno, but I wanted to see him develop more.
Posted by Mercy_

I LOVED New X-Men!

Posted by IllyanaRasputin
@Mr. Mercury: i know i loved Laurie, i legit teared when she died :(  
@The Dark Huntress
: i know, it was the best!
Posted by SC

Awwwwwwwwh the memories! Yah I agree, all the death got me down. Some great characters. This is why Exiles should be a franchise!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two teams, two books. lol  
I starting to like Gen Hope finally, after like... 7 or 8 issues, but its totally different tone of book to New X-Men. I read Generation X as well though and that's hard to read too, since I guess only Monet is doing well sorta these days... stupid tough money times. I want more X-Books!!!!!!! With these characters to be used/revived/ etc etc

Posted by IllyanaRasputin
@SC:  I have mixed feelings for Gen Hope! I feel like the characters don't really have personalities! I don't know it's weird to say but I just feel like they're so forced and not natural. As for Generation X I tried getting into that as well I bought the TPB Volume 1 and it was alright.  
And since the Scarlet Witch is back now and reversing her "no more mutants" I'd like to see some mutant being brought back into the game, especially Sophia! 
Posted by Mr. Mercury
@IllyanaRasputin said:
And since the Scarlet Witch is back now and reversing her "no more mutants" I'd like to see some mutant being brought back into the game, especially Sophia! 
That means mutants get their powers back and might come back to life ,right? 
I haven't read anything with Scarlet Witch since M Day/Decimation 
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@Mr. Mercury: For Scarlet Witch read Avengers Children's Crusade. Amazing series <3
Posted by Mr. Mercury
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Thanks CPG, I'll check it out
Posted by IllyanaRasputin
@Mr. Mercury: Well the dead will stay dead, but maybe some of the de-powered mutants that lived will come back into the series.
Posted by AgeofHurricane

Wheres Wind Dancer ? :(