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I was kinda hoping DC would actually let someone die and just be… you know dead. Maybe they get ahold of one of his many clones form the end of Batman Inc. That's a nice cover however.

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I'm digging this so far, so there a little bigger big deal I don't think it matters in the ninja world (I know small people who can't sneak for anything, and a couple of big guys who are like the wind) there personalities seem to be spot on. And hey, April even has here yellow coat.

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Well, I really wanted to post a user review of this but after spending quite a bit of time on it the site won't let me post (when I click "create user review" it just resets ever thing and tells me I haven't done anything).

So I'm going to post my 3/4 star review here:

Like many I am excited to see what the creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato would do with my favorite character, Batman. I enjoyed what did with the flash (especially the tile pages) and I'm hoping they bring back Detective Comics to it's, well detective roots and so far it looks like it may go in that direction. However there are couple of things in this issue that left me a little disappointed.


The art in this book is terrific, Manapul's art and Buccellato's colors are exactly what we've come to expect from these two. They use a color palette that is so different then what you'll see in other Batman titles but somehow it still feels like the dark alleys and streets of Gotham City. Even when they switch gears to the Motocross competition they are able to make the artwork pop while still keeping it very Batman-like.

The plotting of this issue is well done. The seeds are planted for a nice detective story. Just enough of the plot is revealed to tingle the brain and wonder what's going on without revealing to much. It have has a great last page reveal (albeit it felt a little soon).


This book starts off like so many other Batman stories that I've read/watched. A bunch of thugs up to no good that get taken down by the Batman. I understand this is helping set up the plot of the arc but it's been done… a lot. Also in this issue we see to two continuities collide. In an early scene Bruce Wayne is hashing out a deal with someone, he ask her why she came to Gotham in the first place, she replies by saying that six years ago she saw a young man on T.V. touting how Gotham could be a good place. She is referring to a scene in Zero Year where a young Bruce Wayne gave a rousing speech on the news. Later there is some talk and mourning for Damian Wayne. This is where the problem arises for me, I understand that the continuity problems are not the creative team's fault but they do have to handle it in their books. Bruce has only been Batman for 6 years, but somehow 10 or so years ago he had a son while Batman with a Women he hasn't met yet. I feel like when dealing with this break in the continuity you should really only go with on or the other, trying to mash both in the same issue just really pulls me out of book. It's like a larger pothole in a movie, you try to push past it but it just takes you out of the whole experience. I'm not a continuity Nazi and I get that we just have to deal with but all the team had to do was just come up with another reason for her to come to Gotham city and this would have been a 4 star book for me.


This new direction and team show a lot of promise and I can't wait for the next issue, Brain and Francis are just the two to make Detective Comics feel like Detective Comics again. Even though this issue has trouble getting out of the gate, it stumbles into a cliché and almost trips over weird continuity but it's able to get it's balance and finish the race.

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Yep, tiny feet, arms that way to short for the torso that's a Liefeld stinker alright. Also whats up that torso? Is Solar some sort of flying squirrel?

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I never thought I'd see an Uncle Owen lego figure.

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This is book great, I love the writing, the dialogue and the premise. However the art is really, really bad. I mean I get simplistic art and when it works it works well but this just feels like the guy drawing the book is someones cousin who's being thrown a bone. I can usually power through bad art when the writing is good but this hard.

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Looks interesting, I hope we get a glimpse of Optimus as an old dusty cab-over semi before he goes back to his more familiar form.

Also I love how people make broad generalizations over a trailer. You know what I don't know why the ground is blowing up under Grimlock either, but I bet if you watch the movie you'll find out what a novel idea.

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I"m really enjoying this book. I wanted so bad to get back into an X-Men book but the X universe has become so dense and evolved it's hard to find a place to jump in. This book has done it for me I love the humor, and story, the art is great too.

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I'm on the fence on this one. I'm interested in the story and I'll keep reading on, but there was something in this issue that really annoyed me. Very early in the issue (maybe page 3 or so) the last panel on the page show WW and Batman looking off the panel in shock, it's a reveal panel (that reveal's something that I didn't find all the shocking to twisting). That's not the annoying part at the end of the book on the page before the reveal the that the planet is Earth the use almost the same picture with the same shocked faces just switched and pulled out. I mean come on it's not the 60's there are far better way to kick off a reveal page.