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Does anyone read superhero (prose) novels and short stories? Do you have any you would recommend?

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Is that Karkas and Devil Dinosaur?

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Odin-force Thor could only dent the shield, but the Serpent just breaks it with his bare hands, eh? Marvel's "even greater than the last threat!" paradigm is exceedingly tedious. Worse, it undermines the significance of previous stories. The editors and writers behave like a bunch of sugar addled 8-year-olds who missed their last dose of Ritalin.

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Good Christ. They're killing Thor and replacing him AGAIN? They just killed off Torch and now they're bringing him back too? What is the point of all this? Who's going to keep paying for this garbage? I'm already down to only two Marvel books, and by November it'll be 0.  I might as well just read bad fanfic. I'd get the same experience and save the $5.

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@Joe Venom said:

Now I remember why I never liked FF books, when ever they have something good going on they suddenly just go off in a different direction! Black bolt is cool an all, but if they show one more issue him being an intergalactic pimp (in an FF book) I'm going to scream!

I don't want to see Black bolt hook up with horse chicks, not while there are multiple Reeds preparing to use earth as a gateway or something (see I'm already forgetting to plot) while the Reed is teaming up with the "We Hate Reed Richards" club for Super villains while Susan makes sandwiches!!!! I hope she knows Doom does not like mayo or this could turn to an act of war!

The way they torpedoed the excellent narrative that was going through the first five issues with two consecutive issues centered around Black Bolt and without ANY member of the FF appearing is inexcusable.  It feels like some d*ckhead editor shoehorned that story in there (plus the art sucks now).
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This is a bad idea. I like the kids, but they won't swing this without the adults. Shame, because FF is my favorite Marvel comic right now, even if the last two Black Bolt issues stunk.

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Despite being on a Bendis boycott, this looks interesting enough to buy. But if I see Squirrel Girl beating up Wonder Man's team, then I'm through with Marvel forever.

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Woohoo! This will finally show how relevant comics are to the wider world and end the marginalization I feel!  Iconic character are so boring and...ewww!...white! I'm all for any change that will allow me to show how liberated and superior I am to your average not-fully-politically-correct comic fan. It's not important if a story is good or if a character is compelling, the really important thing to me is that characters are multi-ethnic and portray a sensitivity to problems we face in our diverse multicultural melting pot caused by racist whites and their greedy desire to monopolize super-powers. Even though I will shout long and loud that diversity of comic book characters is highly desirable and universally positive, I have a strong suspicion that colored/crippled/homosexual heroes can't carry their own titles or provoke enough interest in their own original characters, so I fully endorse substituting them for well-liked, well-established characters in the hopes that their residual success will prove that comic book readers are not a bunch of dirty racists.  In fact, to prove I am not a dirty racist, I will start picking up this title even though I have no actual interest in the character.
Also, I swear that although I will complain more or less constantly about the trash Marvel and DC pumps out, I will still eagerly lap up their swill month after month, especially their repetitive and poorly executed Events and #1 relaunches.
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
This REEKS of Bendis' influence. That's basically just his New Avengers/Avengers line up.  And that's terrible, Fear Itself just lost any chance of being a good storyline.
Yes, I thought the same thing. If they wanted to give Asgardian power-ups to non-Asgardian characters, there are plenty of choices that would be more interesting and actually have some relationship to prior continuity. The most obvious is either Steve Rogers or She-Hulk wielding Mjolnir, followed by the various New Mutants who were stuck in Asgard for a while. It would have also been a way to employ Thunderstrike or CODE: BLUE. Stark, instead of being given some random, never-before-seen magic power boost, could have donned The Destroyer or made an upgrade to his Thor-Buster armor.
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Slapping Wasp once (whether by accident or not) hardly counts as "beating." Cripes people, these super-broads run around all day getting the crap beaten and blasted out of them, but nobody tries to lay a big guilt trip on the villains for hitting them. The way some people play this angle, you'd think that they believe 9 out of 10 members of the Masters of Evil are morally superior to Hank Pym. 
If Pym is to be continually demonized for anything, it should be the creation of Ultron. This is PC, feminist madness.