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Why did they just stand there and not cut the master or the German's head off?!?!?!?


I generally like Mat's articles, but this one had a number of typos and errors.

The show itself is entertaining, but disappointing. Poor writing and many WTF moments like when Abraham starting "monologuing " instead taking the kill shot.

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I am not sure if Lazlo real last name is Cream, but if it is not, it is probably a reference to a WuTang song "C.R.E.A.M" Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

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@arkay74 said:

There's so much stuff in this show that doesn't make sense it's actually hard to watch.

Suspension of disbelief is one thing, having to switch off your brain is another.

I will keep on watching for another few episodes.


I am unfamiliar with the source materials, but there were a number of scenes where I was like "What?!? This does not make any sense."

Both doctors worked at CDC, yet failed to notify anyone that they suspect that all the passengers are turning into monsters. The wife saw the dead corpse of her beloved dog and saw that her husband is turning into a monster yet remain still as her monstrous husband continued to lunge at her. Her neighbor was going to whip the dog? Really who does that? You going to follow the old man and start beheading ppl and burning corpses? Are you go at least TRY to notify someone at your agency? You rather die than a creature that just attacked you with a 6 foot appendage out their mouth?

This episode was disappointing to me. The brainless actions plus the women in sci fi trope where they are weak and unable to cope with what is going on was too much for me.

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I just think that its "conventional" virus but it is in an environment with little available medication and poor sanitation. The cirumstances are ripe for a devastating outbreak.

There are similar outbreaks like this in the real world. In some countries, ppl are still dying from diseases that are virtually unknown in the western world like malaria and polio.

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Can you people just stop complaining?

Exactly this.

I guess I am the only one the appreciate this season and I am not convinced that this season is lackluster or void of drama. I like the flu/virus theme because this group keeps getting faced with new challenges where they cant simply kill or run away from plus it seems likely that this would occur in world where the dead roam the earth.

I really be perplexed on what you guys expect per episode. Nonstop dumb violence like Resident Evil?

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I am not sure whats up with the outrage. Not sure why him not being a Stark detracts from his character.

Sometimes, I think that comic fans love to complain about ANY deviation no matter how minor or major.

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Sabretooth told Wolvie that he set up him killing his son. That occured in the same issue Daken died. Thats nothing new

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Wack browser at work elimnated my paragraphs but hope you guys can still follow. And for the record, Electro original (if unchanged) origin was that he was smart and had potential to be an engineer but his mother steered him to be an electrian because she underestimated his intelligence and told him to get a safe career. So Foxx statement re Electro is not far off

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I find it interesting that in 2012 that people are still using language like "colored". Also, why its even a big deal. You would think that fans would WANT accomplished actors in pivotal roles. Now "fans" wabt to exclude accomplished actors because it is inconsistent with the origins of a second tier character. If you adhere to this type of thinking, you are pretty much eliminating any possible non-white character for any roles. Think about it. Prior to the 70s, probably 95%+ of all comic characters were white. The 70s had an "surge" of characters but the surge is barely 10-20 charcaters such as Cage, Blade, Black Lightning, Falcon, Black Goliath, and a few others. Now fast forward to the present, it is safe to say that at least 70- 80% of characters are white, but comic writers are trying to make a world that is more representaive of the real world( and the fans going to pay money to see this movie). Its a shame that ppl have issues with that.

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"The reason that most Hollywood movies are s***ty: focus groups. They show the movie to focus groups and let them vote on wether they "like" the ending. Usually they take something interesting and edgy and they dumb it down to "happily ever after". Butterfly Effect leaps to mind (see the director's cut ending... it's WAAAY cooler). Point being: letting the fans decide the direction of the story will end you up with a horrible mish mash of crap. If you are intrigued (or disgusted) by the turn the story is taking, I think that's really the entire point of creating a story. I was pissed that Darth Maul was killed but if they let the fanboys decide then there would be a Darth Maul clone army running around. Relax long term readers, you're sounding like Run DMC fans who hate on Drake. It's 2012. Some things might change from 1950. " Agreed 100%. The purpose of the new DC was the change the status quo and inject some new life and new stories, but it seems that many are unable to shed the past and move forward. This is 2012. Should the team exist in the same manner as they were debut in the 50s? Should the premier team of the world consist of 6 white guys and 1 white woman? Just on the basis because " That's how it always been!". Is this socially repsonsible? Does this make good business sense where they sell DC comics, videos, toys, and movies throughout the world? Do you want to sell a product where there is 80% of your customers may not be able to identify with no one on the team?