Updated! Classic Marvel Figurines

Alright so here's this months update with the Classic Marvel Figurines!  
We've got two new females who have been added to the extension and guess who they are?  
Danielle Moonstar and Moonstone!  
They're thinking of keeping this consistent with the New Mutants characters and are probably going to keep Moonstar in her original NM uniform like the Magik Figurine coming out.  
They haven't made a decision for the Moonstone one, they like her new costume since it's a lot "sexier" and would make a better figurine, but we'll see!  
What else do we have... aha! we've got a painted and completed Avalanche  as well as Dracula!  !!

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Updated! Classic Marvel Figurines

So as many of you know I'm a big time fan of collecting the Classic Marvel Figurines so I'm here to always keep everyone up to date with the newest ones coming int!  
 So with that being said here is the finished work of Aurora and Northstar. Next you'll see Domino's final sketch, and that's the pose they will be using for her (pretty sweet).  
And our last update will be the finale product for Odin

 Northstar and Aurora

Updated Classic Marvel Figurines!

Hey everyone! Tony here =) 
Just came back from the shop and I got a few of the new Marvel Classic Figurines including, The Blob, Marvel Girl, and Pyro!  
 Here are some updates for upcoming figurines!  
We've got  
Cannonball, Firestar, Sauron, Songbird, Toad and many more! (these ones will be released starting from June 29th, July 27th and September 28th!  
Here's a look at what's to come!   

 Spider Woman II (Arachne)
 Domino Sketches
 Northstar and Aurora
 Magik!!!! =D

X-Men Destiny Photos

Here are some leaked photos from the new X-Men Destiny video coming out in December :)  

"  Silicon Knights haven't been too forthcoming yet about their new project,  X-Men: Destiny , but apparently someone was able to get hold of a few screenshots.

The screens show what seems to be the player character (which I now very much hope will be customizable in terms of looks) fighting and just generally interacting with other characters, including that dude Gambit."  



So i just picked up X-Factor the first Volume and I REALLY like it... I'm a big fan of Sy not that big of an M fan... I hope her character gets a bit more... not a know it all because she's really annoying in these first issues.  really like Layla... she's a confusing character so i'm hoping to learn more about her!
BUT is it just me or does X-Factor not remind you guys of Angel Investigations (from the show Angel) and the  Singularity Investigations totally reminds me of Wolfram and Heart...  
But yeah, I'm really liking this series I'm surprised I didn't pick up a copy any time sooner! haha got about 10 paperbacks to pick up now ;P wish me luck! 
what do you guys think about  X-Factor?


Classic Marvel Figurines

So here's my small collection of the Classic Marvel Figurines :P   

I'm strictly X-Men Fan, so my main goal is to get everyone from the X-Men :P but I do have some from Fantastic Four and the Avengers and some random Superheroes thrown in here or there :P  

My Marvel Wall of Collectibles :P  

      Wasp, Yellow Jacket, Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow

Back Row: X-Man, Lilandra, Bishop, Cable, Snowbird, Jocasta, Tigra, Enchantress, Sabertooth, Apocalypse, Mr.Sinister Juggernaut  Front Row: Havok, MultipleMan, Blink, Iceman, Dazzler, Jubilee, Psylocke, Beast, Professor X 

 Storm, Cyclops, Gambit, Emma Frost, Lady DeathStrike, Rogue, Wolverine, Banshee, X-23, Dr. Doom, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Scarlet Witch Quicksilver

Age of X: where are?

So Age of X is coming up, and I haven't seen or heard about either Magik or Emma Frost appearing in it!?  

Has anyone got any pictures or heard about my two favourite characters being in the Age of X story arc!? 
And is there any other main characters that haven't made a small appearance in the previews you guys are wondering where they're at? 


Uncanny X-Men: She lies with Angels

So i just finished reading,   Uncanny X-Men: She lies with Angels and let me tell you how sad it was... 
You guys should deff pick up this book and read it... I love the Guthrie's, whenever I read about them I always tear up... yeah I tear up while reading comic books it can get emotional... Josh / Jay / Icarus whatever you want to call him is such a sweet guy, I feel so bad for him :( But it all makes sense now why he's so like anti-fighting and all that jazz... stupid Cabot family... Ugh  
How did you guys like these issues if you read them? 

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